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2022-06-16 Nanogrid Uses Hydrogen Storage

I really like this all-in-one solar plus storage system which has both batteries and green hydrogen generation, storage and fuel cells. It’s expensive but everything is integrated into one package.

2022-06-15 Gas Turbine Is Running On 100% Hydrogen

Gas turbine runs on 100% pure hydrogen. The skeptics are constantly complaining about how the wind and solar renewables “will never” be able to give the grid dispatchable power. Well, as long as gas turbines can run on hydrogen, they can still be used as generation as long as they burn green hydrogen. However there

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2022-06-12 New Hydrogen Electrolyzer From Hysata

New hydrogen electrolyzer from Hysata Re: conventional electrolyzers, he said, “”…however, difficulties in production and storage, a long with inefficiencies, have stopped it from being a game changer.”” I don’t see what “difficulties in production and storage” have to do with this. Hydrogen is already being produced, stored and transported in massive quantities, albeit

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2022-05-31 Hydrogen Economy Feedback To EU Legislators

Eu legislators and the hydrogen economy wishlist from investors.

2022-05-16 Australia Too Much Solar Eating Itself

There are times of the day when rooftop PV solar is generating more power than is being used. The utilities had to pay users to use it and the prices went into the negative. They have to remotely turn off some solar. What I see is that they should build several pumped hydro storage systems

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2022-05-01 Delta, UT

This is one that really makes my day. This “”Advanced Clean Energy Storage Project in Delta, Utah…”” is important for us in Southern California. Right now there is a coal power plant in Delta, UT and it provides electricity to Nevada and So. California. Soon they will shut it down and the Intermountain DC Intertie

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2022-03-25 China’s Green H2 Message Bad News For Russia

China’s green hydrogen message spells bad news for Russia. Quote: << Green hydrogen made no sense as commercial venture back when the cost of wind and solar power was sky-high. As those costs have come down, the green hydrogen market has exploded, and for good reason. Hydrogen is already part and parcel of the modern

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2022-03-16 Green Hydrogen Will Be Used In Place Of Natural Gas

Comment on Tesla small shareholders The amount of hydrogen needed to power anything doesn’t matter. The renewables are intermittent so the solar and wind rated capacity has to be 3 to 4 times the peak load. Thus there is going to be too much renewables electricity for much of the time. At the present, that

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2022-03-12 Largest Electrolyzer Plant Under Construction

World’s largest electrolyzer plant is under construction in Queensland, Australia. It will be a huge green energy manufacturing center: solar panels, wind turbines, batteries, etc. Eventually use 200 GW – yes, GW! Export green hydrogen made by electrolyzers from Plug Power.

2022-03-08 Largest Green Hydrogen Plant In So. Texas

World’s largest green hydrogen plant planned to open in Duval County, So. Texas in 2026. It will be powered by 60 GW of renewable energy and store the hydrogen in underground salt caverns in Piedras Pintas.

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