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2024-02-05 1960s IT Guy Predicts The Future

He got almost all of it right.  But at that time  no one knew how portable they would become.  No one knew how many more things they would be and do – telephone, camera, audio and video recorders, run hundreds of applications such as the browsers that access the Worldwide Web.   Email, messaging, clock, calendar

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2024-01-22 Reports Say Tesla EVs Are Fully Autonomous With New Change [In FSD 12.1.2]

This seems to be about FSD – full self driving. Electric Viking YouTube video 7 mins long. Sam Evans says that Tesla has replaced 300,000 lines of C++ code with a neural network. It’s version 12.1.2. There are a lot of rave reviews by users. Much better than before. If the reports are true, it

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2023-12-03 EIA Webpage On CAISO, Curtailment

The EIA tells about how California’s excess solar energy is being curtailed. The solar should *not* be curtailed if excess capacity is the sole reason. CAISO should be mandated to curtail fossil fuel power plants before curtailing renewables, obviously because renewables are preventing fossil fuels from having to be burned and hence reducing the amount

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2023-11-30 Elon Musk Interview By Kevin Rose

Interview dated 2012-09-07 at Tesla Fremont. A 26.7 min. YouTube video. Talked about starting Tesla. Example of first principles.

2023-11-26 Kirschner Predicts Judge Chutkan Will Put Convicted Former President In Jail

Ben Meiselas plays an interview of former federal prosecutor Glenn Kirschner by Michael Cohen on the blue Mea Culpa channel. Kirschner Predicts Judge Chutkan of the federal prosecution of Trump in Washington D.C. for the federal classified information crimes. Kirschner also said he believes Trump will be sentenced to life in prison, and no deal

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2023-11-22 Private Enterprise Is Not Good At Doing Expensive Things That Have Never Been Done Before

A YouTube short, Dr. Tyson says Private enterprise is not good at doing expensive things that have never been done before. The government does it first. He gives some examples.

2023-11-14 Amsec, Gary Lorenz, John Darjany – history of campus card

I finally found a bit of history about Gary Lorenz. He and I were high school friends. In 1972 he and John Darjany founded a company, Amsec, to make a “campus card system” for California Polytechnic University, Pomona. In 1974, Amsec was purchased by R.D. Products. A brief history of the campus card industry This

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2023-11-13 Dolivo-Dobrovolski, A Contemporary Of N. Tesla, Invents 3-phase Generation In Germany.

Kathy tells about Dolivo-Dobrovolski, a contemporary of N. Tesla, invents 3-phase generation in Germany. History Of 3-Phase Electricity And It’s Distribution

2023-11-09 Fire Destroys Blimp Hangar, MCAS Tustin

The 2 blimp hangars on what used to be the Marine Corps Air Station, Tustin, have been there since World War II. Now there is only one; fire destroyed one a few days ago. They are on the National Registry of Historic Places. That’s such a shame. If investigations sho it was arson, I hope

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2023-11-07 Elon Musk Is First To Get Rockets To Fly Backwards!

Elon Musk’s company, SpaceX is the first ever to get rockets to fly backwards!

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