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2019-04-06 HP Transmission Test Set

from FB group Bell Telephone of… Apr 6 (I bought a transmission test set, TTS-4, photo at bottom.) Glenn Peters We had a HP 493something transmission test set for testing up to 56 kb/s lines. I remember seeing the symbols on the green screen, like a carriage return would look like a little ‘CR’. The

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from FB group Vintage transistor Radios April 3 Are all ‘polyvaricon’ tuning capacitors the same? They’re all about the same size. Charles Vesser Japan Industry Standard… The few that I have examined were 140 pF antenna and about 70 pF oscillator. In parallel give 210 pF. They’re probably made to match up with the loopstick

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2018-10-18 Admirable Admiral Radio

from FB group Vintage Transistor Radios 2018-10-20 Was it made in the late ’50s? The transistors are early RCA types. These old time radios are about 60 years old and I am amazed and inspired to hear and see that, once the caps have been replaced, they perform as well as the day they were

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