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2024-03-31 LoRa Modules From Reyax

Supposed to have 10 to 14 km range.  But probably at very low data rates.

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2024-03-30 MX20T Link Switch Port Tester

A long time ago when we were going to Cat5 UTP, I had a lot of these MX20Ts left over.  So I made up a 15 pin plug with the negative 9VDC on pin 6 and positive on pin 13, and soldered the wires to the battery contacts.  I taped the battery to the back

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2024-03-29 FM Crystal Set Uses Helical Resonator For Tuning

This is a long article but a very interesting project.  It uses HSMS-2850 Schottky detector diodes in a discriminator.  He uses WE 1200 ohm sound powered headphones.  He’s Canadian.

2024-03-28 Another EV Myth Debunked, Put To Rest

If the charging is synchronized with your other activities it will be done without having to be there – the fuel pump cannot be left unattended.

2024-03-27 Hypnotize A Chicken By Drawing A Line In Front Of Its Beak

I did this to a chicken and it froze, just like in the video.  Tonic immobility is what they call it.  It really works.

2024-03-26 HVDC Module Teardown, Operation And Explanation

A 41 min. YouTube video shows operation, tears down, and explains the components.  It seems that they are made with cheap chinesium components that are too low voltage ratings so they will fail prematurely if the HVDC is left on a long time or if the spark gap is too wide.  Schematic from video is

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2024-03-25 Ohio Solar Farm Largest US Agrivoltaics Project

Very short article.  Ohio’s largest solar farm will be the largest US agrivoltaics project.  The Oak Run Solar Project is 800 MW, with 300 MW battery storage. Ohio’s largest solar farm will also be the US’s largest agrivoltaics project

2024-03-24 Signal Distortion From High-K Ceramic Capacitors

A good article about signal distortion in a Butterworth low pass opamp filter using C0G and X7R MLCCs.

2024-03-23 Pennsylvania To Build Its Largest Solar Farm To Replace Coal Power Plant

Great!  One less coal plant.  There are more than 100 more coal plants that need to be shut down ASAP. Pennsylvania’s largest solar farm will replace its largest coal plant

2024-03-23 Three Myths About Renewable Energy And The Grid, Debunked

This is a great article by Amory Lovins debunking the myth that the grid requires “base load” – thermal power plants running to back up intermittent renewables.

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