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2023-11-07 Elon Musk Is First To Get Rockets To Fly Backwards!

Elon Musk’s company, SpaceX is the first ever to get rockets to fly backwards!

2023-11-03 Elon Musk Funds a Prize For Carbon Capture

Cost is the big problem.

2023-09-10 Elon Musk Biography Reveals Internal Tesla Battle…

Walter Isaacson got to know Steve Jobs, now he publishes Elon Musk’s biography. I just watched Sunday Morning’s interview of Isaacson and found a few more odd things about Musk. Elon Musk Biography Reveals Internal Tesla Battle Regarding $25,000 Car & Robotaxis Watch More here.

2023-08-13 Tesla Too Big To Fail Even With Elon’s Antics

An Op-Ed; at the end she said: “”It’s another strength that will uphold Tesla in times of Elon’s antics, which may serve, again and again, to be little more than a puerile distraction.”” Op-Ed: Tesla Is Too Established Now To Fail — Even With Elon’s Antics

2023-07-27 Elon Musk’s Opinion About His Opinions

I think that the problem is *not* with Elon’s opinions, whether or not I agree with them. The problem is with those who mistakenly judge the quality of his companies by what he says. It’s obvious that a majority of people don’t care or don’t know what he says; they buy millions of his products

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2023-06-20 Bureaucracy – California vs. Texas

I agree that there is a lot of bureaucracy in California. But it’s there for a reason – many reasons. I think Texas will eventually be the same way when their population continues to grow.

2022-08-09 Carbon Fees “The Turd In The Punchbowl” Elon Musk

“The turd in the punchbowl” – Elon Musk Article describes..

2022-06-15 Elon Musk Interview Pt. 2

YouTube video, over an hour Elon Musk on life, the universe and everything, Part 2

2022-03-26 Musk: Nickel Manganese Batteries

She said the one very important point at the end: << Estimates show that the world is going to need 300 terawatt-hours of battery cell production in order to transition fully to a sustainable future. That is an obscene figure. >> This is a obscenely huge amount of battery cells. This is why the world

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2022-02-20 Solar City Shareholders Lawsuit – Musk Should Pay $13B

This is the first I’ve heard about this lawsuit. Must be newsmedia ignoring it.

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