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2021-07-27 Tesla: Shortages Slow Megapack Production

The global chip shortage and supply chain shortages slow Tesla’s production of Megapacks. They have an 80,000 order backlog but could produce only 35,000. Musk thinks there will be a demand for a million Megapacks a year due to renewables replacing fossil fuels. Energy products revenue was more than $800 million. Quote: << Although Tesla

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2021-07-22 Small VAWTs Outperform Big HAWTs

Their interfering turbulences multiply their effect 3 to 4 times. And they kill no birds. This article is more than 5 years old. Nothing has occurred.

2021-07-22 Italian Studies On Flexible Renewables + Storage

Important Info What really angers me is the cynical propaganda that has been spread by the fossil fuel proponents that the electrical grid can’t be stable without “base load” from thermal power plants. This lie must be buried as soon as possible by research studies and as much proof as possible by real world experience.

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2021-07-15 Ginormous Australian Wind & Solar Planned

😧Do you have any concept of how big a 100 GW wind and solar farm is? That’s ginormous! 100 000 000 000 / 1000 * 4 equals 400 000 000 solar panels! 😱😱😱 Or 100 000 000 000 / 2 000 000 per turbine equals 50 000 wind turbines! Okay let’s say 200 million solar

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2021-07-09 Hydrogen Can Do What Batteries can’t do

From FB group Heinz Baumann Your chart fails to show the whole picture. The chart doesn’t show that the renewables can’t supply the total electricity demand until the 20 to 35% capacity factor is accounted for by building 3 or more times the solar or wind that is needed. During the winter due to less

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2021-07-09 Resilient Grid Proposed For Surging Power Demand

This article is about the proposal to build distribution and transmission infrastructure to allow renewables to get to the consumers. But it’s obvious that the electric utilities are promoting this because the utilities are afraid that rooftop solar will take away the utilities’ control of where the electricity comes from. The rooftop solar plus battery

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2021-06-28 Renewable Plus Storage Myths!

From FB group Clark Richards Alex claims with ZERO supporting evidence, “Wind and solar are a joke. In no way, shape or form can those things replace fossil fuels now or in the immediate future!” That is utter nonsense! “Analysis indicates that a network of land based 2.5-megawatt (MW) turbines restricted to nonforested, ice-free, nonurban

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2021-06-26 Solar Panel Recycling Is Inadequate

Article about the ‘dark side of solar.’ More recycling of solar and wind needs to be done to prevent the panels from ending up in landfills. (Harvard Business Review)

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2021-06-19 End Of Fossil Fuels

Watson Fixer Q.) How do you figure this? Only 44% of oil is used as fuel. The other 56% is used for thousands of different products. Just because a car doesn’t use fossil fuel, doesn’t mean a major portion of it isn’t produced with oil! Most products in our society require oil to be produced.

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2021-06-04 China Will Have To Shut Down Coal Power Plants

Everyone complains that China is the worst polluter and CO2 source. But things will change. From comment in FB group renewable energy China has a lot more solar than any other country, and produces a lot more renewable energy. If the conventional thermal power plants, which require constant refueling, can’t compete with the solar and

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