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2023-07-31 Lack Of Sea Ice In Antarctica Has Climate Scientists Worried

Quote “”This could be linked to natural weather patterns, but he says what’s not explainable is that the warm layer has been getting “considerably warmer” since the 1960s. Could the fact that humans have added the heat equivalent to 25 billion atomic bombs like the one dropped on Hiroshima in the past 50 years have

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2023-07-31 Senate Democrats Send Letter to Federal Judge in Latest Effort to Curb Judge Shopping

This article cites, as an example, Judge Kacsmaryk and mifepristone to end pregnancy. Quote: “”This letter is a part of Democrats’ ongoing efforts to pursue multi-faceted judicial reform that predates the recent scandals and misconduct at the U.S. Supreme Court, which has the public doubting the impartiality of courts.”” Senate Democrats Send Letter to Federal

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2023-07-31 Plug Power Urges Biden To Embrace Clean Hydrogen

Plug Power and 33 others send a letter to the Biden Administration. Short YouTube video.

2023-07-30 Democracy Docket: Judge Blocks Florida Anti-voting Law

The number of restrictive voting laws and Federal lawsuits challenging them has grown to a precipitous number. These Red state legislatures and governors are attempting to trample all over voters’ rights. It’s obvious that the intents of these laws are *not* to “reduce voter fraud” but to make it more difficult for voters, especially minorities,

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2023-07-29 Big Oil Shill lies To Us

This shill for the fossil fuels industries is trying to tell us that we have to stop making things from fossil fuels – that’s a LIE! What must be stopped is adding CO2 – carbon dioxide – or methane to the atmosphere. The burning of oil, gas or coal must be stopped so no more

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2023-07-28 EVs Will *Save* The Grid, Not Destroy It!

The big lie! This guy is making a claim that is a myth! This supposed expert claims that when all cars are EVs, after the Sun sets there will be no batteries on this planet that will be able to supply the grid with power. Watch this short under 1 minute video. Then remember

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2023-07-27 Elon Musk’s Opinion About His Opinions

I think that the problem is *not* with Elon’s opinions, whether or not I agree with them. The problem is with those who mistakenly judge the quality of his companies by what he says. It’s obvious that a majority of people don’t care or don’t know what he says; they buy millions of his products

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2023-07-26 Tesla Cybertruck Caught Outside Gigafactory Texas

Thanks, Joe! Joe Tegtmeyer’s 26 July 2023 Construction Update Video, at time 29:52, caught a newly manufactured Cybertruck outside Gigafactory Texas. The “machine that makes the machines” is now making Cybertrucks, and we can expect to see many more of them as they ramp up production and Cybertrucks come off the line. Those with reservations

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2023-07-25 What Percentage Of Climate Change Is Attributed To Humans?

“”What percentage of global warming is attributed to humans?”” “”The best estimate of the human contribution to modern warming is around 100%. Some uncertainty remains due to the role of natural variability, but researchers suggest that ocean fluctuations and similar factors are unlikely to be the cause of more than a small fraction of modern

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2023-07-25 Oil-funded Heartland Institute And Others

This article reveals the truth about these evil organizations that spew lies, lies and more lies. The shipping industry’s ocean-going ships kill the whales. And as pointed out, wind turbines don’t have leaks like the oil spills that cause deadly marine disasters. These organizations parrot the lies from the big oil and fossil fuels industries.

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