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2024-02-15 India To Build 30 GW Solar And Wind Facility

30 Gigawatts!  They say that that’s enough to power 18 million Indian homes.  This will most likely be the biggest project in the world – for quite some time.  It takes about 3 million solar panels per gigawatt, so if half the 30 GW is solar, that’s 45 million solar panels.  The other 15GW would

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2024-02-13 Tesla To Build Largest 164 Stall Supercharging Station In California

That’s a lot of stalls! I also made a few calculations.  The canopies at GF Texas have 9 by 4 = 36 solar panels.  Assume each panel puts out 350 Watts. 350 * 36 = 12.6 kW. Each canopy covers 4 stalls, so 164 stalls divided by 4 = 41 canopies. 12.6 kW * 41

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2024-02-10 China Says Wind, Solar Are About 40% Of Installed Power Generation

The 15 MW onshore wind turbine’s blades are the least of this news.  The following is the big part of this story.  Quote: “”The China Electricity Council said in its latest annual report that wind and solar would make up around 40% of the country’s installed power generation capacity by the end of 2024 –

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2024-02-07 Myth: EVs will Crash The Grid – Rosie 1 Min. Short

Rosie Barnes  *debunks* the myth that Electric Vehicles will crash the grid – she shows that EVs will charge during the daytime and power the grid during the dark.  1 min. YouTube video.

2024-02-04 Top 5 EV Myths Reviewed By Rosie Barnes

2024-02-02 ReVolve Battery Energy Storage Product Uses Second-life Nissan Leaf EV Battery Packs

Stationary battery energy storage systems are a great way to reuse used EV batteries. Quote: “”The ReVolve battery energy storage product uses second-life Nissan Leaf electric vehicle (EV) battery packs coupled with patented cell-level control technology that combines an integrated battery management system (BMS) and inverter hardware solution.”” PV self-consumption rising as batteries cut grid

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2024-01-22 Largest US Solar-Storage Project Goes Online

It’s 875 MW solar and 3 GWh of energy storage. The 4600 acre site with nearly 2 million solar panels is not far from Edwards AFB, California. Largest US solar-storage project goes online

2024-01-18 Lavo Hydrogen Energy Storage System HESS For Homes

My previous blog about Lavo, and Australian company. 2021-03-28 Lavo, Hydrogen Just Have A Think YouTube video about Lavo.

2024-01-06 Renewables ASAP Could Save 10 Trillion Dollars – Oxford Researchers

Quote “”Transitioning to a decarbonised energy system by around 2050 is expected to save the world at least $12 trillion compared to continuing our current levels of fossil fuel use.“” Quote: “”Professor Farmer adds, “The world is facing a simultaneous inflation crisis, national security crisis, and climate crisis, all caused by our dependence on high

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2024-01-04 Wisconsin’s Largest Solar Farm Now Online

Badger Hollow Solar is 3500 acres, 830,000 bifacials on trackers and 300 MW, built in two phases. The second phase just came online. Wisconsin is expected to add 3.78 GW solar over the next 5 years. Wisconsin’s largest solar farm is now fully online

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