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2021-09-22 Lentil Sloppy Joes – WFPB

Quote: << Dave West (said) I do know other “vegans” who consume fake meats and processed vegan foods who also seem to be hurt by “healthy” foods. All folks would do far better with a balance of vegetables, legumes, whole grains, and a few nuts. Far from being “nuts”, the whole food, plant based (WFPB)

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2021-09-21 Sugar, Coffee Yields Cut By Climate Change

Sugar and coffee yields were slashed by climate change, report warns. I’m glad I don’t drink coffee.

2021-08-19 New! Robotic Weed Killers, Insect Treaters

I’ve thought about these robots several times over the years because for millenia farmers did this by hand, without the carcinogenic (cancer causing) herbicides and insecticides. Now they have built a robotic weed killer that zaps weeds with a Laser. And another farm robotic machine is powered by a Tesla battery. What makes me elated

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2021-08-19 Vegan Cheese, Water Use

This is about a vegan cheese maker, but has several good links. Main article link: Water Quote: << Everyone has to wake up and realize that it’s not just about selling your widget any more. It’s not just about making a buck any more. You have to decide what side of history you’re

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2021-07-10 Food Made From Captured Carbon

This is something I haven’t read about, a way to capture CO2 and use it and microbes to grow protein. It says we exhale much of the carbon we eat. I started thinking about the possibility of someday we would wear a breathing apparatus that captures the CO2 we exhale and use something, possibly

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2021-06-05 Seba: Disruption In agriculture

Reforestation is arguably the most important thing that the world will have to do to mitigate climate change. Here is how agriculture and livestock will be disrupted to free up the land for reforestation.

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2021-05-08 Methane, Fossil Fuels In Livestock And Dairy Farming

From FB reply I’ve read there is research about feeding seaweed to livestock to reduce methane. The livestock industry has had manure digesters that produce enough power to run the dairy farms, and this is a mature technology. They could also run the farm equipment using compressed methane AKA natural gas. In any case the

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2021-05-06 Tax To Reduce Meat Consumption This Guardian article talks about reducing meat consumption and brings up the subject of taxing meat to reduce consumption. The article says that: << Ministers have shied away from calls for a “carbon tax” on red meat for not entirely illegitimate reasons; taxing food is toughest on low-income households, because they spend proportionately more

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2021-02-24 Meat Calories In, Calories Out; Food Wasted

Gates, p.115 A chicken has to eat two calories worth of grain to give one calorie of poultry. A pig eats three times as many calories as we vet when we eat it. Cows have the highest ratio: 6 calories of feed for every calorie of beef. The wealthier the people of the world get,

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