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2024-04-14 Drone Recharges From HV AC line

Wow!  It just clips onto the HV cable and recharges while it’s hanging there.  Presumably the drone has an inductive pickup coil that’s up against the conductor that’s carrying hundreds of amps.  I bet Joe Tegtmeyer would like to have one of these!

2024-03-22 Ocean Kite Generates Electric Power

The ocean kite travels in a figure 8 and its turbine and generator send power to shore.  This YouTube short briefly shows its action.

2024-03-15 Decoupled Supercapacitive Electrolyzer For Membrane-free Water Splitting

The above is the title of the research paper.   The article below is some 3rd or 4th party news source. This electrolyzer uses a single electrode to produce both the hydrogen and oxygen, depending on polarity.  They claim that this reduces the chance that hydrogen and oxygen might mix and make an explosive mixture.  But

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2024-03-08 Some Rube Goldberg Inventions That Could Make Some Cool Projects

Mostly wood.  Short video.

2024-3-05 Boron Nitride Stores Hydrogen –  Mechanochemical breakthrough – safe powdered hydrogen

This reminds me of Lavo, an Australian company that makes a hydrogen storage system.

2024-03-03 Video Game Uses Switch Port Lights

Someone must’ve written a program that runs on a switch and plays a video game like PacMan using the port lights.

2024-03-01 Innovative Dome Shaped Homes In S. Dakota

Dome shaped homes use cellular concrete 20% with 80% air, which makes it a good insulator.  In the Pine Ridge Reservation in S. Dakota.  They founded “In Our Hands” non-profit.  Short video.

2024-02-12 Catalytic Converter For Smokeless Fire Wood Stove

This is really interesting.  A catalytic converter for a wood stove.  1 min. YouTube video.

2023-12-26 Rejuvenating Old Solar Panels

This is new to me. But solar panels are getting so inexpensive that it may be cheaper to replace them.

2023-12-23 Desalination System Solar Powered, Cheaper

Research has come up with a solar powered Desalination system that has several advantages.

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