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2022-01-11 Accumulated Heat In Upper Oceans Is At Record Levels

Quote: << Ocean heat content is one of the best indicators of climate change.” said John Abraham, Professor of University of St. Thomas. During La Niña, the ocean actually takes up but buries extra heat below the surface. “With model experiments, our study shows that the pattern of ocean warming is a result of human-related

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2022-01-05 What Sea Level Rise Will Do To Cities

If the ice melts, the damage will be severe.

2021-12-27 OMG! China To Install 1200GW Solar & Wind By 2026!!

OMG! China is expected to install 1200 GW of solar and wind by 2026! To give you an idea of how huge an amount that is, the total electric generation for the United States is about 1200 GW! That is an enormous amount! Quote from article: << China is expected to install 1,200 GW of

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2021-11-04 Rising Sea Threatens Tribal Lands

On the Olympic Peninsula in Washington Rising ocean waters threaten tribal lands 3 min video.

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