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2023-09-18 Smart Mag Magnets Are Amazing

I saw these on an episode of The Action Lab on YouTube. The black one is very interesting – it seems to make a good frictionless bearing.

2023-09-15 Weed Zapping Autonomous Robot Vehicles

No more herbicides – weed killing chemicals!

2023-09-02 Swiss Solar Panels In Train Tracks

Switzerland is rolling out solar panels between the rails of the train tracks. That’s a creative use of the otherwise unused space. But I wonder how they hook them up to the grid? Short YouTube video.

2023-08-15 Methane+Sunlight+ Catalyst = Emissions Free Hydrogen – Research

This sounds like it could be developed into a very important process. Methane + sunlight + boron nitride catalyst. The end products are hydrogen and just carbon – not CO2. So the carbon never enters the atmosphere, never becomes a greenhouse gas. Methane + Sunlight + Catalyst = Emissions-Free Hydrogen, Say UCF Researchers

2023-08-12 Moore’s Law Is Dead? – Sabine

Sabine Hossenfelder goes over the history and ways that Moore’s Law may still make progress. Also a few good comments.

2023-07-23 Hydrogen From Sunlight – Halide Perovskites

Making hydrogen from sunlight – photoelectrochemical reactions.

2023-07-09 Groundbreaking Research Transmits Energy From Space To Earth

This is definitely groundbreaking. But I don’t understand why they’re doing it this way. I think the array that’s in space should be as simple as possible – an array made up of thin sheets of metallized mylar that reflect the sunlight to the photovoltaic array on Earth. In their system and mine, there has

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2022-04-02 Heliwind Floating Wind Turbine

Geoff Goeggel I have nothing against you, but you just need to be realistic. Right now, the world is already ‘on its way’ to saving $2T a year with renewables, but most of that is solar because most people don’t live where it’s very windy. You say 250 foot tall, but that says nothing about

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2022-03-30 Laser Fusion Demonstration

They claim that their Laser Fusion demonstration is working. Uses boron and hydrogen.

2022-03-02 Solder Dispensing Pen

I use this for holding solder while I hold the PCB and iron with my hands. I use my teeth to hold this pen.

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