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2024-05-29 Solar Panel Controller To Charge Lead-Acid Battery

This is a simple charge controller that includes a dump load to dissipate excess power from the PV panel.  D1 is the reference voltage that feed the 393 comparators, and its forward voltage changes with temperature.  It would be better to use a low power LM317 to give a stable 1.25 volts. Instead of a

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2024-05-28 Many More EV Batteries – Solution To Grid Storage

Article about recycling EV batteries versus using EV batteries for stationary storage.  At this time, recycling is not very efficient. Quote: ““Today we are not very good at recovering metals, loosing almost all the lithium, silicon, phosphorus, aluminum, and graphite, while recovering only copper, cobalt, and nickel which are more expensive,” he says.”” This suggests

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2024-05-28 US Offshore Wind: Is It Dead In The Water?

The US has a huge amount of land with a very good supply of wind, and this has been developed with a large amount of WTs – wind turbines.  Iowa has a lot of WTs, but Texas is the WT leader by far, with over 30 Gigawatts of installed WTs.  Installing WTs is relatively easy

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2024-05-21 How Renewables Could Beat Natural Gas In US Generating Capacity Within 3 Years

Quote:  “”Renewables are nearly 30% of utility scale generating capacity.  The latest capacity additions have brought solar’s share of total available installed utility-scale (i.e., >1 MW) generating capacity up to 8.25%, surpassing that of hydropower (7.88%). Wind is currently at 11.77%. Solar and wind combined now account for more than a fifth (20.02%) of the US’s

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2024-05-15 Reconductoring Transmission Lines

Good article a few months old.  JHAT recently had this reconductoring topic.  This article also describes the Heimdall Ball temperature monitoring.  One thing that has not been talked about is the use of BESS – battery energy storage systems – to reduce the peak load on the transmission lines.  That’s what they did in Australia

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2024-05-13 Autonomous Solar Tracking System

For each direction of travel, it consists of two solar cells connected in parallel opposing to a motor that’s geared down to turn the tracking so both solar cells are in the shade.

2024-05-12 Giant Batteries Are Transforming the Way the U.S. Uses Electricity

This link to the article is supposed to be free, and *not* behind a paywall.  This well-researched article is a good article, with some statements that are disputable.  One example is that they state that lithium batteries are flammable.  The LFP cells now used in battery storage systems are low to not flammable.  There are

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2024-04-29 Greenhouse Gas Emissions Might Have Already Peaked – They Need To Fall FAST

This is a long article in Vox with many links and some important graphs.  Climate Change is already affecting the Earth.

2024-04-22 Heliotech Heliosol Flexible Solar PV Sheets Adhere To Surfaces

It comes in a roll.  They said 85 Watts per square meter, which is not that much, but still adequate.

2024-04-18 Wind Power Was Record Growth in 2023

Quote: “”The global wind industry installed 117 gigawatts (GW) of new capacity in 2023, making it the best year ever for new wind energy – here’s what happened and where.”” 2023 was a record year for wind power growth – in numbers

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