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2021-07-22 Italian Studies On Flexible Renewables + Storage

Important Info What really angers me is the cynical propaganda that has been spread by the fossil fuel proponents that the electrical grid can’t be stable without “base load” from thermal power plants. This lie must be buried as soon as possible by research studies and as much proof as possible by real world experience.

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2021-07-15 Huge Goldfish In Lakes Threatening Ecosystems

Goldfish dumped in lakes are growing huge, threatening other species. But they might be fun to catch when fishing!

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2021-07-12 CO2 To Syngas Using Sabatier Process

Read Applications section for pilot plants that use CO2 to make CH4 that can be used in the existing natural gas system. Also it’s being used to power a fleet of cars. Only problem with CO2 capture to syngas is that it doesn’t permanently remove the CO2 from the atmosphere. Quote: << The Sabatier

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2021-07-03 The Myths Of August — Fusion

p.259 << FUSION For over three decades, the goal of fusion research has been to build a machine to harness the violent process that powers the stars and ignites hydrogen bombs. The daunting challenge confronting scientists and engineers working on this project has been to design a reactor that would provide inexhaustible energy by enabling

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2021-06-10 Researchers Find New Way To Generate Electricity

This very interesting and promises to capture CO2 from the ocean and turn it into rock.

2021-06-02 Scientists’ Climate Change Agendas??

From FB group climate change Simo Ruoho said, “This is climate, free of agendas.” I don’t see where the scientists who predict ‘climate change’ as we know it have an agenda. They are deathly afraid of what their observations show is happening and measurements and models show what the future will be like. They would

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2021-05-18 Hydrogen Replacing Methane Pros, Cons

This Youtube video Engineering With Rosie interviews a chemical engineer who talks about the problems of replacing some or all of the natural gas with hydrogen. Hydrogen has higher energy per unit weight, but it is much less dense than methane so it has much less energy per unit volume. The natural gas system has

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2021-05-18 Tesla Vs Conventional Cathode Production

There is speculation among viewers about what is going to be put into the ‘landfill pit’ being built next to the building at Giga Texas. Some say it’s a landfill; others think it’s too shallow for a landfill. I was reading the following article and noticed that the conventional cathode production has a lot of

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2021-05-07 Relithiation To Make Old Batteries Like New

If the old cells were made easier to take apart and reassemble it would be helpful. I think that someday the battery makers may do what Eagle Picher did for batteries on spacecraft. There is a container of electrolyte inside the battery. To activate the battery a small charge blows the electrolyte out of the

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2021-05-06 Climate Change Social Issues

This talks about the heavy burdens future generations will have to face due to climate change. Quote: << He added: “Those of us who understand we need to move fast should make the social issue the pivotal issue in all of this. I really call upon all of those in the climate movement to join

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