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2024-04-20 RCWL-0516 Microwave Doppler Motion Sensor Module Schematic KO4BB

The modules use both the RCWL-9616 and the BISS-0001 but it seems the schematics are all labeled BISS-0001.  The parts values are different.  He gives some good information about them.  They operate at 3.5 and 3.98 GHz – the ones I have were advertised at 5 GHz.  Also he shows his own version that uses a

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2024-04-18 Wind Power Was Record Growth in 2023

Quote: “”The global wind industry installed 117 gigawatts (GW) of new capacity in 2023, making it the best year ever for new wind energy – here’s what happened and where.”” 2023 was a record year for wind power growth – in numbers

2024-04-16 California 100% Renewables for 30 Days!

That’s great news! One thing I just remembered is that the nuclear power plants (Diablo Canyon, Palo Verde) usually shut down for maintenance in the spring when demand is lowest.  Otherwise they normally run 24/7 and there wouldn’t be any time during the day when it would be 100% renewables. California exceeds 100% of energy

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2024-04-15 First Trump Criminal Trial: What To Expect

A comprehensive summary from PBS News hour.

2024-04-15 List Of Largest CO2 Producers Worldwide, And Other Info

Quote: “”An independent think tank producing data-driven analysis on how business and finance are impacting the climate crisis”” “”The Carbon Majors dataset has played a pivotal role in holding fossil fuel producers to account for their climate-related impacts in academic, regulatory, and legal contexts. Examples include quantifying the contribution these entities have made to global

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2024-04-14 Green Li-Ion Recycled Battery Plant In Oklahoma

North America just got a new recycled Li-ion battery materials plant

2024-04-12 EVs Are Taking Over The Rest Of The World Much Faster Than The US

The States need to give more incentives to get more people to buy an EV.  EVs are taking over the rest of the world much faster than the US

2024-04-12 Florida GOP Operative Admits Role In ‘Ghost’ Candidate Scheme That Defeated Utility-targeted Dem

Dark money supported 3rd party candidates who siphoned off votes from Democrats, giving Republicans state congressional seats.  This money came from Florida Power & Light.  It was meant to defeat those who supported clean renewable energy.

2024-04-10 FM Regenerative Receiver Using MPF102 JFET

A basic one transistor regen receiver uses an MPF102 JFET to give the regenerative gain.  Also uses two transistors to amplify the audio to drive an earphone.  How to Build an FM Radio Receiver

2024-04-09 Nobel Laureate Peter Higgs Has Died

Peter Higgs was famous for his “God Particle” that was finally confirmed a dozen years ago.  Higgs won the Nobel prize in physics for his theoretical physics, among other awards and honoraria.

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