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2021-06-12 Hydrogen Based Energy Storage System

German company is marketing a hydrogen based energy storage system for residential use. Also heats water. It’s made for use with solar PV system. PICEA

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2021-06-09 Utility Scale Solar Farm For Kentucky

Kentucky will be getting utility scale solar farm and so will Ohio, Illinois, thanks to Amazon. This state is one of the least progressive when it comes to renewables. They are second to last when it comes to solar. There are other states with very little solar such as Kansas, Nebraska and Wyoming, but these

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2021-06-06 Top 7 Solar Myths Debunked

Stop spreading misinformation and lies! This article tells you the truth and debunks the myths.

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2021-06-04 Scientists Harvest Lithium From Seawater

Scientists have cost-effectively harvested lithium from sea water. This also produces hydrogen and can use the brine from desalination plants. Very interesting!

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2021-06-04 China Will Have To Shut Down Coal Power Plants

Everyone complains that China is the worst polluter and CO2 source. But things will change. From comment in FB group renewable energy China has a lot more solar than any other country, and produces a lot more renewable energy. If the conventional thermal power plants, which require constant refueling, can’t compete with the solar and

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2021-06-01 MicroHydro power from Water Mains

There is a lot of power being wasted by pressure reducers in water mains. In this YouTube video Matt Ferrell looks at microhydro- and picohydropower turbine-generators that are powered by the drops caused by pressure reducers in water systems. These are capable of generating hundreds to tens of thousands of watts and recover energy that

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2021-06-01 Hydrogen Electrolyzer For Quebec

I’m hopeful that more of these green hydrogen electrolyzer systems are going to be installed. The hydrogen is accomplishing more than one thing. The electrolyzers are putting to good use the excess renewables power that would otherwise be wasted. The green hydrogen is, of course, being used to replace fossil fuels, and thus reducing CO2

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2021-05-30 Rooftop Solar+Batteries Make A Clean Grid Vastly More Affordable

This article (or video) has some good graphs for future distributed PV plus batteries. A map of generation sources in the US.


2021-05-30 Solar, Wind + Batteries Disrupting FCAS ‘Base Load’ Services

This YouTube video by Tony Seba is stating that utility scale batteries of 2% disrupt 90% of fossil fuel peaker plants. This video has a lot of graphs showing the trends. The amount of utility scale batteries needed to replace much of the peaker plants is just a small percentage. 200 mile range EVs

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2021-05-25 Solar, Wind + Batteries Are The Cheapest

This YouTube video from Tony Seba of RethinkX shows the incredible cost reductions that have been and will be made to the cost of solar, wind plus battery storage. “SWB100” is his acronym for 100% solar, wind plus battery storage. Seba states that SWB100 will be so low, per kWh, that it costs less than

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