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2019-11-05 Einstein 100 Years Ago

Einstein became famous 100 years ago.

2019-10-01 Renewable Energy Denial I left a Comment: This myths list makes no room for solutions, it ignores what is already being done to address many of its concerns. The claim about the Mojave Desert is one example. California is leading the way to making renewables a major part of the energy consumed. Hundreds of thousands of homes

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2019-09-24 Climate Change More Expensive To Fix The Damage

from FB reply to a comment Sep 27 I watched the video of the press conference on SROCC. What he said is that if the CC deniers delay the changes needed to halt climate change, it’s going to cost many times the amount needed to fix the mess later. “… Over time, paying for climate

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2019-09-16 Spy Satellite History

I have been reading the series about the spy satellites and their developments during the Cold War Era circa the 1960s and after. There was a lot of debate on whether or not to spend hundreds of millions of dollars on developing advanced spy satellites to spy on the Soviet Union and its satellite countries.

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2019-09-05 Climate Change:: Both Sides Of The Story

I’ve been spending a lot of time reading both sides of the issue of Climate Change. The biggest thing that I get from this is that it’s much more complicated than the proponents and opponents make it out to be. The proponents say this is the end of the world, but they are basing their

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2019-09-03 ‘The Cosmic Inventor’ Fessenden Book

I got the book on Reginald Fessenden and I’ve been reading it the last few days. It’s a thin book, the story was first published in a journal. Fessenden was an early pioneer of wireless AKA radio. He deserved more credit than he received, he was before Marconi but Marconi got most of the publicity.

2019-05-25 Books Insult Your Intelligence

from FB group Building Transistor Radios May 25 Loren Moline I don’t think the book insults your intelligence. The book itself is often written with subset of readers in mind such as beginner, professional, mathematics challenged, etc. It’s the failure of the book advertising to make that clear. I believe the book advertising hypes every

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2019-04-09 Event Horizon Telescope Hoopla Tomorrow

There has been a big media buildup to the scheduled release of the “picture” of a black hole. This was synthesized from data taken by multiple radiotelescopes around the world, and processed by supercomputers. More information. Update Apr 10 evening – As I had expected, the media made quite a big issue out of a

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2019-03-26 Fukushima Daiichi NPP Article

From “You traveled to Fukushima to film. What was your big takeaway from there?” “I found it incredibly chilling to be there. The plant itself is very strange. You don’t smell or see or touch radiation, so you don’t know. But [there’s] this whole process of getting completely suited up, and there are literally

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2019-03-19 Radio Alignment Questions

From FB group Building Transistor Radios Mar 20 Bob Kirsch Any recommendation for doing a complete alignment? Documents? I used a HP sweep gen decades ago but I don’t have one now, just an old signal gen. I thought about building a sweep gen but I need to get a few parts. I have bought

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