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2021-10-14 The Climate Disaster Is Here

The climate disaster is already here. The maps show extreme temperatures, droughts, flooding, etc. for 1.5, 2.0, 3.0 deg. C rise.

2021-10-09 Climate Change Killing Coral Reefs

Report: Climate change is killing the global coral reefs. Most coral reefs are in the Pacific O.

2021-10-06 Agrivoltaics Benefit French Vineyards

The solar panels over the vineyards protect the grapes from hot and cold temperatures, and the power is fed into the grid, reducing fossil fuel use.

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2021-10-06 Researchers Uncover More About Climate Change

The headline is deceptive. They admit that this doesn’t contradict climate models. Researchers are gaining a deeper understanding of the complex nature of Nature.

2021-10-05 Climate Change Revolution Starts With Conversation

The climate change Revolution must start with conversation. Bring the topic up with your friends and family and acquaintances. Quote: << “Did you know that 90 companies are responsible for two-thirds of the whole global warming problem since the beginning of the industrial era?” asked Hayhoe, who joined in the conversation. “I did not

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2021-10-03 Headwind”21 Feature Length Movie

Recommend by group member. The world must stop burning fossil fuels if we must stop climate change. So far I’ve watched 40 minutes, and I’ve seen the criticism of wind turbines. I am hoping that before the end, I will see this video offer at least one solution. If this video does not offer at

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2021-10-02 We Must Stop Burning Fossil Fuels Quickly

The world has already risen 1.2 deg C, and stopping the use of fossil fuels is even more urgent than predicted. Quote: << Our analysis suggests that many countries will need to move out of fossil fuel production relatively quickly, which raises concerns about how the transition can be managed fairly. The necessary energy transformation

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2021-10-01 Climageddon – Greenwashing by Corporations

The problem with the corporations and businesses is they are not taking the climate change urgency seriously. The world cannot continue on with ‘business as usual’! There should be a declaration of war on climate change. Greta is right: the powers that be do not care about the future of the world; all they are

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2021-09-29 Climate Change Reply

From FB group Climate Change Jerome Wasil The information he quoted [see yesterdays blog] is from the two websites that are given at the bottom. This is not research, it’s false narrative. The information was taken out of context and misquoted. The last section quotes the Third Assessment Report which is more than a dozen

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2021-09-28 Climate Change False Claims

From FB group Climate Change ********* BEGIN False Narrative ********** Jim Karlock [claims – includes his errors] Watson Fixer-“You would get everyone killed due to your irresponsible attitude.” YOU are already getting thousands millions killed by denying them a a path out of poverty with affordable electricity. Here’s bad news for yu delusions: 1) Truth

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