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2022-04-06 The World Must Take Action NOW! To Avoid Climate Disaster

This is the most important thing we must do to secure us against climate change disaster in the future. A Short video.

2022-03-03 IPCC Report On Climate Change

The Guardian’s article about the 6 report and what it says.

2022-02-16 Western US Megadrought Worst In 1200 Years

The 22 year long Megadrought that has been plaguing the western US is the worst in 1200 years. It has been made much worse by climate change. << Human-caused climate change is responsible for about 42% of the soil moisture deficit since 2000, according to the study. >> US drought monitor:

2022-01-28 Greta Thunberg Addresses

This was 3 years ago and nothing major has changed; the climate changes have become worse. She said in 2078 she will be 75 yrs old, but it’s possible that most of the people on this planet may be dead; victims of climate change. I’m already that age and I may not live to see

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2022-01-09 List Of What We Do To Mitigate Climate Change

We – everyone – should be required to have a personal list that enumerates what we are doing to mitigate climate change. Am I setting the thermostat to warmer in summer and cooler in winter? Are we driving less to reduce fossil fuels consumption? Are we reducing consumption of beef? And all the other things

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2021-12-02 13 Misconceptions About Global Warming

7 min YouTube video from Veritasium AKA Derek Muller.

2021-09-21 Sugar, Coffee Yields Cut By Climate Change

Sugar and coffee yields were slashed by climate change, report warns. I’m glad I don’t drink coffee.

2021-09-11 Climate Change Games

A way to introduce climate change to young folks.

2021-08-25 Dems And Libs Rule With Fear: The Sky Is Falling!

From FB climate change group Geoff Goeggel Said, “Dems and Libs rule with fear: “The sky is falling! We’re all going to die! Unless you all do exactly what we say.” Then you said, “The climate is warming and some of it is man-made. Okay, but it is not gonna kill us.” I think you’ve

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2021-06-02 Scientists’ Climate Change Agendas??

From FB group climate change Simo Ruoho said, “This is climate, free of agendas.” I don’t see where the scientists who predict ‘climate change’ as we know it have an agenda. They are deathly afraid of what their observations show is happening and measurements and models show what the future will be like. They would

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