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2022-08-09 Carbon Fees “The Turd In The Punchbowl” Elon Musk

“The turd in the punchbowl” – Elon Musk Article describes..

2022-06-15 Elon Musk Interview Pt. 2

YouTube video, over an hour Elon Musk on life, the universe and everything, Part 2

2022-03-26 Musk: Nickel Manganese Batteries

She said the one very important point at the end: << Estimates show that the world is going to need 300 terawatt-hours of battery cell production in order to transition fully to a sustainable future. That is an obscene figure. >> This is a obscenely huge amount of battery cells. This is why the world

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2022-02-20 Solar City Shareholders Lawsuit – Musk Should Pay $13B

This is the first I’ve heard about this lawsuit. Must be newsmedia ignoring it.

2021-10-05 Elon’s Battery Con Job Exposed

Many bad accusations made against BESS systems like Tesla’s Megapacks.

2021-08-16 Musk On Carbon Tax, Solar Power

This is a 12 minute lecture by Elon Musk on why the world must have a system to disincentivize the burning of fossil fuels. Fossil fuels are adding CO2 to the atmosphere, which is disrupting the natural carbon dioxide cycle that has existed for millions of years. The burning of fossil fuels must be stopped

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2021-08-06 The Cult Of Musk

p.218 << Zip2, Paypal, Tesla, Solar City — they are all expressions of musk. SpaceX is Musk. It’s foibles emanate directly from him, as do its successes. Part of this comes from musk’s maniacal attention to detail and involvement in every SpaceX endeavor. He’s hands-on to a degree that would make Hugh Hefner feel inadequate.

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2021-08-01 Elon Musk By Ashlee Vance

Elon Musk sampled a handful of ideologies and then ended up more or less back where he had started, embracing the Sci-Fi lessons found in one of the most influential books in his life: The Hitchhiker’s Guide To The Galaxy, by Douglas Adams. “He points out that one of the really tough things is figuring

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2021-07-21 Renewables – The 2nd Wave: Elon’s Grand Scheme

Here’s the Big Quote: << The second wave of renewables is here. What did we learn with the first? By Ted Page -7.14.2021 Here is THE BIG QUOTE: << Companies can accelerate their success today by demonstrating that their technology is part of a larger, more integrated and inspiring solution. Everyone fawns over Elon Musk

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2021-05-20 Hydrogen Pro’s, Con’s, And Why’s

From FB group TSLA Shareholders Doug Halkenhauser You said, “…[hydrogen] is worse on every single metric.” Am I supposed to believe you, or the other major car makers Toyota, Honda and Hyundai??? It’s obvious that your claim is being ignored by the companies that are important. If you were to talk to those tens of

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