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2021-10-12 Artificial Photosynthesis To Turn CO2 Into Fuels

This 6 min. YouTube video talks about using sunlight to change CO2 into green fuel. I still think it’s not doing anything to reduce the quantity of CO2 in the atmosphere.

2021-10-07 The Role Of The Press, Newsmedia

<< The role of the Press [newsmedia] is to hold power to account [accountable]. >> Then US president (and dictator wannabe) Trump declared “You [the newsmedia] are the enemy of the people!” This declaration is alarming and of great concern. No president in the history of the US has ever declared this. No US president

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2021-10-07 Wicked Games – Chris Isaak And Hauser

Two versions – the original by Chris Isaak and an instrumental version by Hauser.

2021-10-03 Headwind”21 Feature Length Movie

Recommend by group member. The world must stop burning fossil fuels if we must stop climate change. So far I’ve watched 40 minutes, and I’ve seen the criticism of wind turbines. I am hoping that before the end, I will see this video offer at least one solution. If this video does not offer at

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2021-10-01 How Many Solar Panels To Power The World?

This 21 minute YouTube video asks how many solar panels will it take to power the whole world. The answer is 23 Billion. In 2017 the total was 162 quadrillion Watt-hours in one year. In 2020 the US used around 3,500 terawatt-hours of electricity. He said a commercial solar panel is 1 meter wide and

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2021-09-30 Offshore Wind Blows 24 hrs / 365 days

There are some renewables that are almost 100% reliable. One is geothermal power. Another might be offshore wind turbines. Quote: from description in YouTube video << Offshore wind farms solve one of renewable energy’s biggest problems: unreliability. With wind almost always blowing on sea, there is no lack of power. >>

2021-09-28 German Offshore Wind Farms; Recycling Blades

The narrator goes to the offshore wind turbine to show us a 6.2 MW wind turbine. The key takeaway is that these offshore wind turbines solve the wind turbine intermittency problem because it’s windy as hell out there 24 hours, 365 days a year. He said the transmission line to southern Germany was supposed to

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2021-08-28 1 MW Solar Array

This 5+ min. mostly drone aerial video is on YouTube. This is in Greece. There are 54 panels per group. There are 56 groups, for 3024 panels total. The power is 330 watts per panel, for 17.82 kW per group.

2021-08-22 Housing Complaints Should Be Jobs Complaints

This video complains about how the zoning restrictions prevent millennials from buying affordable housing. That’s not the way I see it. My comment: I’m a boomer and I faced the same problem for forty years. This is nothing new. Here a few miles from Disneyland the housing prices rose faster than a single income

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2021-08-16 Musk On Carbon Tax, Solar Power

This is a 12 minute lecture by Elon Musk on why the world must have a system to disincentivize the burning of fossil fuels. Fossil fuels are adding CO2 to the atmosphere, which is disrupting the natural carbon dioxide cycle that has existed for millions of years. The burning of fossil fuels must be stopped

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