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2021-01-19 Tesla Estimates Robotaxi $30k Per Year

Elon Musk did a presentation where he showed this estimate of the gross profit of a Tesla EV used as a robotaxi. After the lease expires they want the Tesla EV back. It wasn’t stated if the reason was because they want to then use the EV as a robotaxi. The YouTube video is here

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2021-01-11 Trump Silenced By Social Media

Trump’s Twitter account was suspended at least until after the inauguration. Facebook and Instagram shut him off, too. Amazon, Apple, Google and others blocked Parler, a social media which allows radicals to post, and bills itself as Twitter without rules. It’s so disappointing to see the amount of turmoil that this desperate excuse of a

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2021-01-02 Plug Gigafactory In Rochester, NY

This is good to hear. The article mentions hydrolyzers being built.


2020-12-19 Tesla Should Buy Ford

This article discusses the reasons behind the author’s opinion. He says Ford has factories worldwide. He also believes the Ford heirs would not allow it. I think that Tesla would benefit from a deal with Ford for distributing Tesla cars. The author talks about acquiring Ford’s manufacturing facilities. But Tesla is already manufacturing cars in

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