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This article is about whether or not to divest from fossil fuel companies. It talks about Harvard divesting and about CalPERS deciding to do otherwise.

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2021-09-13 Trump And National Debt

<< Economists agree that we needed massive deficit spending during the COVID-19 crisis to ward off an economic cataclysm, but federal finances under Trump had become dire even before the pandemic. >>

2021-08-11 Plug Power Breaks Ground On Hydrogen Plant

Plug Power breaks ground on hydrogen plant in Georgia. Maybe this expansion will help the stock go up.

2021-08-06 Will GM Go Bankrupt Transitioning To EVs?

Comment on Tesla Economist Q: “Will GM go bankrupt transitioning to EVs?” I would like to think that since GM has already been in the EV biz more than a decade, they above all others would have the most experience with such esoterica as all the intricacies of making the battery as cost efficient as

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2021-08-04 Demand For Lithium Predicted To Increase

This might be marketing hype. Quote << The International Energy Agency (IEA) estimates the need for lithium will increase by up to 70 times5 over the next 20 years. For its part, Fitch Solutions projects that for every 1 million electric vehicles on the road, the electric vehicle market will need 60,000 tons6 of

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2021-07-08 Okay, Boomer, It’s Your Fault!

PBS Newshour interviews Millennials who blame baby boomers for their problems. Tomorrow Jul 8 we will hear from boomers. Bruce Gibney’s book “A Generation Of Sociopaths” The next day’s segment defends the baby boomers.

2021-06-25 California Is Number 1!

California deserves a pat on the back! Quotes: << California Defies Doom With No. 1 U.S. Economy The Golden State has no peers when it comes to expanding GDP, raising household income, investing in innovation and a host of other key metrics. By Matthew A. Winkler June 14, 2021, 2:00 AM PDT >> <<

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2021-06-18 Maine 1st State To Order Public Fossil Fuel Divest

Maine becomes the first state to pass law requiring public fossil fuel divestment. Hopefully all other states will soon follow.


2021-06-03 ‘Black Wednesday’ For Big Oil

Up until lately, Big Oil has been paying token lip service to climate change; it has been business as usual with little action taken. But now shareholders are taking action with their votes against Big Oil’s complacency and greenwashing. But the court ruling against Shell is really the most damning. Shell must make its actions

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2021-05-21 GF Texas, Hundreds Of Model Y Castings

FB group TSLA Shareholders I see xxx is hurting the stock price. Or yyy is going to help the stock price. The stock price is going to go anywhere or nowhere depending on the whims of investors. We as individuals don’t collectively have the money to make much difference in the long run. So just

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