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2022-05-30 Robert Reich & Tax Cuts, Stock Buybacks

A 2 min. video about Trump era tax cuts, and broken promises of tax cuts for the wealthy benefitting the middle class with more jobs and better pay. <<Tax cuts do not contribute to productivity. There is no “trickle down” from a stock buyback. >> – Robert Reich


2022-05-25 AQMD Pays $250 For Home Charger

The So. California AQMD will pay up to $250 for a level 2 charger (similar to a dryer outlet) to homeowners. Also more or less $, refer to the link for more information.

2022-05-01 EOS Gets $200M Financing For Zinc Battery

Nice to hear. EOSE

2022-04-20 Are You Paying For A Worthless Gas Plant?

Every consumer should understand this very important article about the economic reality of building a gas fired power plant. The term Stranded Asset should be explained. The electric power producers are not making decisions that are in the best interests of their customers and shareholders. The banks should be required to finance new fossil fuel

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2022-04-13 Ford Dealer Markups Article

Those $5000 (in this case Ford) dealer markups are just fine – they force their prospective customers to vote with their feet and move to buying a Tesla. Just one more nail in the coffin of dealerships – they don’t have many years left before they will be gone. Also, if the dealer doesn’t advertise

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2022-04-04 Exxon Is Mining Bitcoin Using Flare Gas

This doesn’t look good.

2022-03-30 End $6T Fossil Fuel Bailouts

Tony Seba talks about the fastest way to get to Net Zero – by ending the $6 Trillion/yr fossil fuel bailouts.

2022-03-29 Shell “Breached Legal Duties” By Mismanaging Climate Plan

ClientEarth, a European climate law charity, has filed lawsuit alleging that Shell breached its legal duties by mismanaging climate risk. This is a novel approach and if successful could mean big changes for Big Oil and the fossil fuel industry.

2022-03-12 POTUS Sign Exec. Order Re. Development Of Digital Assets

Quote: << President Biden to Sign Executive Order on Responsible Development of Digital Assets MARCH 09, 2022 STATEMENTS AND RELEASES Outlines First Whole-of-Government Strategy to Protect Consumers, Financial Stability, National Security, and Address Climate Risks >>

2022-02-20 Solar City Shareholders Lawsuit – Musk Should Pay $13B

This is the first I’ve heard about this lawsuit. Must be newsmedia ignoring it.

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