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2024-04-15 List Of Largest CO2 Producers Worldwide, And Other Info

Quote: “”An independent think tank producing data-driven analysis on how business and finance are impacting the climate crisis”” “”The Carbon Majors dataset has played a pivotal role in holding fossil fuel producers to account for their climate-related impacts in academic, regulatory, and legal contexts. Examples include quantifying the contribution these entities have made to global

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2024-04-12 Florida GOP Operative Admits Role In ‘Ghost’ Candidate Scheme That Defeated Utility-targeted Dem

Dark money supported 3rd party candidates who siphoned off votes from Democrats, giving Republicans state congressional seats.  This money came from Florida Power & Light.  It was meant to defeat those who supported clean renewable energy.

2024-04-06 Study Shows EVs Do What They Promise – Lower CO2, Pollution

UC Berkeley study.  UC Berkeley study confirms that yes, EVs do what they promise to do

2024-04-04 Analysis Says Exxon Predicted +0.2°C Per Decade Global Warming

Exxon knew there would be global warming, but they kept it a secret.  Did they understand what the implications were – that global warming from burning fossil fuels could cause most inhabited areas to become unliveable?  But when they predicted in the 1970s, they didn’t know that the growth in fossil fuels use would be

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2024-04-01 Little Book Of EV Myths by Faircharge

This should be standard reading for everyone.  We are being lied to by Big Oil and the fossil fuels industries.  It’s time the consumers learn the truth.

2024-03-16 Climate Crisis Is A Health Risk Everywhere

This interview tells us that people are already having to adapt to climate change.  It’s already happening. Quote “”Most actions to tackle climate change directly are also very sensible health-protecting measures, so people should try to adopt these. These include choosing healthier diets, with less meat and more plants, or choosing to walk more.””

2024-03-14 California Colleges Have To Slash Emissions, Decarbonize

The UC and CSU systems track their emissions.  California Community College System does not.  Good article.

2024-03-11 MethaneSAT Launched, Will Remotely Sense Methane Leaks

Thousands of abandoned oil wells leak methane and no companies will take responsibility. “”MethaneSAT has officially launched! Circling the Earth 15 times a day, this satellite will detect invisible methane leaks and enable emission reduction from the oil & gas industry.””

2024-03-02 Climate Change Greatest Market Failure In Human History

Dr. Naomi Oreskas says that the former chief economist of the World Bank said that Climate Change is the greatest and most wide ranging market failure in human history.  Costing 1.5 Trillion Dollars every single year.

2024-02-16 Climate Scientist’s Victory Against Climate Deniers

Michael Mann’s lawsuit victory over a million dollars in damages.

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