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2024-05-01 By 2030, 95% of US Car Miles Will Be Traveled By Self-Driving Electric Vehicles

I’ve probably already blogged this, but it deserves to be reprised because it is so important.  Tony Seba and RethinkX made this prediction in this report, dated 2017, available at the link below.   It’s been seven years since this report was released and recently there has been large incremental improvements in the autonomous self-driving systems. 

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2024-03-12 Oil & Car Industries Fought To Block EVs And Renewable Energy For 60 Years

Oil & Car Industries fought to block EVs and Renewable Energy for 60 years.  This is a very informative 11.6 min. YouTube video from the Electric Viking.

2024-02-04 Top 5 EV Myths Reviewed By Rosie Barnes

2024-01-07 EVs Decarbonize! Fossil Fuels Vehicles Are Killing The Earth

YouTube short explains how fossil fuels are much worse than EVs. It is said that gas guzzlers are 150 times worse for the environment.

2023-12-06 Green Hydrogen TED Talk Molecular Love Story – Power The World

She talks about an e-methanol plant in N. Sweden. 12.5 min. video on “”

2023-12-04 CR Car Reliability Report Explained – Important Details

One issue Consumer Reports had was the EVs and PHEVs were a smaller sample size, leading to one ‘bad apple’ skewing the overall results. So read this article for a better explanation before jumping to conclusions. Also, Tesla models 3 and Y are recommended by CR. Adding Context To That Consumer Reports Electric Car Reliability

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2023-11-15 HYDROGEN – You Wouldn’t Be Alive Without It!

I constantly see the armchair BEV (battery electric vehicle) ‘experts’ badmouth hydrogen FCEVs. The hydrogen is 3X less efficient than BEVs, they claim. But the ICEVs (internal combustion engine vehicles) they’re now driving are less efficient than the hydrogen FCEVs! So why are these hypocrites complaining? Hydrogen has been *safely* generated, stored and transported in

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2023-11-11 You Don’t Need To Replace EV Battery In 10 Years

Sam the Electric Viking dispells some myths that EV batteries don’t last long. There are so many lies spread by the big oil and fossil fuels industries. The EVs can last for twice as many miles as gas guzzlers. And the EVs can save 1000 to 2000 dollars or more a year in fuel costs.

2023-10-26 Sales Of EVs Don’t Increase?? Depressing Article!!

What Happens If EVs Fail In The United States? After reading this article I came away with a case of acute depression – it’s so “what are we going to do??” Then there’s so much doom and gloom about the political aspects – that can’t be helped by technology. The financial aspects recently brought up

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2023-10-16 Newsom Signs Powering Up Californians Act Into Law

Helping electrify California by reducing time. Sounds like it’s supposed to smooth over the bureaucratic red tape. Powering Up Californians Act Is Signed into Law

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