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2023-09-26 EVs Exceed 30% in 4 California Counties

Where I live, in Orange County, California, I see a lot of EVs, mostly Teslas, on the roads and in parking lots. I would guesstimate by the amount I see and by the map that it’s 25% or more. Which makes me very happy because the EVs are helping to save us from death and

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2023-09-21 The EV Revolution In 5 Charts – Rocky Mountain Institute

A brief synopsis of the report by the RMI, using five charts. Link to report at end. The EIA and other researchers have typically underestimated the change; like the graphs show, their graphs are more like straight line when they should be more like the exponential curves shown. The EV Revolution in 5 Charts

2023-09-20 From 1910 to 1930 We Went From Horses to Automobiles

It’s mandatory that the world stops using gas guzzling fossil fueled vehicles and convert to EVs. Immediately!

2023-09-19 How Area Codes Were First Assigned By Telcos – Dr. Tyson

Well, Dr. Tyson got a few things not quite right. For one, he said that the area code numbers were chosen so that the most *people* would have do dial the least amount of digits. Well, that was just a side benefit. The central office equipment can’t have a dialer for every telephone, so they

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2023-09-16 Dr. Tyson On Student Debt

Some small amount of debt might be acceptable, such as credit cards. But the student debt os far too onerous and is outright economic slavery. So I don’t agree fully.

2023-09-13 EV charging Uses Less kWh Than Water Heating In Homes

Less than Air conditioning and less than heating. EV Charging Consumed Less Energy Than Water Heating In A Typical US Household In 2020

2023-08-31 Corporations Have No Pretense Of Democracy.

It’s true: corporations have no pretense of democracy. This may not run for you if you’re not on Facebook.

2023-08-29 Study Calculates The Carbon Emissions Of Getting Rich

This PBS Newshour article explains what the effect is of the wealthy on carbon emissions.

2023-08-25 Electric Vehicle Lies – EPA Authoritative Source

There are so many LIARs out there who propagate the myths that EVs are worse than gas cars. They are not. This list has several other myths – lies – that it debunks.,Myth%20%232%3A%20Electric%20vehicles%20are%20worse%20for%20the%20climate%20than,even%20when%20accounting%20for%20manufacturing

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2023-08-24 Texas Approves Two Tesla VPPs – Virtual Power Plants

This is exciting! The VPPs are going to make liars out of those badmouthers who say that renewables will never be able to run the grid without fossil fuel power plants. We need many more VPPs! Quote: “”PUCT says that there is already 2.3 GW of capacity from small energy storage devices in Texas and

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