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2019-04-18 We Take A Risk Every Time We Touch A Wire

from FB group Bell Telephone of… Apr 21 Jim Engle One time I was connecting up a POTS modem line and I was getting the crossconnect wire into the 66 block ready to punch them down. BRZZAP! I got zapped by the AC! Some idjit plugged a three prong plug into a 2 prong ungrounded

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2019-01-17 Power Outlets Made From Electric Outlets

From FB comment to Bill Sherman’s post Bill Sherman The cable jacket may be too big diameter to fit into the clamp. But you might consider the special 20 amp plug, the one they put on the power strips that are used in the server racks. I forget what they’re called, but we specified those

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2018-10-16 Major Power Outages In Neighborhood

from FB group Orange Talk Oct 16 Melissa McQuary Moser I grew up in a neighborhood that used ‘antiquated equipment’ and we didn’t have these long term outages. I’ve lived in Orange for decades close to Edison’s main station on Tustin and Taft, and our neighborhood had major outages lasting for hours. We remember the

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2018-08-01 Almost Electrocuted by HV

From FB group Bell Telephone… Aug 1 We got to move into our new computer center bldg in ’96, and the old bldg was being demolished. Two guys were jack hammering in a ditch when I drove by going to another site. When I came back later, they were gone but all the equipment was

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2018-07-18 Storage Batteries For Renewable Energy Systems

Reply left on comments for a YouTube Ted talk by Sadoway on molten magnesium – molten salt – molten antimony storage battery David Tiessen Long ago I calculated that the number of solar panels to populate such a large area would be in the billions. But saying it would have to be the size of

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2016-07-26 Surge Protectors

I have read about, discussed and experienced how surge protectors work and don’t work, and have written about it before, but Ill try again to explain. Ripoff The most egregious thing surge protectors do is take your money. One of the highest, if not the highest profit margin devices in your home is a surge

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