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2022-05-31 Hydrogen Economy Feedback To EU Legislators

Eu legislators and the hydrogen economy wishlist from investors.

2022-04-14 Calif. Needs Massive Buildout Of Battery Storage And Hydrogen

San Diego Gas & Electric talk about electrification, which I assume means changing from natural gas to electricity. They base their predictions on needing more renewables plus storage and green hydrogen. They haven’t taken into account that by 2045, sea level rise may force hundreds of thousands of people to have to relocate further inland.

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2022-03-16 Green Hydrogen Will Be Used In Place Of Natural Gas

Comment on Tesla small shareholders The amount of hydrogen needed to power anything doesn’t matter. The renewables are intermittent so the solar and wind rated capacity has to be 3 to 4 times the peak load. Thus there is going to be too much renewables electricity for much of the time. At the present, that

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2022-02-19 Biden Admin To Decarbonize Industry, Build Green Hydrogen

The Biden administration’s Energy Department is launching a $9.5 Billion initiative to decarbonize the industrial sector and build green hydrogen. Another article about this and hydrogen.

2021-11-11 Hydrogen Major Drawbacks, Propaganda

This article tells about many drawbacks of hydrogen: gray, blue and green hydrogen. They claim that << Combusting green hydrogen in power plants jeopardizes public health and delays climate action >> because it produce nitrogen oxides. But so do burning fossil fuels. They bring up that steel pipes are made brittle by hydrogen at high

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2021-10-16 Battery Electric V. Hydrogen Fuel

From :: This article has some excellent recommendations at the end that we should all be doing. Here are quotes from this article inside << >> with my replies. << Fuel (fool) cells for light vehicles: Using fuel cells to make electricity from hydrogen made great sense for the Apollo moon mission, and they

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2021-08-13 Friday! Free Hydrogen!

Ongoing argument! Ivan Rusev I fully understand the math behind what you’re saying. But I got through explaining why is doesn’t matter, and that fell on your deaf ears! You said, “…if you had no bias whatsoever…” Ivan it’s you that doesn’t have the open mind to give credence to other technologies than batteries. They’re

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2021-05-03 Storing Energy In Rocks, And Other Storage Systems

This 43 minute YouTube video is about solving renewable energy storage. It is mostly in Dutch with English subtitles. This is a very innovative pilot plant that uses basalt rock to store high heat. After the 30 minute point they interview the guy who explains that the Siemens Gamesa system they developed can replace the

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2021-04-24 LADWP’s Plans For Intermountain (Coal) Power Plant

This is a .PDF document from the CPUC about LADWP’s future plans for converting the IPP coal fired power plant in Utah to a solar and wind generating facility, a green hydrogen generation and underground storage site, replacing the coal plant with CCGTs – combined cycle gas turbine generators that will run on hydrogen, and

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2021-04-24 The Future With Green Hydrogen

This very informative TED article explains what is and will be occuring in the near future with green hydrogen. It talks about how green hydrogen will be used for airplanes and heavy transportation. It gives projects that will be generating green hydrogen. Using green hydrogen as a replacement for diesel vehicles. At the end it

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