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2022-05-11 Wind Turbines Can Stabilize The Grid

NREL and GE develop the system.

2022-05-02 Most Of California Generation Is Renewables

I don’t know what happened, but used to be the California independent system operator website. You could go there and see how many megawatts total and of renewables were being generated in real time. Then I started getting error messages like there was a problem! I checked a few times a month and renewables

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2022-04-20 Are You Paying For A Worthless Gas Plant?

Every consumer should understand this very important article about the economic reality of building a gas fired power plant. The term Stranded Asset should be explained. The electric power producers are not making decisions that are in the best interests of their customers and shareholders. The banks should be required to finance new fossil fuel

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2022-04-14 Calif. Needs Massive Buildout Of Battery Storage And Hydrogen

San Diego Gas & Electric talk about electrification, which I assume means changing from natural gas to electricity. They base their predictions on needing more renewables plus storage and green hydrogen. They haven’t taken into account that by 2045, sea level rise may force hundreds of thousands of people to have to relocate further inland.

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2022-04-09 Electricity Sector In India

India is the third largest, after China and the US.

2022-04-05 Myth: EVs Will Overload The Grid

It is*not* true that EVs will “cause the lights to go out” because the grid can’t handle the load. People totally forget that reducing fossil fuels means a lot less power will be used to extract, transport, refine, store, distribute and sell fossil fuels. So much of the EV power use will be recovered from

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2022-03-29 Storage Record Setting End In 2021

Storage set a record setting end in 2021. Aerial photo of BESS at Johanna substation in Santa Ana. Another video stated battery manufacturing will reach a 5-fold growth by 2030.

2022-03-26 Legislation Intro’d Renewables ‘Superhighway’

This CHARGE act legislation is to build a renewable energy ‘superhighway’. According to this, the existing electric infrastructure is old and antiquated and needs to be upgraded. It seems that if the existing system is working adequately then it’s not that bad. The renewables could be connected to the existing generators at their locations and

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2022-03-05 California Solar Rights Act Protects Homeowners Also SASH

Laws prohibiting HOAs, etc. from restricting homeowners from installing solar equipment. Also other rights such as penalties for HOAs. Also see California Single-family Affordable Solar Housing – SASH Program

2022-03-02 Distributed Energy Resources Management System – DERMS

Distributed energy resources management system or DERMS can save the world.

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