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2021-09-22 Most Farmland Used To Feed Livestock quote: << There is also a highly unequal distribution of land use between livestock and crops for human consumption. If we combine pastures used for grazing with land used to grow crops for animal feed, livestock accounts for 77% of global farming land. While livestock takes up most of the world’s agricultural land it

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2021-09-18 Land Care Robot Electrifies Tasks

This ad popped up and I had to watch this little workhorse do its jobs. It gave me several thoughts of what it could be used for. It even can work in the dark and in the rain. It said that it’s 64 HP and $14,800.00. When I was a kid, I remember seeing articles

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2021-09-08 Wind, Solar More Scaleable in China

In this article the author assesses the statuses of wind, solar and nuclear in China.


2021-08-07 Electricity Generated By State

Article graphs EIA reports on electricity generated by state. “Small scale solar” is supposed to include rooftop solar. California comes out far ahead with solar. Texas is far ahead with wind. What must be done is get those many lagging states to convert away from coal and to renewables. Some states have very little wind

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2021-07-04 Microphone Cable Impedance Calculator

The second calculator is given the capacitance in pF per meter and length, and it will calculate the impedance at a frequency.

2021-06-07 How Much Water Is Needed By Electric Generators?

How much water is needed by the electric generators? Scroll down to Renewable vs. non-renewable energy sources and look at the graph. Coal power is the worst. Also read this.


2021-06-05 Seba: Disruption In agriculture

Reforestation is arguably the most important thing that the world will have to do to mitigate climate change. Here is how agriculture and livestock will be disrupted to free up the land for reforestation.

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2021-05-24 I Lost My Friend To The Antivax Charlatans

I had a disagreement with my high school friend about getting vaccinated. He’s an intelligent person but he thinks the enemy is the people who want everyone to be vaccinated. That’s where the problem lies. The antivaxxers are telling everyone they can that the enemy is Big Pharma and they’re after the patients’ money. They’re

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2021-05-07 Hillary: There Has To Be A Global Reckoning With Disinformation

An excellent Hillary Clinton interview by the Guardian.

2021-05-06 Tax To Reduce Meat Consumption This Guardian article talks about reducing meat consumption and brings up the subject of taxing meat to reduce consumption. The article says that: << Ministers have shied away from calls for a “carbon tax” on red meat for not entirely illegitimate reasons; taxing food is toughest on low-income households, because they spend proportionately more

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