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2023-09-26 EVs Exceed 30% in 4 California Counties

Where I live, in Orange County, California, I see a lot of EVs, mostly Teslas, on the roads and in parking lots. I would guesstimate by the amount I see and by the map that it’s 25% or more. Which makes me very happy because the EVs are helping to save us from death and

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2023-09-19 Calif Sues Big Oil For Denying Climate Change

I live here in Southern California, and I hope and pray that California is successful. But I don’t think it will be called a victory. Looking at reality, Big Oil has, since finding out from their own scientists in the late ’70s, based their business on a deadly, unsustainable business model. And they’ve ignored the

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2023-09-02 Green Hydrogen Plans For Mediterranean

There apparently are millions of armchair experts who badmouth about all the dangers and impossibilities of making, storing and transporting hydrogen. They all say that H2 leaks like water through a sieve and that hydrogen causes containers to become brittle, as fragile as a clay pot. They are being ignored by the engineers who have

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2023-08-29 Study Calculates The Carbon Emissions Of Getting Rich

This PBS Newshour article explains what the effect is of the wealthy on carbon emissions.

2023-08-26 ‘Thank You Big Oil’ Campaign Targets Fossil Fuel Companies

A billboard campaign. “Thank You, Big Oil” Campaign Targets Fossil Fuel Companies

2023-08-18 ?16 Years Into Termination Event Could End Ice Age?

The spike in atmospheric methane could be very similar to what has happened eons ago, an abrupt end to an ice age. The methane emissions from tropical wetlands, mainly in Africa, have been soaring since 2006.

2023-08-18 Wealthiest 10% Are Source Of 40% Of Greenhouse Gas Emissions

Quote: “”The wealthiest tenth of U.S. households are the source of 40 percent of national greenhouse gas emissions, according to research published in the journal PLOS Climate.”” Quote: “”The wealthiest 1 percent of households were responsible for between 15 percent and 17 percent of emissions.”” 40 percent of US climate emissions attributed to richest households:

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2023-08-16 Hybrid, Plug-in Hybrid, Electric Vehicle Debate Rages On

An article on how Toyota, Peter Coy of the New York Times, the anti-EVers such as Shellenberger and their backers spread FUD – fear, uncertainty, and doubt – and spread “one of the most blatantly misleading lines in the history of marketing.” Quote from article: “”Not to get too carried away here, but Harvard has

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2023-08-09 CSLDF Open Records Protection Laws

The climate science deniers use the open records laws and FOIA requests to generate misinformation and corrupt the findings of the scientists and researchers. Quote: “”Bad-faith open records requests damage science in many ways, from discouraging frank conversations to providing opportunities for hostile actors to misconstrue phrases, including scientific jargon, and use these to mislead

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2023-08-09 “We Are Damned Fools” James Hansen

Quotes: “” James Hansen & The Sounds Of Silence Hansen’s words fell on deaf ears. His warnings spawned a movement populated by opportunists, know-nothings, charlatans, and committed climate deniers like that consummate jackass James Inhofe, a senator who once brought a snowball into the well of the Senate to “prove” that climate change was a

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