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2022-06-18 MIT: Storage Can Deliver Carbon-free US Grid

An MIT Technology Energy Initiative study finds that storage can deliver carbon-free US grid.

2022-05-21 Battery-like Device Absorbs CO2

Battery-like device absorbs CO2.

2022-03-27 Discovery: Overcoming Battery Performance Decline

Discovery. Shear stress, mini earthquakes, etc.

2022-03-20 Climate Change “Scientist” Spencer Has Been Wrong

This video shows that climate scientist Roy Spencer was in error and has let his personal beliefs get in the way of science. This is not the way a scientist conducts science.

2022-03-18 Supercritical Heat Pump Storage

Storing electricity using supercritical carbon dioxide heat pump storage.

2022-03-15 Hawaii Big Oil Court Case Passes Major Milestone

This important article by a ‘guest contributor’ gives some very good links to information. The court has allowed Hawaii to go ahead to the discovery, where oil companies will have to reveal internal documents regarding fossil fuels causing climate change. Quote: << A growing movement Climate litigation such as the Hawaii case is designed to

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2022-03-13 Submersing Modular Raft For Floating Solar

This submersible modular raft for floating photovoltaics reduces the damage that could be caused by storms and harsh weather. R and D by a Dutch consortium.

2022-02-25 SMR “Too Late, Too Risky” – Report

A quote from this IEEFA report: << The small modular reactor (SMR) that Oregon-based NuScale Power has been developing since the turn of the century is “too late, too expensive, too risky, and too uncertain,” according to an analysis conducted by an American think tank that recommends the project be abandoned. Best estimates are that

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2022-02-20 “Holy Grail Of Batteries?” Lithium-Sulfur

There seems to be a lot of research and development to go before they can have a producible battery.

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