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2024-02-16 Climate Scientist’s Victory Against Climate Deniers

Michael Mann’s lawsuit victory over a million dollars in damages.

2024-02-13 Tesla To Build Largest 164 Stall Supercharging Station In California

That’s a lot of stalls! I also made a few calculations.  The canopies at GF Texas have 9 by 4 = 36 solar panels.  Assume each panel puts out 350 Watts. 350 * 36 = 12.6 kW. Each canopy covers 4 stalls, so 164 stalls divided by 4 = 41 canopies. 12.6 kW * 41

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2024-02-12 Catalytic Converter For Smokeless Fire Wood Stove

This is really interesting.  A catalytic converter for a wood stove.  1 min. YouTube video.

2024-02-07 Myth: EVs will Crash The Grid – Rosie 1 Min. Short

Rosie Barnes  *debunks* the myth that Electric Vehicles will crash the grid – she shows that EVs will charge during the daytime and power the grid during the dark.  1 min. YouTube video.

2024-02-05 1960s IT Guy Predicts The Future

He got almost all of it right.  But at that time  no one knew how portable they would become.  No one knew how many more things they would be and do – telephone, camera, audio and video recorders, run hundreds of applications such as the browsers that access the Worldwide Web.   Email, messaging, clock, calendar

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2024-02-04 Top 5 EV Myths Reviewed By Rosie Barnes

2024-02-01 Domestic Wood Burners Have Deadly Impacts

This is similar to smoking tobacco products and the second hand smoke from them. There are the same byproducts of burning tobacco when burning wood. Heterocyclic amines and benzopyrene are two. Information about benzopyrene

2024-02-01 Extraction Of Raw Materials To Rise By 60% By 2060, Says UN Report

The article said that the growth in extraction of raw materials is 400% greater since 1970. It is responsible for 60% of global heating impacts, 40% of air pollution impacts, among other things. The world must cut back on demand, not just extract green raw materials. What they seem to be ignoring is that as

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2024-01-22 Largest US Solar-Storage Project Goes Online

It’s 875 MW solar and 3 GWh of energy storage. The 4600 acre site with nearly 2 million solar panels is not far from Edwards AFB, California. Largest US solar-storage project goes online

2024-01-19 Tyson: More Molecules In A Cup Of Water Than Cups Of Water In All The Oceans Of The World.

Dr. Tyson says, “There are more Molecules in a cup of water than there are cups of water in all the oceans of the world.” Furthermore you’re probably drinking molecules that passed through the kidneys of Jesus.

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