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2021-07-17 Wiring A House With Low Voltage Wiring

David Schamus Said, “A whole house low voltage system … could easily reduce the amount of 120/240 wiring in a home and reduce fire risk…” Tradeoffs are the major problem. The cost of half inch diameter copper wire to wire a home with 12V would be prohibitively expensive; and 5V would be 2.5 times more

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2021-07-09 Resilient Grid Proposed For Surging Power Demand

This article is about the proposal to build distribution and transmission infrastructure to allow renewables to get to the consumers. But it’s obvious that the electric utilities are promoting this because the utilities are afraid that rooftop solar will take away the utilities’ control of where the electricity comes from. The rooftop solar plus battery

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2021-06-04 EVs Will Require More Power Plants Debunked

My reply to FB comment. Jeffery D. Elliott Said, “… the demand for electricity [for charging] will require more power plants and that will drive the cost up. You don’t hear much about that.” The reason why you don’t ‘hear much about that’ is because it’s *not true*. The amount of power wasted by the

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2021-05-21 Green Hydrogen And 100% Renewables Plus Storage

The halting of climate change requires that fossil fuels be replaced; the CO2 must be stopped from entering the atmosphere. The consensus is to build wind and solar farms to generate electricity instead of using fossil fuels. Since renewables are intermittent, there must be some way to store and supply electricity when renewables are not

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2021-03-08 Billions And Billions of kWh and Money??

I went here to see what the EIA says about this BS and the figures he gave look totally fake.,0,1&fuel=vtvv&geo=g&sec=g&linechart=ELEC.GEN.ALL-US-99.M~ELEC.GEN.COW-US-99.M~ELEC.GEN.NG-US-99.M~ELEC.GEN.NUC-US-99.M~ELEC.GEN.HYC-US-99.M~ELEC.GEN.WND-US-99.M~ELEC.GEN.TSN-US-99.M&columnchart=ELEC.GEN.ALL-US-99.M~ELEC.GEN.COW-US-99.M~ELEC.GEN.NG-US-99.M~ELEC.GEN.NUC-US-99.M~ELEC.GEN.HYC-US-99.M~ELEC.GEN.WND-US-99.M&map=ELEC.GEN.ALL-US-99.M&freq=M&start=200101&end=202012&chartindexed=0&ctype=linechart&ltype=pin&rtype=s&pin=&rse=0&maptype=0 I got this from a comment in << motofunk ยท 5 hours ago It’s a huge change coming. To replace the 6,630,136,986 kWh’s the US generates daily from fossil fuels we will need

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2021-03-07 Micro Hydro Systems With No Dams

Comment from Just Have A Think #142 – 2021-03-07 I have to remind Dave that these microhydro systems do have downsides. The 24/7 requirement is getting more difficult because large hydro projects upstream can make the river highly variable, and rivers often slow to a trickle or dry up after the spring rains / snow

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2021-02-28 3 kW Solar + LiFe Battery For Under $3000

This is the kind of setup I would like to have. I would use it to run my heat pump / air conditioner and maybe a few other things like the microwave oven. And it would be used for charging my EV when it’s at home. The two solar PV panels are 800 watts total.

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2021-02-25 Cal. Electric Customers Getting Screwed

This new TOU (time of use) charges per kWh are costing us more, but also we’re having to pay for things that were not our fault but the fault of SCE, PG&E and SDG&E.

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2021-02-18 Q: Is 100% solar wind and batteries (or storage) possible by 2030?

Q: “Is 100% solar wind and batteries (or storage) possible by 2030?” A: Not possible if left to the IOUs (investor owned utilities). They are regulated and if left to their own choices they will do exactly what they did in Texas — they will do the minimum necessary to maximize profits while charging the

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2021-01-27 Report On Monopolized Energy Sector

A few big corporations are monopolizing the energy sector, and causing the US to lag behind when it comes to clean renewables, and maximizing profits at the expense of the consumer.

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