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2024-05-28 Many More EV Batteries – Solution To Grid Storage

Article about recycling EV batteries versus using EV batteries for stationary storage.  At this time, recycling is not very efficient. Quote: ““Today we are not very good at recovering metals, loosing almost all the lithium, silicon, phosphorus, aluminum, and graphite, while recovering only copper, cobalt, and nickel which are more expensive,” he says.”” This suggests

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2024-05-28 US Offshore Wind: Is It Dead In The Water?

The US has a huge amount of land with a very good supply of wind, and this has been developed with a large amount of WTs – wind turbines.  Iowa has a lot of WTs, but Texas is the WT leader by far, with over 30 Gigawatts of installed WTs.  Installing WTs is relatively easy

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2024-05-27 Britain Passes Automated Cars Act, Self-driving Cars Soon On The Road

This starts at the 12:45 point in this YouTube video from Electrified, Dillon Loomis.

2024-05-26 Researchers Invent Mini Tuneable YIG Filter 3.4 to 11 GHz for 6G Datacomm

This is an interesting article: mainly about a miniature Tuneable YIG – yttrium-iron-garnet – filter that could replace many fixed filters. Quote “”Wireless devices use different filters for different frequencies, with the effect that covering all frequencies or bands requires large numbers of filters that take up substantial space. (The typical smartphone includes upwards of

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2024-05-24 It’s A Full WAVE Bridge Rectifier!

I thank him for explaining that it’s *not* a “full bridge rectifier”!!

2024-05-23 A Majority Wrongly Believe We’re In A Recession And Blame Biden

2024-05-22 Immersion Cooling Servers, Datacomm Equipment

That’s hard to believe!  I would just put the equipment in a sealed rack with a lot of well filtered airflow.  Someone suggested Fluorinert.

2024-05-21 How Renewables Could Beat Natural Gas In US Generating Capacity Within 3 Years

Quote:  “”Renewables are nearly 30% of utility scale generating capacity.  The latest capacity additions have brought solar’s share of total available installed utility-scale (i.e., >1 MW) generating capacity up to 8.25%, surpassing that of hydropower (7.88%). Wind is currently at 11.77%. Solar and wind combined now account for more than a fifth (20.02%) of the US’s

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2024-05-20 Methane Rocks Spontaneously Ignite

Yeah, what is going on here?

2024-05-18 Sticky Insect Spray Kills Without Chemicals

We should get rid of all insecticides.  Use a simple autonomous bug zapper that works around the clock.

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