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2024-02-19 BTC Scorns Trump – Really Damning!

Brian Tyler Cohen says, “Do you really trust someone who is not legally allowed to operate a business in New York to be able to run the entire country””

2024-02-18 Myth: What Goes Up Must Come Down

Dr. Tyson tells us:  The escape velocity of Earth is 7 miles per second.  One minute YouTube short.

2024-02-16 Climate Scientist’s Victory Against Climate Deniers

Michael Mann’s lawsuit victory over a million dollars in damages.

2024-02-15 A Legal Loophole Allows Gas Leaks To Keep On Flowing

It’s very sad.

2024-02-10 China Says Wind, Solar Are About 40% Of Installed Power Generation

The 15 MW onshore wind turbine’s blades are the least of this news.  The following is the big part of this story.  Quote: “”The China Electricity Council said in its latest annual report that wind and solar would make up around 40% of the country’s installed power generation capacity by the end of 2024 –

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2024-02-01 Extraction Of Raw Materials To Rise By 60% By 2060, Says UN Report

The article said that the growth in extraction of raw materials is 400% greater since 1970. It is responsible for 60% of global heating impacts, 40% of air pollution impacts, among other things. The world must cut back on demand, not just extract green raw materials. What they seem to be ignoring is that as

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2024-01-30 Trump’s Fake Rally

Typical Trump BS. YouTube short.

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2024-01-28 BTC: Trump Is Human Grenade With No Pin!

Brian Tyler Cohen (‘No Lie’ YouTube channel) calls Donald Trump a human grenade with no pin and is amazed because he didn’t “lash out like a raving lunatic” at E. Jean Carroll after the $83 million judgment against him after her defamation trial. BTC also said the judge and jury “didn’t care about Trump’s rantings

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2024-01-27 Climate Sensitivity = 5+ deg. Dire Predictions, Worse Than Before

Sabine H gives us a rant about climate change. Some models give a climate sensitivity of 5 or more degrees C, meaning that we have much less time to get to net zero. If we don’t then parts of the Earth will become uninhabitable even sooner than predicted. This may lead to widespread crop failures,

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2024-01-26 Convicts Navarro, Bannon Get To Stay Out Of Prison While Appealing; Trump *Will Be* Convicted

The Legal Breakdown with BTC and Glenn Kirschner talks about convicted Peter Navarro And Bannon being allowed to stay out of prison pending appeals. Kirschner states unequivocally that Trump will be convicted.

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