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2021-04-23 The Main Reason Why Everyone Should Be Vaccinated

This 1 minute video tells why it’s everyone’s responsibility to get vaccinated. You may not get sick but by passing it on to someone else you may kill someone. So far millions have gotten sick and died from CoVID19 and the only way we are going to end this pandemic is to either have

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2021-03-24 The New 5G Is Safe

This should not be necessary to continually debunk a myth that should be dead.


2021-03-17 CDC Undoing Damage From Trump Admin.

The junk Trump did to the politics wasn’t as damaging as the damage he did to the Center For Disease Control And Prevention. Trumpsters replaced legitimate scientific data with non-scientific, worthless junk, damaging the CDC’s reputation as a non-partisan source of accurate information. Now the new adminstration is trying to undo the damage that Trumpsters

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2021-03-11 Tony Seba Et.Al. Discuss Decline Of Coal, Conventional Energy

Tony Seba & co-author talk about the decline of coal and conventional energy, the incorrect predictions of the EIA, and how much cheaper renewables plus storage are and will be. Quotes: << …the costs of solar, wind plus storage will fall by another 70% by 2030. What natural gas did to coal in the 2010s,

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2021-03-02 Service Providers Have 100 Mb/s Or More??

From my comment All you subscribers who think you’re getting over 100 Mb/s on your service — all are getting fooled. You may be getting more than 100 Mb from your home to the nearest concentration point. But as soon as your bitstream has to compete with many others then you can’t get your full

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2021-02-25 Cal. Electric Customers Getting Screwed

This new TOU (time of use) charges per kWh are costing us more, but also we’re having to pay for things that were not our fault but the fault of SCE, PG&E and SDG&E.

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2021-02-25 My HOA Won’t Allow Me To Go Solar

The fossil fuels industry has spread many false “facts” in order to stop homeowners from getting solar systems. This article gives several of them and why homeowners can get solar and save money on their electric bill. These states prevent HOAs from banning solar. 5) “My HOA won’t allow me to go solar.” In

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2021-02-24 Meat Calories In, Calories Out; Food Wasted

Gates, p.115 A chicken has to eat two calories worth of grain to give one calorie of poultry. A pig eats three times as many calories as we vet when we eat it. Cows have the highest ratio: 6 calories of feed for every calorie of beef. The wealthier the people of the world get,

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2021-02-23 Plastic Waste To Engine Fuel

This guy lives on an island in Nicaragua and gathers plastic waste on the beach. He puts the plastic into a metal tank that is sealed, and builds a fire under it. The plastic pyrolyzes and the fumes are piped through a few condensers where the liquids are drawn off. Some liquids are like diesel

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2021-02-19 Global Carbon Project:: Information

Infographics etc.

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