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2022-06-16 China Is The Biggest GHG Producer

Brian Henry I think you’re implying that China is irresponsible when it comes to ending the burning of fossil fuels. Let me remind you that many if not most of the devices you use in your life were made in China. People here criticise lithium batteries as violating human rights because the cobalt may have

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2022-05-26 Carbon Capture Needed To Meet 1.5 Deg. C.

Carbon capture needed to meet 1.5 deg. C.

2022-02-24 Oil Co’s Violated Human Rights In Philippines

This may give some legal pressure on Big Oil to stop violating the Earth’s climate rights.

2022-05-21 Battery-like Device Absorbs CO2

Battery-like device absorbs CO2.

2022-04-27 We MUST remove CO2 From The Atmosphere

Climeworks raises $650 million article Samuel Soroaster Said, ” The entropy is too big to make it energy efficient. Better to use concentrated sources.” By entropy, I assume you mean that the CO2 is too diluted to make it efficient enough to pay back the effort. Okay, so what do we do? Wait until hell

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2022-04-23 Cynic’s Posts Complain But Offer No Solutions

Piotrek Puczek said, “Nothing has been solved, hydrogen will only be for miche applications…” There are other catalysts besides expensive metals, but they may not be as efficient. But efficiency is not a concern when the power is excess that would otherwise be constrained – wasted, unused. There are Youtube videos of hydrogen generators that

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2022-04-23 $1M Prize For Pyrolysis System To Remove CO2

The pyrolysis system sequesters CO2 in biochar, which is used to enrich the soil. The $1M prize is going to them for building a plant that will soon be online.

2022-04-11 “Degrowth”, Etc.

Suman Rao I’m in Southern California, where billionaires go to Beverly Hills for conspicuous consumption. I see waste every day. I can’t give away things – it’s extremely difficult to change people’s habits. There is not enough time to do that. The governments tried to make people wear masks and then get vaccinated, and antivaxxers

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2022-03-31 NHTSA Reinstates Fines – Fleet MPG Fuel Efficiency Requirements

This doesn’t seem to have anything to do with Tesla. NHTSA is reinstating the full amount of the fines that vehicle manufacturers have to pay if their fleet doesn’t meet the required miles per gallon for fuel efficiency. The Trump administration filled the government with their anti-environmental, pro-pollution cronies who “filled the swamp” by cutting

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2022-03-30 End $6T Fossil Fuel Bailouts

Tony Seba talks about the fastest way to get to Net Zero – by ending the $6 Trillion/yr fossil fuel bailouts.

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