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2022-06-06 “Ocean Anoxia”, Future Hothouse Earth

This ocean anoxia is a new hazard.

2022-05-31 Farmer: Warming Is Killing Fish

New Zealand salmon farmer – salmon are dying due to warmer water.

2022-05-19 Fluorine-based Desalination Membrane

Researchers say it’s more efficient than the standard reverse osmosis desal system. Fast, efficient fluorine-based desalination membrane to purify saltwater

2022-04-08 Stop Complaining About Wind Turbine Blades!

From FB group It’s not fair and unacceptable to blame wind turbine blades for being a landfill problem. Only 10 to 12% of the total plastic in landfills is due to wind turbine blades. Stop complaining about what’s in the landfills and complain about the plastic waste that’s turning the oceans into trash dumps and

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2022-04-03 Methane Hydrate Could Kill Everything

Let us hope and pray that this doesn’t happen. It’s OMNICIDE – it could kill most life on Earth. Quote: << Suman Rao Post from a friend who is knowledgeable and is deeply concerned about the fate of humanity. ESAS is the East Siberian Arctic Shelf, where Dr. Natalia Shakhova and her teams quantified 1400GTs

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2022-03-27 Conger Ice Shelf Broken Free

Something about “The size of Los Angeles”!!

2022-02-18 NOAA: Sea Level Rising 1 Foot By 2050

The NOAA Report says the sea level may rise up to a foot or more by 2050. This will cause serious flooding in many areas. Populations will have to relocate to higher ground. << …NASA administrator Bill Nelson, who says, “Sea levels are continuing to rise at an alarming rate, endangering communities around the world.

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2022-01-11 Accumulated Heat In Upper Oceans Is At Record Levels

Quote: << Ocean heat content is one of the best indicators of climate change.” said John Abraham, Professor of University of St. Thomas. During La Niña, the ocean actually takes up but buries extra heat below the surface. “With model experiments, our study shows that the pattern of ocean warming is a result of human-related

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2022-01-05 What Sea Level Rise Will Do To Cities

If the ice melts, the damage will be severe.

2021-12-27 OMG! China To Install 1200GW Solar & Wind By 2026!!

OMG! China is expected to install 1200 GW of solar and wind by 2026! To give you an idea of how huge an amount that is, the total electric generation for the United States is about 1200 GW! That is an enormous amount! Quote from article: << China is expected to install 1,200 GW of

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