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2019-06-03 Biomass? Be Concerned About Other More Important Things!

From YouTube video Denmark is Riding the Winds of Change, June 5 It amuses me how these dilettantes (with 1st names starting with K) argue about the pros and cons of bullshit (biomass) while the world is going to hell! 😡😡😣😣😲 Why are you concerned about trivialities when we should be concerned about the future?

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2019-04-09 Event Horizon Telescope Hoopla Tomorrow

There has been a big media buildup to the scheduled release of the “picture” of a black hole. This was synthesized from data taken by multiple radiotelescopes around the world, and processed by supercomputers. More information. Update Apr 10 evening – As I had expected, the media made quite a big issue out of a

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2019-03-26 Fukushima Daiichi NPP Article

From “You traveled to Fukushima to film. What was your big takeaway from there?” “I found it incredibly chilling to be there. The plant itself is very strange. You don’t smell or see or touch radiation, so you don’t know. But [there’s] this whole process of getting completely suited up, and there are literally

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2019-02-04 Fukushima Daiichi Nuclear Power Plants

In the years since 2011 Mar 11, I have blogged a few times about Fukushima Daiichi, but it’s been quite awhile. This ABC Nightline video on YouTube seems to be realistic and relatively unbiased. At the end of this video they mentioned $15 Billion and forty years to do the cleanup. It looks like they

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2018-11-15 ESD and Weather

from FB group Building Transistor Radios 2018-11-19 Bob Johansen I worked at a company that had ESD mats on the workbenches, about 1980. We had wrist straps with a 1 Meg resistor in series with the cord to prevent shock hazard. I found that the leads of the resistors were broken but the heat shrink

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