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2023-11-15 HYDROGEN – You Wouldn’t Be Alive Without It!

I constantly see the armchair BEV (battery electric vehicle) ‘experts’ badmouth hydrogen FCEVs. The hydrogen is 3X less efficient than BEVs, they claim. But the ICEVs (internal combustion engine vehicles) they’re now driving are less efficient than the hydrogen FCEVs! So why are these hypocrites complaining? Hydrogen has been *safely* generated, stored and transported in

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2023-11-07 Total Mammal Biomass On Earth

The graph looks like humans and livestock make up most of the mammal biomass on the Earth. Hankschannel on YouTube – short video

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2023-10-25 US Subsidies For Meat, Etc.

A quick Google search for “US meat subsidies” turned up this:$38B/year in meat and dairy subsidies, $17M/year for fruits and vegetables. —————————- Direct corn ethanol subsidies are lower, around $100M. But indirectly, the renewable portfolio standard forces fuel companies to subsidize ethanol by mandating it. Perennial grass ethanol has not advanced as

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2023-10-20 Ammonia From Farms Behind 60% Of UK PM2.5 Air Pollution – Study

Ammonia from farms, along with NOx, make up 40% of PM2.5 air pollution in other developed countries. The people should cut back on meat and dairy consumption – eat meat once a week.

2023-10-12 Haber Process – Making Ammonia Is Very Energy Intensive

Those who are concerned about the use of fossil fuels are typically concerned about transportation and fossil fuels use in homes and industries. But they tend to ignore the fact that humans use a large amount of fossil fuels to make fertilizer to grow food. Without fertilizer there would be global starvation. Along with other

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2023-09-28 40 Stall Charging Station Coming To Santa Ana!

OMG! I used to work down the road and we used to go to lunch at that buffet/all-you-can-eat restaurant! It’s been closed since the pandemic. So it’s good to see that there’s going to be something in there soon. McDonald’s is across the street, and a lot of other restaurants nearby. It’s on 17th St.

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2023-09-15 Weed Zapping Autonomous Robot Vehicles

No more herbicides – weed killing chemicals!

2023-08-05 Population Collapse V. Climate Change – Musk

Elon Musk says population collapse is a bigger threat than climate change. Is he right? This is a very good article on a number of different aspects of population change. It gives a lot of good statistics. Also makes aware that that the population isn’t as all important as the resource utilization. The Western world,

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2023-06-24 The Carbs In Fruit and Processed Foods Are Not The Same

This video explains the difference between carbohydrates in whole fruit and in processed fruit juices. Your body digests them differently. Don’t drink fruit juices! Instead, eat whole fruit, like apples.

2022-07-18 Investing In Plant-based Alternatives Cuts Climate Emissions

I have warned people that they are going to have to give up eating so much meat; it’s critical to cutting GHGs. 😥

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