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2020-08-07 Decarbonize US; Do Cosmic Rays Cause Climate Change? Do galactic cosmic rays cause nucleation for droplets to form on, which cause clouds and cause climate change. Just have a think video on YouTube. Last spent Fuel transferred at SONGS San Onofre

2020-08-06 Glaciers Melting Photos; Congress Climate Plan

Patagonia glaciers have melted a lot in the last 100 years. The photographs prove it. ***************************** You may think I’m teched (definition) for saying that the government is considering banning internal combustion vehicles, but the UK is, also considering it. Congress Climate Plan suggests banning sales of new vehicles sold by 2035 if they

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2020-08-05 BP To Go To 40% Renewables by 2030; Hydrogen Fuel Cells in Aviation

Wow, can you believe this? Looks like BP has gone green and is planning for a fossil fuel free future. 50 GW is the same as 50 full size power plants. Now if the other major oil companies will do the same… << BP Aims to Build 50GW of Renewables by 2030, Cut Fossil Fuel

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2020-08-03 Time Climate Article – World War Zero

World War Zero – will there be zero left if we don’t take action to halt climate change? << It’s Time for American Leaders to Wake Up to the Threat of Climate Change for the Good of the Planet and Business I [Gov. John Kasich] joined with former Secretary of State John Kerry and

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2020-07-30 Climate Change, Meat & Dairy Products, 4 A-bombs a second!

See question 5 about meat. This also applies to dairy products, especially milk. << 5. Will reducing meat in my diet really help the climate? Yes, beef especially. Agriculture of all types produces greenhouse gases that warm the planet, but meat production is especially harmful — and beef is the most environmentally damaging form

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2020-07-19 Air Pollution Deadlier Than CoViD19

What is the Number One, absolutely most important thing in your life at this very second? Without it, you will die in a few minutes? It’s the air you breathe, the one fifth of that air, the oxygen you need to keep you alive. This article from March, 2019 is serious. Toxic air is killing

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2020-07-02 Climate Change Denial & Insurance

Do I have insurance? Yes, even though I don’t need to have it. Why? Because I didn’t have it and I got sued. But that’s another story. Do you have insurance even though you are not required to? Possibly. Probably. If I don’t have insurance and I get sued, I could lose a lot, I

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