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2020-09-28 Tesla, Sonnen, And Other Home Battery Systems

Matt Ferrell has the text to his YouTube video about the Tesla Powerwall, Sonnen, etc. and a link to the video. The Tesla Powerwall and others cost about $10,000 installed. The systems may allow you to run your home from the battery when there is a power outage on the grid. Solar PV panels will

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2020-09-26 Power-to-X Technology

Power-to-X technology explained. Electricity storage concepts. Power-to-hydrogen is one example. Grid-dedicated battery storage is not normally considered a power-to-X concept.

2020-09-25 Anaheim Will Get Electric Buses

The electric vehicle revolution is already happening. Hopefully it will occur much quicker that 2035, which is when Gov. Newsom has signed a law mandating all new vehicles sold must be zero polluting. The only problem is people are avoiding mass transit systems because of CoVID19. I’ve read that ridership is down. That should change

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2020-09-16 Aug 14 & 15 Rolling Blackouts, etc.

It was obvious why there were rolling blackouts during the heat wave we had in mid-August. There was a huge high pressure dome over the western states and demand in the other states took away from the normal amounts of power that California imports from other states. Much of the imported power comes from Palo

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2020-09-04 Power Outages Caused By Misoperations

This graph is for thevwestern US, I think it said 80 million population. The Misoperations is explained in the text. I noticed that most of the problems seem to be with microprocessors. That must mean there are bugs in the systems. Maybe hardware? Or if the hardware is redundant, then probably software?

2020-09-03 Distributed Generation And Islanding

There is a lot of concern for safety when DGs (distributed generators) are connected to the power grid. The grid operators must ensure that none of the DGs feed back into the grid when the grid generator is not operating. They go through several scenarios in this article. From what I see the DG

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2020-08-20 Biggest Battery In US

Bigger than Hornsdale. Is this really so disruptive of the baseload paradigm that it’s dynamite in disguise? ***************************** Maybe a little BS? 😂👍

2020-08-03 Wireless Power Transmission In NZ

2020-08-03 article says it uses the industrial, scientific, medical frequencies. Tesla Redux! << NZ to trial world-first commercial long-range, wireless power transmission >>

2020-07-24 Hydrogen Electrolyzers Planned For Europe

From << Even green hydrogen, which is in its infancy today, could overtake new hydro capacity in Europe over the coming decade. This month, the European Union set a target of 40 gigawatts of electrolyzer capacity by 2030, up from 250 megawatts today. >> [The US should be planning at least that much.] <<

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2020-07-11 DIY Off Grid Solar System

This is a YouTube video. This guy did a very good job of building an off-grid solar system. It’s transportable, uses four 100 watt panels, two 12V AGM batteries in parallel, can supply 120VAC pure sine wave at 2000 watts and costs under $1,900. This is an excellent video with plenty of details. He calls

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