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2023-09-12 Veolia Recycles Wind Turbine Blades

Veolia grinds up the blades and uses them as fuel to make cement.

2023-08-17 EVs Support Power Grid Reliability And Reduce Costs

The problem with the idea of becoming more independent from the grid is something that the utilities will fight tooth and nail to prevent. They don’t want to lose customers and have them go off the grid. So they want to keep the customers as dependent as possible. Doing it the “cut the cord” way

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2023-07-23 Batteries Smooth The Duck Curve

Besides putting the duck to sleep, this puts the myth of “baseload necessity” to sleep. Myth: “You can’t have renewables alone. They need baseload to power the grid when the wind or solar isn’t enough.” Can Project Symphony Put The Duck (Curve) to Sleep?

2023-07-21 Hornsea Wind Farm Builds Bird Nests For Kittiwakes

It’s a part of the ecological agreement for building the wind farms. In an industry first, artificial ‘bird nests’ have been built near an offshore wind farm

2023-07-16 Reducing Peak Usage – Demand Flexibility Schemes

After about the 15:00 minute point he describes this demand flexibility scheme where consumers are paid £2.50 for each kWh they do not use during peak demand times in the early evening – 4 to 7 PM. That’s ten times what consumers pay per kWh. But if the utility pays consumers that much, they must

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2023-07-14 Reproductive Coercion; Kansas Wind Turbines NIMBYs

Kansas is 4th in US in wind power generation. More pushback is coming from the rural areas when wind turbine utilities try to add more wind farms. Farm owners with less than 80 acres are not included in the possible sites to be considered – there isn’t enough acreage. The term reproductive coercion was used

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2023-07-13 Renewables Are Not Profitable Enough

In this video he tells a tale of big businesses greenwashing and lying. Renewables don’t make enough profit!

2023-07-01 China: Wind, Solar Growing Like Crazy, But Fossil Fuels, Too

As I said earlier, China already has 1000 GW of renewables and will soon have 1200 GW, approaching 30% of its total generation. That’s enormous – the whole US has 1300 GW generation total! The Chinese are building wind and solar as fast as they can, and are going to meet their promised goals even

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2023-06-29 Less Than 99% Grid Availability: Utilities Must Change To Residential BESSes

This is my comment to this article. What the utilities failed to consider is the extremes in the variability of renewables. The utilities are unwilling to build a sizeable reserve into the system. They refuse to overbuild by a factor of 3 to 6 times, so that the valleys in the supply will be

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2023-06-25 Wind Turbine Technologies To Save Birds

This episode of Engineering With Rosie discusses the wind turbine technologies that are being developed and deployed to prevent bird and bat deaths. But wind turbines caused less than 150 thousand deaths in the US; compared the tens of *millions* to hundreds of millions of birds killed by other hazards, or in the case of

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