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2023-09-25 Redflow Projects In California

Also it says “”California has a target of 45-55 GW of installed long duration storage by 2045.”” “”The C[alifornia]E[nergy]C[ommission] is actively backing four long duration battery companies, with Redflow being one. The others are UK company Invinity, US-listed EOS, and Form Energy, which has an iron-air battery.”” Redflow lands biggest project for flow battery technology,

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2023-09-16 Liquid H2 Pump Tested, Reliable

Wow! 90 Megapascals is 888 atmospheres or 13,000 PSI. And this pump puts out 160 kilograms of LH2 per hour. That’s a lot of liquid hydrogen! This is in Livermore, California. FirstElement Fuel and MHI Complete the Reliability Testing of Liquid Hydrogen Pump 

2023-09-09 How Tesla Can Continue 50% Growth

How Tesla Can Continue 50% Growth & Sell 2.7 Million Vehicles In 2024 I have very little confidence in all of Paul’s predictions or assertions. He failed to address other sources of revenue, the biggest of which is the energy storage segment. He didn’t say anything about the Powerwall sales or the VPP electricity arbitrage.

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2023-09-02 Green Hydrogen Plans For Mediterranean

There apparently are millions of armchair experts who badmouth about all the dangers and impossibilities of making, storing and transporting hydrogen. They all say that H2 leaks like water through a sieve and that hydrogen causes containers to become brittle, as fragile as a clay pot. They are being ignored by the engineers who have

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2023-08-24 Texas Approves Two Tesla VPPs – Virtual Power Plants

This is exciting! The VPPs are going to make liars out of those badmouthers who say that renewables will never be able to run the grid without fossil fuel power plants. We need many more VPPs! Quote: “”PUCT says that there is already 2.3 GW of capacity from small energy storage devices in Texas and

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2023-08-22 Hot Bricks Energy Storage

Hot bricks and other similar high heat energy storage systems discussed. Next Big Thing In Energy Storage: Hotshots Pick Hot Bricks A comment: (hydrogen is cheaper)

2023-08-19 Tesla Megapack Deliveries Slip To 2025

Elon said that the energy storage segment would probably grow to be bigger than the auto segment. It was also said that Tesla had orders for 80,000 Megapacks waiting to be filled. So 80,000 times $2.5 million apiece equals close to $200 Billion dollars! That’s a whole lot of money to be made by Tesla!!

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2023-08-17 EVs Support Power Grid Reliability And Reduce Costs

The problem with the idea of becoming more independent from the grid is something that the utilities will fight tooth and nail to prevent. They don’t want to lose customers and have them go off the grid. So they want to keep the customers as dependent as possible. Doing it the “cut the cord” way

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2023-08-13 Tesla Too Big To Fail Even With Elon’s Antics

An Op-Ed; at the end she said: “”It’s another strength that will uphold Tesla in times of Elon’s antics, which may serve, again and again, to be little more than a puerile distraction.”” Op-Ed: Tesla Is Too Established Now To Fail — Even With Elon’s Antics

2023-07-31 Plug Power Urges Biden To Embrace Clean Hydrogen

Plug Power and 33 others send a letter to the Biden Administration. Short YouTube video.

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