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2024-04-07 Esbjerg Changes To Heat Pump City Heating System

The city of Esbjerg, Denmark is replacing its coal fired city heating system with an amazing giant heat pump, biomass boilers and waste burning boilers.  The refrigerant is CO2.  Read the description. This is a long 43 minutes but is very comprehensive and interesting.  The cost is about 40 million Euros. 

2023-11-15 HYDROGEN – You Wouldn’t Be Alive Without It!

I constantly see the armchair BEV (battery electric vehicle) ‘experts’ badmouth hydrogen FCEVs. The hydrogen is 3X less efficient than BEVs, they claim. But the ICEVs (internal combustion engine vehicles) they’re now driving are less efficient than the hydrogen FCEVs! So why are these hypocrites complaining? Hydrogen has been *safely* generated, stored and transported in

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2023-10-20 Ammonia From Farms Behind 60% Of UK PM2.5 Air Pollution – Study

Ammonia from farms, along with NOx, make up 40% of PM2.5 air pollution in other developed countries. The people should cut back on meat and dairy consumption – eat meat once a week.

2023-10-12 Haber Process – Making Ammonia Is Very Energy Intensive

Those who are concerned about the use of fossil fuels are typically concerned about transportation and fossil fuels use in homes and industries. But they tend to ignore the fact that humans use a large amount of fossil fuels to make fertilizer to grow food. Without fertilizer there would be global starvation. Along with other

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2023-09-02 Green Hydrogen Plans For Mediterranean

There apparently are millions of armchair experts who badmouth about all the dangers and impossibilities of making, storing and transporting hydrogen. They all say that H2 leaks like water through a sieve and that hydrogen causes containers to become brittle, as fragile as a clay pot. They are being ignored by the engineers who have

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2023-07-04 The End Of Haber-Bosch – Its Replacement

New research has enabled fixating nitrogen easier than by the Haber-Bosch process. About half the world’s food supply depends on the fertilizer made by the Haber-Bosch process. It is imperative that we end the use of fossil fuels in the Haber-Bosch process because its end product is CO2 greenhouse gas. It must be replaced by

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2021-12-11 Gen Of Ammonia Using Solar – Symposium

A 24 min YouTube video: Generation of ammonia using solar energy: GCEP symposium Jens Nørskov Oct 8, Most fertilizer is made from ammonia. Humanity is heavily dependent on fertilizer for growing food. 1% of the world energy is used in the Haber-Bosch process to make ammonia. High energy: not as high as gasoline but

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