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2023-08-31 Corporations Have No Pretense Of Democracy.

It’s true: corporations have no pretense of democracy. This may not run for you if you’re not on Facebook.

2023-08-30 Tyson: Earth Is Not Perfect For Life!

Neil deGrasse Tyson said it: 3/4 of the Earth is hostile to us. But humans – US – are making it more hostile to life due to climate change. We must end climate change – global warming – by ending the burning of fossil fuels. If we don’t, the Earth’s hostile environment will end us!

2023-08-30 The Apple //e Memory Is Not Tested For Errors

Long ago, I was typing away on my Apple //e and Applewrite, and I noticed that one of the words was misspelled – instead of garden it said farden. So I corrected it and went on. Then later, I noticed it was still misspelled! So I corrected it, and went on. Just out of curiosity,

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2023-08-29 Study Calculates The Carbon Emissions Of Getting Rich

This PBS Newshour article explains what the effect is of the wealthy on carbon emissions.

2023-08-29 Stupid Humans – The 5 Basic Laws

Never underestimate Human Stupidity. These 5 laws were from some Italian guy, so you see some Italian mistakes. They use the Mr. Sunny Face tune in the background.

2023-08-28 Graphene Discovery Could Help Generate Hydrogen Cheaply And Sustainably

This sounds like it could revolutionize hydrogen electrolysis from water. Currently the electrolysis requires catalyst made of platinum which is rare and costly. “Graphene discovery could help generate hydrogen cheaply and sustainably.” ScienceDaily. ScienceDaily, 23 August 2023. <>.

2023-08-27 Hydrogen Barnard Calls It Bad

Hydrogen, and Barnard’s do’s and dont’s – mostly dont’s. He talks about not changing to hydrogen vehicles because it’s not as efficient – more is energy lost in the conversion. But he doesn’t tell you that hydrogen is still more efficient than burning gasoline in an engine. He also doesn’t tell you the other important

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2023-08-26 FM Bug, Crystal Locked

From Talking Electronics. I’m not sure if this circuit can be frequency modulated the full amount for the FM broadcast band. It’s difficult to push a crystal off its resonant frequency. I’ll be trying it someday if I can find the right xtal. I would be more inclined to instead use a ceramic resonator. I

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2023-08-26 ‘Thank You Big Oil’ Campaign Targets Fossil Fuel Companies

A billboard campaign. “Thank You, Big Oil” Campaign Targets Fossil Fuel Companies

2023-08-25 Dr. Tyson Tells The Truth About Aliens

Just use common sense.

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