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2021-10-11 Calif Bans Small Off Road Engines 2024

Governor Newsom signed a bill that directs state to ban sale of small off-road engines like lawnmowers, leaf blowers, generators and edgers. They pollute a lot, and have no smog controls.

2021-09-29 YouTube Bans Antivaxxers

YouTube made the national news today; they banned the ‘Disinformation Dozen’ antivaxxers that were still using YouTube to spread antivax disinformation. Two antivaxxers were still on YouTube but YouTube is looking into their channels; they use their channels to link to their own disinformation websites. The only way we will end this pandemic is

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2021-09-22 Alternative Fuels Data Center, DoE

Nationwide average

2021-09-22 Lentil Sloppy Joes – WFPB

Quote: << Dave West (said) I do know other “vegans” who consume fake meats and processed vegan foods who also seem to be hurt by “healthy” foods. All folks would do far better with a balance of vegetables, legumes, whole grains, and a few nuts. Far from being “nuts”, the whole food, plant based (WFPB)

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2021-09-22 Most Farmland Used To Feed Livestock quote: << There is also a highly unequal distribution of land use between livestock and crops for human consumption. If we combine pastures used for grazing with land used to grow crops for animal feed, livestock accounts for 77% of global farming land. While livestock takes up most of the world’s agricultural land it

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2021-09-21 Sugar, Coffee Yields Cut By Climate Change

Sugar and coffee yields were slashed by climate change, report warns. I’m glad I don’t drink coffee.

2021-09-13 Trump And National Debt

<< Economists agree that we needed massive deficit spending during the COVID-19 crisis to ward off an economic cataclysm, but federal finances under Trump had become dire even before the pandemic. >>

2021-09-03 FTC Adopts Right To Repair, Etc.

FTC formally adopts Right To Repair platform. This applies to electronics, not just tractors.

2021-08-27 Mayor ++ Gets Court To Stop Texas Anti-mask Mandate

The mayor of San Antonio and others have taken Gov. Abbot to court and received a decision that blocks the governor’s anti-mask mandate order. After the mandate went into effect some school districts went ahead and made masks mandatory and the governor threatened to take them to court. That goes against common sense – masks

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2021-08-22 Affordable Housing For Millenials

My comment to a Vox video I’m a boomer and I faced the same problem for forty years. This is nothing new. Here a few miles from Disneyland the housing prices rose faster than a single income wage earner could get a better job, and that was the way it was since the 1970s. So

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