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2022-01-20 Pumped Hydro For Long Energy Storage

They say the problem with battery energy storage is that they say it’s not long-term; for renewables we need long-term energy storage. Pumped hydro has been used for a hundred years. Nothing high tech or no scalability issues. Just dig two lakes, one above the other, with pumps and generators between them. The costs may

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2022-01-19 Rheem Proterra Heat Pump Water Heater

This is the future, to eliminate fossil fuel use.

2022-01-18 Florida: Rooftop Solar Bill & Net Metering

The Utilities are complaining about net metering, that the rooftop solar owners are getting back too much money so the non-solar customers must be charged more to make up for the utilities’ losses. They say this is unfair to non-solar customers. To me, this looks like the utilities have a flawed business model. They should

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Utilities want to stop rooftop solar! Quote: << But Houston, we have a problem. Humanity, in its wisdom, has created utility companies — corporate entities that make money by turning fossil fuels and nuclear energy into electricity and selling it to us for the highest price obtainable. They have converted the greatest public resource of

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2022-01-16 You’re Wrong About Hydrogen Cars

This 4 day new LTT video about hydrogen EVs has a much more impartial view of hydrogen EVs. Elon calls hydrogen “… a staggeringly dumb form of energy storage…” But if you compare it to ICEVs, it’s nowhere near as bad. And right now, most vehicles are ICEVs using even more inefficient gasoline. Elon should

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2022-01-13 DOE Upgrade To Electric Grid

They say this is big news. We *need* to have many interconnections between the Eastern and Western power grids. And Texas, too if they had common sense. Several DC interties need to be built so the west can send electricity to the east during daytime.

2022-01-13 Environmentally Friendly States, Least & Most

America’s least and most environmentally friendly states. The figures this article gives don’t make sense. For example, #32, New Jersey says the fossil fuels and renewables add up to 5% total. Where is the remaining 95% of the energy coming from? They say the figures come from the government – EIA. There seems to be

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2022-01-12 10 Notable BESS Completed in 2021

On top of these battery energy storage projects, there is the Johanna BESS that Southern California Edison will be commissioning in Santa Ana, California.

2022-01-12 Solar Thermal Generation Lab

Heliostats and solar thermal generation. The advantage of storing the heat at night is not needed if the electricity is used to generate hydrogen, which serves the same purpose – storage. The real advantage is being able to deploy this system for cheaper than other solar electricity systems.

2022-01-09 Nuclear Power Truths

The new nuclear power plants are experiencing huge cost overruns (Hinckley C 24 billion pounds) and decades to bring online due to construction delays. The cost of nuclear power is 3 times wind or solar, per megawatt-hour. It takes decades to bring nuclear power plants online, compared to 2 years for a utility scale wind

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