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2021-02-25 Haru Oni Synfuel Project In Southern Chile

This project will use electricity from wind to generate hydrogen which will be combined with CO2 to make synthetic fuels for German company Porsche.

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2021-02-23 Plastic Waste To Engine Fuel

This guy lives on an island in Nicaragua and gathers plastic waste on the beach. He puts the plastic into a metal tank that is sealed, and builds a fire under it. The plastic pyrolyzes and the fumes are piped through a few condensers where the liquids are drawn off. Some liquids are like diesel

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2021-02-21 Hydropower Life Cycle Assessments

This is something I didn’t know about. I knew that when they build a dam, they cut down the trees on the land that will be underwater. But there are still lots of carbon in the soil. p.69 << Hydropower has a lot going for it — it’s relatively cheap — but it also has

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2021-02-20 Gates Says This Will Be Hard

Ch. “This will be hard” p.51 << To sum up: We need to accomplish something gigantic we have never done before, much faster than we have ever done anything similar. To do it, we need lots of breakthroughs in science and engineering. We need to build a consensus that doesn’t exist and create public policies

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2021-02-20 Bill Gates Attacked By Self-righteous Hypocrites

From reply in FB group Scientists Warning AD Mitchell Said about Bill Gates “There’s some good info…” and “… a billionaire can buy the eyes and ears of millions of people, so it’s good to know what he is saying.” At least AD has a bit of common sense. Bill Gates is telling “How To

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2021-02-18 Bill Gates “How To Avoid A Climate Disaster”

From FB reply “Stephen Hymowitz I ordered Gates’s book; I’ll be reading it soon. I agree with the production and storing of green hydrogen. GE is modifying their gas turbines to run on hydrogen. Toyota, Hyundai and Honda sell hydrogen fuel cell vehicles. There are plans to run ICE vehicles using green hydrogen. Hydrogen is

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2021-02-12 Fake News, False Accusations On Trial

I have blogged about the ‘alternate truth’ from the extreme Right. This article is about Michael Mann’s defamation lawsuit against a blogger and an author in a conservative magazine. They have not been able to prove that Mann’s ‘hockey stick’ showing global warming is in error. The climate change deniers have used the same tactics

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2021-02-11 Diatoms Are Declining

This quote is from: << Dwindling diatoms and the mixed layer Earth’s oceans teem with microscopic plants called phytoplankton. But according to a 2015 NASA study, populations of diatoms, the largest type of phytoplankton algae, have declined more than 1 percent per year from 1998 to 2012. Phytoplankton are an essential base of the

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2021-02-09 Colorado R. Profiteering, Rent Seeking

The Colorado River Basin has been in a drought for two decades and water rights are being eyed by investors as an investment. This, to me, is profiteering and rent seeking. There should be laws against private abuse of public resources. The law should require that owners of private land that has rights to water

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2021-02-05 Corn Fed Cows Are 3 to 40% Efficient

From Sci Warning FB group Bertrand Esarte-sarries Your praise for the meat industry means *nothing* if the Earth can’t feed the people. It’s not about health, it’s about enough food to feed everyone. I suppose you will praise the meat industry when they have to start slaughtering and selling human meat! Otherwise there will be

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