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2024-04-07 Esbjerg Changes To Heat Pump City Heating System

The city of Esbjerg, Denmark is replacing its coal fired city heating system with an amazing giant heat pump, biomass boilers and waste burning boilers.  The refrigerant is CO2.  Read the description. This is a long 43 minutes but is very comprehensive and interesting.  The cost is about 40 million Euros. 

2024-02-16 Climate Scientist’s Victory Against Climate Deniers

Michael Mann’s lawsuit victory over a million dollars in damages.

2024-01-19 Tyson: More Molecules In A Cup Of Water Than Cups Of Water In All The Oceans Of The World.

Dr. Tyson says, “There are more Molecules in a cup of water than there are cups of water in all the oceans of the world.” Furthermore you’re probably drinking molecules that passed through the kidneys of Jesus.

2023-11-23 IEA: Large Amounts Of Carbon Capture As A Solution Is An Illusion

This article starts off with (quote) “”The oil and gas industry is banking on carbon capture as its “fix” for climate change. The IEA’s new report dispels that idea and offers real solutions.”” It’s much more than that. “The oil and gas industry is banking on carbon capture” as a magic wand that they can

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2023-11-20 Will HVDC Across Oceans Be The Future?

Engineering with Rosie Barnes explains HVDC and underground and undersea cables. Including the Xlink from Morocco to the UK, Basslink Tasmania to Australia, and the longest, Australia to Singapore. She believes that all the continents will be linked. Says there are plans for undersea HVDC cables between the UK and Newfoundland. It’s a 13.5 min

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2023-11-01 CO2 Must Be Delicately Balanced For Sea Shells To Form – Extremely Important!

This is an experiment where he puts dry ice, frozen CO2, carbon dioxide into water that has a lot of calcium ions in it. At first the dry ice causes the water to turn milky, as the CO2 combines to form calcium carbonate. Calcium carbonate is the compound found in sea shells. The sea creatures

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2023-10-26 6 Of 9 Planetary Boundaries Have Been Breached

This chart shows the 9 Planetary Boundaries and how they have been breached. Some don’t look that alarming but *anything* past the green is bad. The Novel Entities is especially troubling.

2023-07-21 Hornsea Wind Farm Builds Bird Nests For Kittiwakes

It’s a part of the ecological agreement for building the wind farms. In an industry first, artificial ‘bird nests’ have been built near an offshore wind farm

2023-06-18 Antarctic Sea Ice Retreating

This 13 minute Interview of Sir David King, explaining what *has* happened. He said that when the Greenland Ice Cap melts, the global sea level will rise seven meters (23 feet), which will dramatically change the coastlines of countries. In other words the seas will flood the cities along the coasts.

2022-06-06 “Ocean Anoxia”, Future Hothouse Earth

This ocean anoxia is a new hazard.

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