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2024-04-29 Greenhouse Gas Emissions Might Have Already Peaked – They Need To Fall FAST

This is a long article in Vox with many links and some important graphs.  Climate Change is already affecting the Earth.

2024-04-29 Battery Recycling Shatters The Myth Of EV Battery Waste

Bloomberg is behind a paywall.

2024-04-28 US Plan To Upgrade 100k Miles Of Transmission Lines In 5 Years

Short article about deployment of enhancements such as high performance conductors.  Quote: “”…and up to $331 million from the Bipartisan Infrastructure Law for a new 285-mile transmission line that will carry more than 2 gigawatts (GW) of transmission capacity from Idaho to Nevada.”” The US just came up with a plan to upgrade 100k miles

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2024-04-28 Hydrogen Electrolysis Cell Uses Solid Oxide

Korean researchers build 8 kW solid oxide electrolysis cell that can produce 5.7 kg of hydrogen per day

2024-04-27 Ocean Carbon Removal

A long article describing several methods and how far they have been researched.  I like the enhanced rock weathering – it’s something that may be able to be done with very low use of fossil fuels.  It’s not difficult to crush rock to dust.  But there are pros and cons to each of the methods.

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2024-04-26 Nuclear Fusion Insanity

This is a 35 minute YouTube video on nuclear fusion.  It’s a narration but the graphics don’t match up with the narration.  I give it a grade of C minus. Quote “”The ITER reactor is designed generate to 500 Megawatts of fusion power for at least 400 seconds, achieving a ten-fold gain in plasma heating

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2024-04-25 New Rule Compels US Coal-fired Power Plants To Capture Emissions – Or Shut Down

The EPA An earlier article about coal power plants

2024-04-24 Tesla 2024 Q1

Electrified’s Loomis goes over some of the Q1 figures, but it’s much more important what he says about Tesla the company. 

2024-04-23 Shashibo Cube Wizardry

Wow!  I have a few, they’re not intuitively easy, they’re so complex that most people would give up after a few minutes.  But it’s nice to know that there are wizards out there.

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2024-04-22 Heliotech Heliosol Flexible Solar PV Sheets Adhere To Surfaces

It comes in a roll.  They said 85 Watts per square meter, which is not that much, but still adequate.

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