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2024-06-06 Investment In Clean Energy Likely To Be Double Figure For Fossil Fuels, IEA Says

Quote: “”Low-carbon electricity investment driven by solar projects but oil and gas spending still too high to meet climate goals”” The IEA predicts investment in clean energy will reach $2 Trillion in 2024. Quote: “”The warning comes days after a separate IEA report revealed that the world is off track to meet the goal of

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2024-05-30 Cloud Seeding, Geoengineering Pros, Cons

A synopsis of various methods.

2024-05-22 Immersion Cooling Servers, Datacomm Equipment

That’s hard to believe!  I would just put the equipment in a sealed rack with a lot of well filtered airflow.  Someone suggested Fluorinert.

2024-05-10 Flexitarian Diet Helps Limit Global Heating, Study Finds

This is extremely important, but it has been politically charged so that anyone who suggests cutting back on meat gets accused of political extremism.  That’s an absolute shame! A quote: “”In the US, agriculture accounts for more than 10% of total GHG emissions. Most of it comes from livestock. Reducing meat consumption can free up

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2024-04-27 Ocean Carbon Removal

A long article describing several methods and how far they have been researched.  I like the enhanced rock weathering – it’s something that may be able to be done with very low use of fossil fuels.  It’s not difficult to crush rock to dust.  But there are pros and cons to each of the methods.

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2024-04-25 New Rule Compels US Coal-fired Power Plants To Capture Emissions – Or Shut Down

The EPA An earlier article about coal power plants

2024-04-15 List Of Largest CO2 Producers Worldwide, And Other Info

Quote: “”An independent think tank producing data-driven analysis on how business and finance are impacting the climate crisis”” “”The Carbon Majors dataset has played a pivotal role in holding fossil fuel producers to account for their climate-related impacts in academic, regulatory, and legal contexts. Examples include quantifying the contribution these entities have made to global

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2024-04-14 Green Li-Ion Recycled Battery Plant In Oklahoma

North America just got a new recycled Li-ion battery materials plant

2024-04-07 Esbjerg Changes To Heat Pump City Heating System

The city of Esbjerg, Denmark is replacing its coal fired city heating system with an amazing giant heat pump, biomass boilers and waste burning boilers.  The refrigerant is CO2.  Read the description. This is a long 43 minutes but is very comprehensive and interesting.  The cost is about 40 million Euros. 

2024-04-06 Study Shows EVs Do What They Promise – Lower CO2, Pollution

UC Berkeley study.  UC Berkeley study confirms that yes, EVs do what they promise to do

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