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2023-10-31 Tesla Prevails In Wrongful Death Lawsuit

In a 9 to 3 jury trial. Tesla prevails in first Autopilot wrongful-death suit

2023-10-31 Iron & Salt Batteries made by Inlyte Energy

Inlyte Energy acquired Beta Research which has patents and a pilot production line to already make iron salt batteries. They say “competitive densities” but I don’t think they’re anywhere near to Li-Ion cells. But they’re much lower cost. They call them ‘sodium metal halide’ batteries. Advancing iron and salt batteries with $8 million in seed

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2023-10-30 Honda & High Tech 3D-Printed Metal Car Parts

Article Quote: “”The $99 million in Series C funding for Seurat is a good indication that the auto industry is bullish on 3D-printed car parts. Also referred to as additive manufacturing, 3D printing offers the potential to save energy, reduce waste, trim manufacturing timelines, increase throughput, and pump more flexibility into design and materials (check

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2023-10-30 Trump Issues Unhinged Threat Against Biden

The Orange Man seems to have mashed bananas for brains. Just pause and read his BS.

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2023-10-29 SpaceX Building Roberts Road Campus In Florida

This 26.5 min. YouTube video is overwhelming in the amount of activity that Spacex is doing to “Make the machines that make the rockets and launches”.

2023-10-29 Tesla: 5 Important Issues

Nicholas Colas Wall St. analyst “drops 5 bombshells” about Tesla. 1 hour YouTube video.

2023-10-28 Twitter Acquisition by Musk

The search question was “where did the money to buy twitter come from?” The answer is in the wiki on Wikipedia.,billion%20in%20equity%20from%2019

2023-10-28 Solar Panels, Lies From Big Oil & Fossil Fuel Industries

Yes, it’s all about money.  New nuclear power plants are economically infeasible and the utilities won’t buy them.  The new nuclear power plants have had multi-billion dollar cost overruns and decade long construction delays.  New nuclear and thermal power plants require a huge amount of water for cooling and have to be located near a

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2023-10-26 Sales Of EVs Don’t Increase?? Depressing Article!!

What Happens If EVs Fail In The United States? After reading this article I came away with a case of acute depression – it’s so “what are we going to do??” Then there’s so much doom and gloom about the political aspects – that can’t be helped by technology. The financial aspects recently brought up

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