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2021-10-16 Flexfuel Ethanol Is Not Green!

Long ago the federal government made a really foolish mistake: they passed the Flexfuel law. This was supposed to give us fossil fuel independence. But for every gallon of ethanol made it has required a gallon or more of fossil fuels to make it and get it into our gasoline. Dumb!!

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2021-10-15 Blame For Port Shortage Put On California Laws

This post puts the blame for the bottlenecks at the ports of Los Angeles and Long Beach on laws that California has passed. Quote: << John Smith 2d. This is copy pasta. The NEWS says the California port situation is caused by a driver shortage. Not so fast: It is in part caused by a

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2021-10-14 Attack On Texas Abortion Law A Threat – GOP

The headlines read:: << GOP-Led States Call U.S. Attack on Texas Abortion Law a Threat The states say the federal government needs to be reined in. >> I’m not sure if this is sensationalism or if there really are leaders in GOP-led states who are making these claims. In 1973 the Supreme Court struck down

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2021-10-11 Calif Bans Small Off Road Engines 2024

Governor Newsom signed a bill that directs state to ban sale of small off-road engines like lawnmowers, leaf blowers, generators and edgers. They pollute a lot, and have no smog controls.

Texas Anti-abortion Law Is Suspended

A judge ordered the Texas Anti-abortion law suspended.

2021-10-07 Trump Pressured DoJ To Overturn Election

Newsmedia are saying that Trump put pressure in the Dept of Justice to overturn the elections. It’s from today’s Senate Judiciary report “Subverting Justice” “How the former president and his allies pressured the DoJ to overturn the 2020 election”

2021-10-01 Trump Lost Arizona; How To Spot A Cult

From FB Doug Schiavi Oh Mark LOL, Donald Trump and his attorneys have tried to take all types of fraud case to court 64 times and every single one of them was dismissed for lack of evidence, standing, or basis. Many of the judges that made this determination. were appointed by Donald Trump himself. After

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2021-09-24 Cal Makes Zero Emission Autonomous Vehicles Mandatory By 2030

California makes zero emission autonomous vehicles mandatory by 2030. Signed into law today.

2021-09-24 NSA Lawsuit Dismissed: State Secrets

Wikipedia and the ACLU sued after snowden revealed how the NSA spies on telephone conversations. They may appeal.

2021-09-22 Alternative Fuels Data Center, DoE

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