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2022-01-23 Say Farewell To Your Simple Pleasures

The coffee may become more expensive and more difficult to obtain. But everyone will have to eat less meat, especially beef, and less dairy products. We will have to switch to chicken, which takes less resources to grow. Or just give up meat and eat a plant based diet. Please read these words and enjoy

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2022-01-11 McDonald’s Beef Hamburgers At Odds With Cutting Emissions

Hold the beef! McDonald’s is just one of many fast food chains that need to cut beef consumption. They should replace beef with more sustainable meat like chicken. The article suggests McDonald’s is greenwashing. Quote: << In recent years, the company announced big sustainability initiatives but climate experts who reviewed McDonald’s plans and data say

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2022-01-09 List Of What We Do To Mitigate Climate Change

We – everyone – should be required to have a personal list that enumerates what we are doing to mitigate climate change. Am I setting the thermostat to warmer in summer and cooler in winter? Are we driving less to reduce fossil fuels consumption? Are we reducing consumption of beef? And all the other things

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2021-12-29 Should You Resolve To Go Green?

Should your New Year’s resolution be to go green? You don’t need to subscribe to read this New Scientist article, just make a resolution to do one thing: for just one day a week, eat no meat. Simple, and easy to do. See the link at the bottom for why this is so important. If

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2021-11-20 Licorice, Medicines And Health Effects

FDA says you can overdose on licorice More: There can be health issues from eating licorice in large quantities. Quote: << Glycyrrhizin has the distinct licorice flavor and is 50 times sweeter than sugar and has been used in other types of candy, soft drinks, tea, Belgian beers, throat lozenges and tobacco. This

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2021-11-10 Doubt Is Their Product: Bladder Cancer

BNA & bladder cancer p.19- << In the summer of 1979 I ran the program at the Montefiore Medical Center/ Albert Einstein College of Medicine in the Bronx that introduced medical students to occupational medicine. As part of that curriculum, we placed the first-year students with the International Chemical Workers Union, which represented workers at

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2021-11-09 Treat Beef Like Coal To Reduce GHGs

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2021-10-24 Intell: Climate Change Bring Global Tension

Climate Change will bring global tension, US intelligence report says.

2021-10-18 Beef Needs 43% Of Land

The raising of beef takes 43% of the land but contributes only 3% of the calories.

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2021-10-09 Meat Industry Climate Washing

Investigation: The meat industry is using the same techniques that the tobacco industry used to fool the consumer – climate washing.

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