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2021-11-19 How Climate Change Denialism Is Taught In Texas Schools

This is a 12 minute Democracy Now! video about how big oil is trying to teach climate change denialism in Texas schools.

2021-11-18 CO2 Removal To Meet 1.5°C Limit

It’s called CDR – Carbon Dioxide Removal, and this free article: Quote from abstract: << Parties to the UNFCCC and Paris Agreement have agreed to pursue efforts to limit the global average temperature increase to 1.5°C. To meet this goal, the international community will have to aggressively reduce emissions and also remove CO2 from the

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2021-11-17 Climate Change Deniers False Claims

This false narrative is using information out of context. It’s twisting the truth about uncertainty told in old versions of the AR’s into a false assertion that because it’s uncertain therefore it’s not happening. It says << CO2 causes ONLY about 1/3 of the warming. >> The CO2 controls the climate which controls the clouds

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2021-11-16 Beyond The Mirage: Drought

Drought. We cannot live without water. We must have water to live. We must have water to grow our food. It’s not possible to go into enough depth about this subject in 1 hour. This short video is a teaser for the movie Beyond The Mirage: The future of Water in the West. I watched

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2021-11-15 Land Use Throughout The United States

This shows the shocking amount of land used for cattle.

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2021-11-15 Is The Sun Causing Global Warming?


2021-11-14 Sea Level Rise Flooding Portland, Me

Sea level rise is causing streets to flood in Portland, Maine. “… And these changes are happening not in 30 or 50 years, but right now.” I constantly hear “Climate change? What climate change?” Idiots!!

2021-11-12 Doubt Is Their Product – Climate Change

Section on CLIMATE CHANGE p.197 << The next subject the denials and distortions of the Bush administration on global warming is more widely known, but it is too important to pass over entirely. On the other hand, the deniers’ argument is rooted in the classic “Uncertainty!” attack we have seen played out in industry after

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2021-11-07 Climate Change Deniers False Narratives

Michael Peck Gregory Stanley how climate deniers “use numbers to deceive.” This commenter would have us believe that manmade CO2 in the atmosphere is insignificant. Of course this is a absurd statement. He’s basically telling us that all the climate scientists at our national laboratories, at our research institutions, and that our private institutes, along

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2021-11-04 Rising Sea Threatens Tribal Lands

On the Olympic Peninsula in Washington Rising ocean waters threaten tribal lands 3 min video.

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