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2021-03-03 Red & Blue States Most & Least Dependent On Federal $$

The red states are more dependent and the blue states are less dependent according to this study. They give their methodology on how they came up with the figures. Other studies have come to a different conclusion, but I don’t see them saying how they came to their conclusion. Just don’t trust the ones who

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2021-02-19 Global Carbon Project:: Information

Infographics etc.

2021-02-19 Facebook Is A Global Mafia

It seems that Facebutt is getting into trouble with the Aussies. Jacob Silverman Facebook Is a Global Mafia

2021-02-11 Diatoms Are Declining

This quote is from: << Dwindling diatoms and the mixed layer Earth’s oceans teem with microscopic plants called phytoplankton. But according to a 2015 NASA study, populations of diatoms, the largest type of phytoplankton algae, have declined more than 1 percent per year from 1998 to 2012. Phytoplankton are an essential base of the

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2021-02-10 EIA Short Term Energy Outlooks

A quote from << EIA forecasts that planned additions to U.S. wind and solar generating capacity in 2021 and 2022 will contribute to increasing electricity generation from those sources. EIA estimates that the U.S. electric power sector added 17.5 gigawatts (GW) of new wind capacity in 2020. EIA expects 15.3 GW of wind capacity

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2021-02-08 IEEE.ORG Website Is Not Private. Intersil ICL 8038 Function Generator

Chrome won’t allow me to connect to the website because it’s saying it’s not private. I go to learn more and they don’t have any way to override the error message. I went here first to read the story and tried the link at the end to comment. They asked in an article

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2021-02-06 Live Climate Scoreboard For The World

Data Dash (??) from Bloomberg gives real time score.

2021-02-05 What’s A Sustainable (And Just) Business Model?

For some small businesses the input is mostly manpower, the rest is the power from electricity. In this case the business model is sustainable with electricity that’s from renewables. Any raw materials would have go come from sources that are sustainable. Important concept.

2021-01-245 TED: Eat Meat Less

Some good tips to transition to a low or no meat diet. The Earth needs you to help it feed more people and stop climate change. I also recommend Dr. Joel Fuhrman’s book Eat To Live Or he also has some more recent books, also cookbooks. He explains how you can reduce high blood pressure,

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2021-01-23 Tesla Giga Texas Construction Map

From Joe’s video on this date. More diagrams here: Tesla’s video on 4680 battery The above drawing is from the south looking north. The following screenshot is from the north looking south.

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