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2023-08-17 EVs Support Power Grid Reliability And Reduce Costs

The problem with the idea of becoming more independent from the grid is something that the utilities will fight tooth and nail to prevent. They don’t want to lose customers and have them go off the grid. So they want to keep the customers as dependent as possible. Doing it the “cut the cord” way

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2023-07-21 Hornsea Wind Farm Builds Bird Nests For Kittiwakes

It’s a part of the ecological agreement for building the wind farms. In an industry first, artificial ‘bird nests’ have been built near an offshore wind farm

2023-06-29 Less Than 99% Grid Availability: Utilities Must Change To Residential BESSes

This is my comment to this article. What the utilities failed to consider is the extremes in the variability of renewables. The utilities are unwilling to build a sizeable reserve into the system. They refuse to overbuild by a factor of 3 to 6 times, so that the valleys in the supply will be

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2023-06-08 70 – 100% Renewable Energy – List of Articles

This article gives a list of articles, studies of renewable energy. 70%, 80%, 99.9%, 100% Renewables — Study Central

2022-06-15 Gas Turbine Is Running On 100% Hydrogen

Gas turbine runs on 100% pure hydrogen. The skeptics are constantly complaining about how the wind and solar renewables “will never” be able to give the grid dispatchable power. Well, as long as gas turbines can run on hydrogen, they can still be used as generation as long as they burn green hydrogen. However there

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2022-06-01 VPPs Virtual Power Plants – Zero Carbon Grid

Zero carbon grid with VPPs – virtual power plants

2022-05-11 Wind Turbines Can Stabilize The Grid

NREL and GE develop the system.

2022-04-09 Electricity Sector In India

India is the third largest, after China and the US.

2022-03-20 Solar Panel Makers May Have A Materials Constraint

This article outlines the incredibly huge amount of solar panels that China is supplying to be installed, much of them in China. The figures are astounding! Quote: << Thus far, 24 of China’s 31 provinces and regions have set out five-year-plan renewables targets which include plans for 375-420GW of solar by 2025 – around 75-84GW

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2022-02-22 Ming Yang 16MW Wind Turbine Data

The biggest yet, this 16 MW wind turbine is still in development and will go offshore next year. It will generate 80 GWH annually.

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