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2022-06-16 China Is The Biggest GHG Producer

Brian Henry I think you’re implying that China is irresponsible when it comes to ending the burning of fossil fuels. Let me remind you that many if not most of the devices you use in your life were made in China. People here criticise lithium batteries as violating human rights because the cobalt may have

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2022-06-09 Climate Lost Without Total Commitment

The quotes at end are alarming.

2022-06-06 “Ocean Anoxia”, Future Hothouse Earth

This ocean anoxia is a new hazard.

2022-06-06 Possible US To Meet 2030 Climate Goals

It’s possible for the US to meet its 2030 climate goals.

2022-06-03 New Nuclear, SMRs Look Hopeless

There are so many of us that have had hope that nuclear would remain about about 20 to 25% of the US generating capacity. But it looks like that is going to wither away. The existing nuclear power plants are aging and the utilities are planning to shut them down as their licenses expire. Perhaps

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2022-05-31 Carbon Footprint Explained

Explanation of carbon footprint. Also link to measuring your carbon footprint.

2022-05-31 Farmer: Warming Is Killing Fish

New Zealand salmon farmer – salmon are dying due to warmer water.

2022-05-30 Examining Big Oil’s Climate Pledges

The house oversight committee examins Big Oil’s climate pledges. They need to hold the fossil fuel industry’s feet to the fire and make them pay penalties for failing to meet climate pledge promises and commitments.

2022-05-27 XR Comment About Rainforest

<< I would like to offer a small correction though we know, that the principle driver of Amazon destruction is not fossil fuels but direct clearing and burning of the forest by ranchers seeking new pastures for their cattle and for monocrops like soy, primarily for export as feed for farmed animal animals and fish.

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2022-05-26 Carbon Capture Needed To Meet 1.5 Deg. C.

Carbon capture needed to meet 1.5 deg. C.

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