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2024-03-15 Decoupled Supercapacitive Electrolyzer For Membrane-free Water Splitting

The above is the title of the research paper.   The article below is some 3rd or 4th party news source. This electrolyzer uses a single electrode to produce both the hydrogen and oxygen, depending on polarity.  They claim that this reduces the chance that hydrogen and oxygen might mix and make an explosive mixture.  But

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2024-02-28 USGS Says An Ocean of Hydrogen Underground In US

There is an ocean of hydrogen under the surface of the Earth that can be harvested, enough for hundreds of years according to the U.S. Geological Survey, a federal agency. A min. YouTube video by the Electric Viking, Sam Evans.

2023-12-11 Hydrogen Electrolyzers Made In China Are Having Major Problems

The hydrogen electrolyzers are having problems when run at less than 50% capacity, and have to be shut down. The makers claim that they would run at 30% capacity. At lower capacities the hydrogen leaked into the oxygen can exceed 1.8%, causing explosions. Also the Chinese are building a very long H2 pipeline. Quote “”…the

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2023-11-27 GH Power And Other Green Hydrogen Companies

GH Power takes aluminum and water and with an exothermic reactor turns them into hydrogen and alumina, for much lower cost than electrolyzing water. They also hype Plug, Bloom, Ballard, Fuel Cell (FCEL), and others – investor talk.

2023-11-23 H2 Advocates/ICCT Don’t Understand PPAs, RECs, Wholesale, Retail Electricity

First, the Prime Directive: The release of GHGs – greenhouse gases – by humans into the atmosphere must be stopped. Burning fossil fuels for industry and transportation make up a major part of those GHGs. Fossil fuels must be replaced by fuels that add no GHGs to the atmosphere. Hydrogen is one choice. I want

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2023-09-17 Hydrogen-powered Airplanes

Three or so different aircraft pilot developments explained. Mostly fuel cell.

2023-09-02 Green Hydrogen Plans For Mediterranean

There apparently are millions of armchair experts who badmouth about all the dangers and impossibilities of making, storing and transporting hydrogen. They all say that H2 leaks like water through a sieve and that hydrogen causes containers to become brittle, as fragile as a clay pot. They are being ignored by the engineers who have

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2023-08-28 Graphene Discovery Could Help Generate Hydrogen Cheaply And Sustainably

This sounds like it could revolutionize hydrogen electrolysis from water. Currently the electrolysis requires catalyst made of platinum which is rare and costly. “Graphene discovery could help generate hydrogen cheaply and sustainably.” ScienceDaily. ScienceDaily, 23 August 2023. <>.

2023-08-15 Methane – Natural Gas Is A Trojan Horse

FTE said, “Hydrogen has no role in the transition to sustainability. It is a fossil fuel Trojan horse designed to give natural gas a niche to survive in.” That statement is the pinnacle of hypocrisy. Like saying we can’t leave the barn door open after all the livestock has escaped! There’s nothing trojan about it,

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2023-08-15 Methane+Sunlight+ Catalyst = Emissions Free Hydrogen – Research

This sounds like it could be developed into a very important process. Methane + sunlight + boron nitride catalyst. The end products are hydrogen and just carbon – not CO2. So the carbon never enters the atmosphere, never becomes a greenhouse gas. Methane + Sunlight + Catalyst = Emissions-Free Hydrogen, Say UCF Researchers

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