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2021-09-21 Government Should’ve Moved Earlier To Low Carbon

The key is: (quote) << Heat pumps for homes could also reduce the UK’s reliance on gas, added Jan Rosenow, Europe director at the Regulatory Assistance Project, as they run on electricity, though electricity in the UK is partly generated by gas. “But even if all of the electricity used by heat pumps was generated

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2021-09-18 Land Care Robot Electrifies Tasks

This ad popped up and I had to watch this little workhorse do its jobs. It gave me several thoughts of what it could be used for. It even can work in the dark and in the rain. It said that it’s 64 HP and $14,800.00. When I was a kid, I remember seeing articles

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2021-09-16 120 MW Solar On 660 ‘Contagious’ Acres

It says “…120 Megawatt solar center on 660 contagious acres.” 😂😂😂🤣🤣🤣🤣 I think they meant contiguous!!

2021-09-15 First Solar US PV Manufacturer

Article is about other issues, too, but it says First Solar is doing good.

2021-09-08 Wind, Solar More Scaleable in China

In this article the author assesses the statuses of wind, solar and nuclear in China.


2021-09-07 Solar Turns Barren Land Green In China

In a solar farm, once barren land has turned green and grassy under the solar panels. Quote: << Every morning, herder Xiang Zhankui takes more than 2,000 sheep to the green industrial development park in the Hainan Tibetan Autonomous Prefecture for grazing. “In the past, the barren land did not have grass at all. Now,

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2021-09-05 New Mexico Is Going Green

My comment: New Mexico’s progress is an example that all states should try to emulate. It’s great to see that most of these projects also have storage. New Mexico is part of the western power grid, and when Texas had the blackout during the February winter storm, the El Paso area was also hooked to

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2021-08-28 1 MW Solar Array

This 5+ min. mostly drone aerial video is on YouTube. This is in Greece. There are 54 panels per group. There are 56 groups, for 3024 panels total. The power is 330 watts per panel, for 17.82 kW per group.

2021-08-15 LCOEs + Forecasts For 2030, 2040

Renewables are lower than fossil fuels. Study by Fraunhofer in Germany which has less sunlight.

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2021-08-07 Electricity Generated By State

Article graphs EIA reports on electricity generated by state. “Small scale solar” is supposed to include rooftop solar. California comes out far ahead with solar. Texas is far ahead with wind. What must be done is get those many lagging states to convert away from coal and to renewables. Some states have very little wind

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