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2022-06-15 Gas Turbine Is Running On 100% Hydrogen

Gas turbine runs on 100% pure hydrogen. The skeptics are constantly complaining about how the wind and solar renewables “will never” be able to give the grid dispatchable power. Well, as long as gas turbines can run on hydrogen, they can still be used as generation as long as they burn green hydrogen. However there

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2022-06-01 VPPs Virtual Power Plants – Zero Carbon Grid

Zero carbon grid with VPPs – virtual power plants

2022-05-11 Wind Turbines Can Stabilize The Grid

NREL and GE develop the system.

2022-04-09 Electricity Sector In India

India is the third largest, after China and the US.

2022-03-20 Solar Panel Makers May Have A Materials Constraint

This article outlines the incredibly huge amount of solar panels that China is supplying to be installed, much of them in China. The figures are astounding! Quote: << Thus far, 24 of China’s 31 provinces and regions have set out five-year-plan renewables targets which include plans for 375-420GW of solar by 2025 – around 75-84GW

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2022-02-22 Ming Yang 16MW Wind Turbine Data

The biggest yet, this 16 MW wind turbine is still in development and will go offshore next year. It will generate 80 GWH annually.

2022-02-19 Calif Utilities Must Procure 40+GW Clean Energy By 2032

California lowers electric sector GHG target, directs procurement of more than 40 GW of clean energy resources The chart with the yearly figures shows 40.55 GW total must be procured by 2032. The utilities must procure 25GW clean energy generation and 15GW storage, while meeting strict reliability standards. Some of this will be pumped hydro.

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2022-02-11 Project Links Solar Canopies, Irrigation Canals

This article shows the synergy between solar PV and the use of the canals as the location for solar canopies. They call it agrivoltaics but there is no agriculture or crops. The author said there are three benefits. But the author did not include the added benefit that the canal water keeps the solar panels

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2022-01-18 Used And Useful: States Must Enforce – End Waste By Utilities

This opinion article exposes the bad business practices that utilities are guilty of. The electric utilities abuse the ratepayers by passing on their disinformation and bad decisions in the form of increased electricity costs.

2021-12-31 Scotland Almost 100% Clean Energy in 2020

Scotland missed the 100% clean electricity consumption by only 1.4%.

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