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2023-06-29 Racial Quotas In Education Admissions

I thought about this in the past, and it made sense to me that when there are inequalities in a system affecting human rights, the system should be able to make modifications to reduce the inequalities. For instance, if the percentage of a race is over- or underrepresented in the higher education system, then it’s

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2023-06-29 Less Than 99% Grid Availability: Utilities Must Change To Residential BESSes

This is my comment to this article. What the utilities failed to consider is the extremes in the variability of renewables. The utilities are unwilling to build a sizeable reserve into the system. They refuse to overbuild by a factor of 3 to 6 times, so that the valleys in the supply will be

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2023-06-27 SCOTUS Moore v Harper Elections Decision

SCOTUS voted 6-3 to reject the “independent state legislature” theory that argued state legislatures can set election rules with little oversight from state courts. Apparently the “legal theory” that the appelants wanted was so extreme that even 3 conservative justices including Roberts voted against it. Quote from Vox article: “”Moore involved the awkwardly named “independent

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2023-06-27 The Reasons Behind The Chip Shortage (Sabine)

Very good video about the chip shortage. There were fires in several plants, natural disasters like the earthquake in Fukushima, and too much dependence on only a few factories. We need to prevent this from happening again.

2023-06-25 Wind Turbine Technologies To Save Birds

This episode of Engineering With Rosie discusses the wind turbine technologies that are being developed and deployed to prevent bird and bat deaths. But wind turbines caused less than 150 thousand deaths in the US; compared the tens of *millions* to hundreds of millions of birds killed by other hazards, or in the case of

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2023-06-24 The Carbs In Fruit and Processed Foods Are Not The Same

This video explains the difference between carbohydrates in whole fruit and in processed fruit juices. Your body digests them differently. Don’t drink fruit juices! Instead, eat whole fruit, like apples.

2023-06-21 Norwegian Math Test 🤣

I’m half Norwegian so the yoke’s on me! 😆🤣😍

2023-06-24 Tesla Cyber Rodeo, 9000 Ton Gigapress, Etc.

This is a short tour of the gigafactory Texas during the Cyber Rodeo public event, 15 thousand visitors. Shows robotic arms on the assembly lines. QR codes in a stripe on the floor to guide the autonomous transporters. A few seconds of Arc Attack’s presentation. Very up close shots of the 9000 long tonne Gigapress.

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2023-06-24 Why Is Water So Remarkable? Tyson

Neil deGrasse Tyson explains why the remarkable change in water at 4 degrees C is why we are alive today. When water gets colder it gets denser, until it reaches 4 degrees C, then it gets less dense as it gets colder until it freezes at 0 degrees C. This causes the ice to float

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2023-06-24 Never Defeat The Fuse! Or Fusible Link

I saw that meme where some clown replaced the 30 amp fuse in his car with a live .22 long rifle cartridge. That was a disaster waiting to happen! This is a true story – mid 1970s. My neighbor bought his wife a new sleek red Trans Am, and really loved how fast it could

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