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2022-06-18 MIT: Storage Can Deliver Carbon-free US Grid

An MIT Technology Energy Initiative study finds that storage can deliver carbon-free US grid.

2022-06-07 Neil deGrasse Tyson Big Numbers

I’m not done with you. Ten to the 23rd power – you met that number in your high school chemistry class. Six point 02 times ten to the 23rd power. That’s a mole in chemistry. Okay? And a mole is

2022-06-01 Solar V. Wind In Tropical Africa

There are 2 problems with solar in the tropic zone. One is that there are a lot of very green trees that block the sunlight year round, and would have to be cut down to make room for the solar panels. Solar panels could be located in areas where there are no trees. But there

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2022-05-24 High Energy Battery Lasts For 100 Years

This research from Canadian Dalhousie U. and Jeff Dahn says they developed a high energy density battery that could last for 100 years. The energy density is better than LFP cells. The problem is that it requires cobalt, nickel.

2022-05-21 Battery-like Device Absorbs CO2

Battery-like device absorbs CO2.

2022-05-20 EIA: Solar, Wind To Be Larger Sources

US EIA expects solar and wind to be larger sources of US electricity generation this summer.

2022-05-19 Fluorine-based Desalination Membrane

Researchers say it’s more efficient than the standard reverse osmosis desal system. Fast, efficient fluorine-based desalination membrane to purify saltwater

2022-05-11 Pakistan, India 120 Deg C Heatwave News

India heatwave caused by climate change. When the temperature is 37 deg. C or 100 deg. F, and the humidity is very high, the body cannot cool itself by evaporation and cannot regulate its temperature, which causes heat exhaustion, heat stroke and hyperthermia and the person will die.

2022-05-06 Methane Is Much Worse Than CO2

The world has a much more dangerous greenhouse gas than CO2 – it’s methane, also known as natural gas. And huge amounts are locked up in the environment, and may be released by global warming. Biofuelspk said, “… natural gas which is 84 times worse for climate change compared to CO2.” I’ve read the numbers

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2022-04-27 Fossil Fuel Companies’ Self Interests

<< Finally, techno-centrism fails to address one of the key issues with respect to climate: who benefits from carbon pollution and land use changes? Who pays the cost? The conventional approach has favored people with the means to produce new green technologies, not the billions who don’t. Now, the second flaw in the conventional approach

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