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2020-11-24 Facebook Bad For The World?

So the more hits a Facebook post gets, the less good for the world it is, according to the researchers. Less good or more bad means more attention from viewers, which is what Facebook needs. When the tweaks to its algorithm caused bad for the world posts to be demoted, they lost viewers. Facebook couldn’t

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2020-11-19 FTC, States Plan To Sue Facebook

The congressional hearings where the CEOs of Twitter and Facebook appeared virtually were happening earlier this week. But this has been going on for some time. There has been talk in the news about asking that Facebook be broken up and IG and Whatsapp separated. This all remains to be seen. Here is another

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2020-11-05 Where Should I Spend $$ To Fight Climate Change?

How should I spend $1000 to stop climate change? A quote >> “There is maybe something to be said for investing in climate mitigation or to donate to climate change causes based on qualitative arguments,” added Hillebrandt — essentially, accepting the simple truth that pumping the Earth’s atmosphere with a bunch of extra carbon

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2020-10-25 Facebook Allows Breitbart; Wikipedia Bans; Death Threats From Trump Supporters

From Media Bias/Fact Check Breitbart Quote >> In October 2018, Breitbart was banned as a reliable source in Wikipedia. Further, they were added as a reliable news source to Facebook’s new news initiative. This decision was met by harsh criticism by several media outlets, including Media Bias Fact Check. << *************************** The nasty side of

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2020-09-24 Facebook User Supervising Game “Democratos”

I’m optimistic that humans are basically good, and given the opportunity, can make rational decisions. Humans also want to have fun and be entertained. So a game with some forms of rewards is a good choice. I found the article about Facebook and it gave me an idea that I think is a solution to

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2020-09-20 The Website

The stop hate for profit movement on Facebook that is still taking place. Quote: >> Stop Hate for Profit is an ongoing campaign to hold social media companies accountable for hate on their platforms. Social media must prioritize people over profit, and they must do it now. << Also this news article.

2020-09-14 I Have Blood On My Hands. Facebook

About Russian IRA, fake accounts, inauthentic behavior

2020-09-10 Yale Climate Communication

This is sort of an opinion survey website. It’s important to know what and where people’s opinions are regarding climate change.

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2020-09-06 Tesla Alien Dreadnought Giga Shanghai

Some time lapse videos of the Gigafactory Shanghai, Tesla EVs coming off the production line like crazy! Just turn off the sound – he’s not saying anything new and he’s hard to understand. Watch those robot arms go like crazy!

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2020-09-04 Power Outages Caused By Misoperations

This graph is for thevwestern US, I think it said 80 million population. The Misoperations is explained in the text. I noticed that most of the problems seem to be with microprocessors. That must mean there are bugs in the systems. Maybe hardware? Or if the hardware is redundant, then probably software?

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