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2023-11-27 GH Power And Other Green Hydrogen Companies

GH Power takes aluminum and water and with an exothermic reactor turns them into hydrogen and alumina, for much lower cost than electrolyzing water. They also hype Plug, Bloom, Ballard, Fuel Cell (FCEL), and others – investor talk.

2023-11-26 Bidirectional Chargers In California

Wallbox in partnership with Bidirectional Energy to get a grant from California Energy Commission REDWDS Grant for V2X technology. Wallbox & Bidirectional Energy To Get Grant For More V2X In California

2023-11-25 Heliowing Freestanding Solar Canopy

This Heliowing solar canopy uses a single support pillar.

2023-11-23 H2 Advocates/ICCT Don’t Understand PPAs, RECs, Wholesale, Retail Electricity

First, the Prime Directive: The release of GHGs – greenhouse gases – by humans into the atmosphere must be stopped. Burning fossil fuels for industry and transportation make up a major part of those GHGs. Fossil fuels must be replaced by fuels that add no GHGs to the atmosphere. Hydrogen is one choice. I want

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2023-11-21 Study Finds Green Hydrogen Can Be Competitive With Fossil Fuels By 2030

2023-11-20 Will HVDC Across Oceans Be The Future?

Engineering with Rosie Barnes explains HVDC and underground and undersea cables. Including the Xlink from Morocco to the UK, Basslink Tasmania to Australia, and the longest, Australia to Singapore. She believes that all the continents will be linked. Says there are plans for undersea HVDC cables between the UK and Newfoundland. It’s a 13.5 min

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2023-11-17 UAE – World’s Largest Single-site Solar Farm

2 gigawatts divided by 4,000,000 panels equals 500 watts per panel. They must be large solar panels. They also talk about “clean coal” and other fossil fuels. This is greenwashing if they don’t give up fossil fuels. Quote: “”The 2-gigawatt (GW) solar farm is 22 miles (35 km) from Abu Dhabi and features almost 4

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2023-11-15 HYDROGEN – You Wouldn’t Be Alive Without It!

I constantly see the armchair BEV (battery electric vehicle) ‘experts’ badmouth hydrogen FCEVs. The hydrogen is 3X less efficient than BEVs, they claim. But the ICEVs (internal combustion engine vehicles) they’re now driving are less efficient than the hydrogen FCEVs! So why are these hypocrites complaining? Hydrogen has been *safely* generated, stored and transported in

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2023-11-07 Solar Floatovoltaics In The Ocean

Matt Undecided talks about solar PV floating on the ocean – it’s already being developed and scaled up in some countries. The big benefits are the solar panels stay cooler so they gain 4 to 7% in efficiency. And the panels reduce evaporation, saving water. And no land is needed or used. YouTube video.

2023-11-01 V2G Vehicle To Grid – Engineering With Rosie Australia

Things are different in Australia, but eventually the V2G will become common in America soon. Also VPP – virtual power plant, which combines many residential solar storage systems into a virtual power plant. This is being done right now in California. What is really heartbreaking is there has been so much badmouthing about EVs –

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