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2024-01-30 Trump’s Fake Rally

Typical Trump BS. YouTube short.

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2024-01-29 Tony Seba’s Prediction Is Sooner Than He Predicted: EV Battery Prices Down To Half

Sam the Electric Viking tells us in this 9 min. YouTube video. Tony Seba (RethinkX) predicted EV battery prices would fall 50% by 2027. It now looks like it may happen this year. Last year they reduced prices by 30%. This is important because 35 to 40% of the cost of the EV is the

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2024-01-28 BTC: Trump Is Human Grenade With No Pin!

Brian Tyler Cohen (‘No Lie’ YouTube channel) calls Donald Trump a human grenade with no pin and is amazed because he didn’t “lash out like a raving lunatic” at E. Jean Carroll after the $83 million judgment against him after her defamation trial. BTC also said the judge and jury “didn’t care about Trump’s rantings

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2024-01-28 Tesla Says Dojo $500M Supercomputer To Be In Buffalo, NY.

But Elon Musk said that it will cost billions a year to stay competitive in AI. Tesla announces new $500 million Dojo supercomputer coming to New York

2024-01-27 Climate Sensitivity = 5+ deg. Dire Predictions, Worse Than Before

Sabine H gives us a rant about climate change. Some models give a climate sensitivity of 5 or more degrees C, meaning that we have much less time to get to net zero. If we don’t then parts of the Earth will become uninhabitable even sooner than predicted. This may lead to widespread crop failures,

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2024-01-26 Convicts Navarro, Bannon Get To Stay Out Of Prison While Appealing; Trump *Will Be* Convicted

The Legal Breakdown with BTC and Glenn Kirschner talks about convicted Peter Navarro And Bannon being allowed to stay out of prison pending appeals. Kirschner states unequivocally that Trump will be convicted.

2024-01-25 Dried Butterfly Peaflower Has Delphinidin, detects Metal Ions In Tap Water

Short video shows how to put dried butterfly pea flowers into hot water to make it like litmus paper – it detects metal ions in water by changing color.

2024-01-25 We KNOW Climate Change Is Caused By Humans

Climate change is caused by humans, Sabine Hossenfelder explains in her 5 minute YouTube video. This is undeniable and a fact. We can see climate change in the oceans, which absorb about 25% of the CO2, causing ocean acidification.

2024-01-24 Tesla’s Next Generation EV Coming In 2025

Suppliers are letting little secrets leak out. I think there will be a lot more low cost Tesla EVs reserved than the 2 million Cybertrucks. Tesla next-gen electric cars are coming in 2025, supplier sources say Elon Musk said late 2025 at the shareholder meeting today, Jan 24. Elon Musk: Tesla aims for next-gen EV

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2024-01-23 Compressed Spring Stores Energy, Released When Dissolved In Acid

This is something that I did not know. The temperature is higher in the acid when a compressed spring is dissolved, compared to an uncompressed spring. Dr. Tyson explains in YouTube short.

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