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2022-06-01 Solar V. Wind In Tropical Africa

There are 2 problems with solar in the tropic zone. One is that there are a lot of very green trees that block the sunlight year round, and would have to be cut down to make room for the solar panels. Solar panels could be located in areas where there are no trees. But there

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2022-05-11 Pakistan, India 120 Deg C Heatwave News

India heatwave caused by climate change. When the temperature is 37 deg. C or 100 deg. F, and the humidity is very high, the body cannot cool itself by evaporation and cannot regulate its temperature, which causes heat exhaustion, heat stroke and hyperthermia and the person will die.

2022-03-27 Conger Ice Shelf Broken Free

Something about “The size of Los Angeles”!!

2022-03-22 UN Chief: 1.5 Deg C Limit ‘On Life Support’

2022-03-22 UN Secretary General says “The 1.5 Deg C Limit is On Life Support” Quote: << The most ambitious goal of the treaty was to keep further global warming below 1.5 degrees Celsius. Surpassing that threshold, climate scientists say, would lead to irreversible damage to the planet and humanity with an array of disasters: sea-level

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2022-03-13 Submersing Modular Raft For Floating Solar

This submersible modular raft for floating photovoltaics reduces the damage that could be caused by storms and harsh weather. R and D by a Dutch consortium.

2022-02-25 Drought: Calif Farmers Get No Water

The megadrought in California’s Central Valley has left no water to be allocated.

2022-02-16 Western US Megadrought Worst In 1200 Years

The 22 year long Megadrought that has been plaguing the western US is the worst in 1200 years. It has been made much worse by climate change. << Human-caused climate change is responsible for about 42% of the soil moisture deficit since 2000, according to the study. >> US drought monitor:

2022-02-05 Global Warming Is Even Worse Than You Believe

This is very bad, indeed. More critical climate tipping points will be crossed in the next 3 to 9 years. We must act now! << Because we went over the [386 ppm CO2] climate cliff in 2015, and an average global temperature increase of 1.5 C also triggers runaway global warming, we now have to

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2021-07-08 Canadian Heat Exceeds Worst Case Climate Models

The high temperatures in the north have exceeded the worst case climate models. Perhaps this will convince a lot more climate change deniers that climate change is really real. All we need is to have the high heat melt all the ice up north and cause a bunch of coastal cities to become flooded by

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2021-06-20 Jet Contrails And Climate Change

The Scientists say the contrails from jet engines cause the sky to reflect sunlight out into space, thereby changing the climate. When we replace many of the jets with electric engines, will that stop the contrails and make a difference? This article gives more information. Quote: << “The temperature increases related to global warming could

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