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2022-06-16 Nanogrid Uses Hydrogen Storage

I really like this all-in-one solar plus storage system which has both batteries and green hydrogen generation, storage and fuel cells. It’s expensive but everything is integrated into one package.

2022-06-14 Calif Reached 100% Renewable Electricity

Originally an article. They made 3 points. They said, <<California must still rely on fossil fuels to meet its energy demands.>> The peak energy demands can be reduced by using a ‘smart grid’ where the grid has some control over the heavier demands. One example is residential HVAC and hot water. These can be

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2022-06-10 Burning FFs Accounts For 87% Global CO2

Burning fossil fuels accounts for 87% of global CO2 emissions. The cost of solar has fallen more quickly than experts predicted.

2022-06-07 Renewables Cataloged By Global Mapping Tool

Australian and other renewables projects cataloged by global mapping tool from Global Energy Monitor.

2022-06-01 Solar V. Wind In Tropical Africa

There are 2 problems with solar in the tropic zone. One is that there are a lot of very green trees that block the sunlight year round, and would have to be cut down to make room for the solar panels. Solar panels could be located in areas where there are no trees. But there

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2022-05-26 Upcycling Silicon Waste From Solar Panels Into Thermoelectrics

Article about upcycling silicon waste from end-of-life solar panels into thermoelectric cells.

2022-05-25 DoE SETO: Solar Must Double In Next 3 Years

Let’s get going! Time is wasting! It’s got to be done ASAP! << The US Department of Energy Solar Energy Technologies Office (SETO) said in order to meet 2035 targets, solar deployment has to double in the next three years, and ultimately ramp up to 100 GW by 2035. >>

2022-05-23 More Concentrated Solar Must Be Installed

I believe that more concentrated solar systems should be installed. The one I’m talking about is the trough reflectors that heat the fluid that is stored in insulated tanks and can keep running the generators after sunset. These solve the energy storage problem, especially when the day might be cloudy or raining. There is a

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2022-05-20 EIA: Solar, Wind To Be Larger Sources

US EIA expects solar and wind to be larger sources of US electricity generation this summer.

2022-05-18 Australia Generating Too Much Solar Power

Australia’s looming solar cliff

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