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2021-01-16 Operation Occupy The Capitol Misled!

It’s a shame. Read the quote from Abraham Lincoln. We have thousands of people who have been misled by a president who puts himself above the Constitution, which he swore he would uphold. << Dennis Edmonds [said] ***** ****** Why do you suppose that judges at every level (and often judges Trump appointed including the

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2021-01-16 Covid Relief

Some comic relief 😂😆😆😂 •Half of us are going to come out of this quarantine as amazing cooks. The other half will come out with a drinking problem. •l used to spin that toilet paper like I was on Wheel of Fortune. Now I turn it like I’m cracking a safe. I need to practice

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2021-01-15 Should Twitter, etc. Continue To Restrict Trump?

The PBS Newshour is taking a poll of whether or not social media should restrict Trump after he’s no longer president. With 34 thousand votes the opinion poll is almost 2 to 1 to restrict.

2021-01-14 Trump Vs. The Truth: The Only Way Is Thru Lies

It’s like Trump has a genie in a Talisman that he rubs and out comes the genie and in Trump’s memory the genie replaces reality (the truth) with what Trump fantasizes. The reality is totally gone. As was stated in the video below, we are not anti-Trump; we are for the truth. When Trump stops

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2021-01-11 Trump Silenced By Social Media

Trump’s Twitter account was suspended at least until after the inauguration. Facebook and Instagram shut him off, too. Amazon, Apple, Google and others blocked Parler, a social media which allows radicals to post, and bills itself as Twitter without rules. It’s so disappointing to see the amount of turmoil that this desperate excuse of a

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2021-01-10 Trump To GA Investigator: Find The Fraud

It has come to light that Trump called a Georgia elections investigator and asked him to find the fraud. This could be another reason for impeachment. That’s interfering in an election. This PBS Newshour episode also talks to Dan Rather. Just the talk with Dan Rather

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2021-01-08 Should Trump Be Removed From Office?

Well, I think that there are problems with removing Trump from office. There is discussion about invoking the 25th Amendment. If Trump was declared unfit then Pence would become president. Then Pence would probably do what Gerald Ford did for Nixon, Pence could pardon Trump. So I think the 25th is a bad idea. Is

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2021-01-06 Pro Trump Crowds Storm Capitol

<< “The danger here is the President is saying people are angry out there; people think fraud has been committed. Why? It’s because the President of the United States is putting out a fraudulent statement; a false statement to make people angry and then he can cite the anger as a reason why the vote

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2021-01-03 Santa Ana Radio History ++

One radio station they document is KWIZ.

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2020-12-23 Harald Bluetooth And Our Cellphones

Tom Scott tells us the story of the Danish king who united the Scandinavians. How the ‘personal area network’ ln our cellphones got the name Bluetooth. He shows us the ancient runestones, one by Harald Bluetooth.

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