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2022-01-26 Blindsided By IPCC’s “Perfect Day” Problem

This says we have much shorter time period than IPCC’s “Perfect day” scenarios, which do not account for many other possible tripping points. The result is we may have only 3 to 9 years to make drastic changes or risk human extinction.

2021-12-10 Wendell Berry

Wendell Berry quotes found in the Activism section: << Also in January 2009, Berry released a statement against the death penalty, which began, “As I am made deeply uncomfortable by the taking of a human life before birth, I am also made deeply uncomfortable by the taking of a human life after birth.”[18] And

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2021-12-08 Screwdriver Discharge Capacitor Test Question

This is one helluva test question. I don’t even want to read the answer!

2021-11-25 CNN Fake News, Echo Chambers

Reply FB group Natan Stevéns Why is it that everyone thinks I watch CNN? I don’t have cable TV! You criticize people for watching CNN. But tell us what we should be watching. Most critics are afraid to say what they use for their newsmedia. I think most of them are imprisoned in the echo

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2021-10-30 Wind Turbines And Birds, Eagles

Eagles are being protected by a camera system with artificial intelligence called Identi-Flight that spots birds such as eagles and shuts down the wind turbine until the bird has flown away. Eagles and other animals are threatened by bites from black flies called buffalo gnats. High rainfall causes the flies to hatch early. The huge

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2021-10-17 7 Reasons Why Nuclear Power Is Not The Answer…

Seven Reasons why nuclear power is not the answer Quote: << Nuclear advocates claim nuclear is still needed because renewables are intermittent and need natural gas for backup. However, nuclear itself never matches power demand so it needs backup. Even in France with one of the most advanced nuclear energy programs, the maximum ramp

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2021-10-05 Elon’s Battery Con Job Exposed

Many bad accusations made against BESS systems like Tesla’s Megapacks.

2021-10-02 We Must Stop Burning Fossil Fuels Quickly

The world has already risen 1.2 deg C, and stopping the use of fossil fuels is even more urgent than predicted. Quote: << Our analysis suggests that many countries will need to move out of fossil fuel production relatively quickly, which raises concerns about how the transition can be managed fairly. The necessary energy transformation

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2021-09-29 YouTube Bans Antivaxxers

YouTube made the national news today; they banned the ‘Disinformation Dozen’ antivaxxers that were still using YouTube to spread antivax disinformation. Two antivaxxers were still on YouTube but YouTube is looking into their channels; they use their channels to link to their own disinformation websites. The only way we will end this pandemic is

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2021-09-22 Most Farmland Used To Feed Livestock quote: << There is also a highly unequal distribution of land use between livestock and crops for human consumption. If we combine pastures used for grazing with land used to grow crops for animal feed, livestock accounts for 77% of global farming land. While livestock takes up most of the world’s agricultural land it

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