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2023-11-26 Kirschner Predicts Judge Chutkan Will Put Convicted Former President In Jail

Ben Meiselas plays an interview of former federal prosecutor Glenn Kirschner by Michael Cohen on the blue Mea Culpa channel. Kirschner Predicts Judge Chutkan of the federal prosecution of Trump in Washington D.C. for the federal classified information crimes. Kirschner also said he believes Trump will be sentenced to life in prison, and no deal

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2023-11-24 No Oxygen, Just Nitrogen, You Die Asleep

Here’s a YouTube short from Hank’s Channel that explains why you don’t know you’re being asphyxiated by pure nitrogen. The reason I’m bringing this up is that a few years ago some guy poured a giant dewar flask of liquid nitrogen into the swimming pool at a party. So some people commented about this on

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2023-11-22 Private Enterprise Is Not Good At Doing Expensive Things That Have Never Been Done Before

A YouTube short, Dr. Tyson says Private enterprise is not good at doing expensive things that have never been done before. The government does it first. He gives some examples.

2023-11-20 Will HVDC Across Oceans Be The Future?

Engineering with Rosie Barnes explains HVDC and underground and undersea cables. Including the Xlink from Morocco to the UK, Basslink Tasmania to Australia, and the longest, Australia to Singapore. She believes that all the continents will be linked. Says there are plans for undersea HVDC cables between the UK and Newfoundland. It’s a 13.5 min

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2023-11-18 Infinitely Deep, Bottomless Mirrored Drum

Optical Illusion!

2023-11-13 Hank Doesn’t Believe Climate Change Deniers Are Telling The Truth

Hank’s 16bmin. YouTube channel video. He starts out with how CCDs – Climate change Deniers – waffle up and down the list of excuses why they deny climate change.

2023-11-13 Dolivo-Dobrovolski, A Contemporary Of N. Tesla, Invents 3-phase Generation In Germany.

Kathy tells about Dolivo-Dobrovolski, a contemporary of N. Tesla, invents 3-phase generation in Germany. History Of 3-Phase Electricity And It’s Distribution

2023-11-11 You Don’t Need To Replace EV Battery In 10 Years

Sam the Electric Viking dispells some myths that EV batteries don’t last long. There are so many lies spread by the big oil and fossil fuels industries. The EVs can last for twice as many miles as gas guzzlers. And the EVs can save 1000 to 2000 dollars or more a year in fuel costs.

2023-11-10 Uninformed Or Misinformed – Tell The Truth Instead Of Trying To Be First

“”If you don’t read the newsmedia, you’re uninformed. If you do read the newsmedia, you’re misinformed.””

2023-11-07 Total Mammal Biomass On Earth

The graph looks like humans and livestock make up most of the mammal biomass on the Earth. Hankschannel on YouTube – short video

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