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2024-06-04 Gallium Nitride MOSFETs To Revolutionize Power Electronics

Gallium nitride power electronics will replace silicon and will make laptop power adapters smaller than a golf ball and will save major amounts of electricity.  GaN devices will waste a lot less power, which will enable power electronics equipment to be made smaller and more efficient.  Quote: “”GaN-based power electronics, on the other hand, could

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2024-05-26 Researchers Invent Mini Tuneable YIG Filter 3.4 to 11 GHz for 6G Datacomm

This is an interesting article: mainly about a miniature Tuneable YIG – yttrium-iron-garnet – filter that could replace many fixed filters. Quote “”Wireless devices use different filters for different frequencies, with the effect that covering all frequencies or bands requires large numbers of filters that take up substantial space. (The typical smartphone includes upwards of

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2024-05-25 Voting For Republicans Because You’re Concerned About The Economy, WHEN EVERY SINGLE MAJOR RECESSION AND FINANCIAL CRISIS OF THE PAST 50 YEARS HAPPENED UNDER THE GOP, Is Peak Stupidity.

Let me rephrase that: Voting for Republicans because you’re concerned about the economy is peak stupidity, WHEN EVERY SINGLE MAJOR RECESSION AND FINANCIAL CRISIS OF THE PAST 50 YEARS HAPPENED UNDER THE GOP.

2024-05-20 Methane Rocks Spontaneously Ignite

Yeah, what is going on here?

2024-05-18 Sticky Insect Spray Kills Without Chemicals

We should get rid of all insecticides.  Use a simple autonomous bug zapper that works around the clock.

2024-05-05 Tesla’s New Dojo AI Super-chip Will Be 40 Times More Powerful

A 5 min. YouTube video.  Sam the Electric Viking said that the supercomputer is now in New York.  There will be a new AI data center (being built) in Gigafactory Texas. 

2024-05-01 By 2030, 95% of US Car Miles Will Be Traveled By Self-Driving Electric Vehicles

I’ve probably already blogged this, but it deserves to be reprised because it is so important.  Tony Seba and RethinkX made this prediction in this report, dated 2017, available at the link below.   It’s been seven years since this report was released and recently there has been large incremental improvements in the autonomous self-driving systems. 

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2024-04-27 Ocean Carbon Removal

A long article describing several methods and how far they have been researched.  I like the enhanced rock weathering – it’s something that may be able to be done with very low use of fossil fuels.  It’s not difficult to crush rock to dust.  But there are pros and cons to each of the methods.

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2024-04-16 White Vinegar Isn’t Neutralizing NiCad Electrolyte

I put white vinegar on the areas where the NiCad juice turned the PCB green, and it didn’t seem to do anything.  So after awhile I washed it off with plain tapwater.  I used a soft brush and a lot of the green coating washed off.  It’s not in very good shape.  I’m wondering if

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2024-04-14 Green Li-Ion Recycled Battery Plant In Oklahoma

North America just got a new recycled Li-ion battery materials plant

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