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2022-05-14 Global Warming Causes Heat Wave In India & Pak.

Global warming has already hit India and Pakistan – see graphic. Large areas of 44.5 deg. C and higher – that’s 112 deg. F. – unbelievable! It’s deadly serious – people can’t live in that heat wave!

2022-05-14 Can We Adapt To Heat Waves Altering Our Lives

The article gives historic background you may want to skip. This past week there have been extreme heat waves in western India and Pakistan. Temperatures of 49 deg C or 120 deg F make conditions nearly unliveable. Higher ocean temperatures cause more water to evaporate which then causes more rains and flooding on land. Higher

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2022-05-12 Biodiesel Particulates Don’t Matter Guterres Quote

It doesn’t matter whether or not biodiesel has particulate matter. What matters is biodiesel and vegetable oils do not put any *new* CO2 into the atmosphere. Global warming has already brought us close to the 1.5 deg. C limit. If it continues, the warming will be 4 deg. C or more by 2100 and most

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