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2019-11-05 Einstein 100 Years Ago

Einstein became famous 100 years ago.

2019-09-20 Thermonuclear Fusion And Fission, NPPs

from FB comment to Bill Bill Sherman When I was young, Thermonuclear fusion was “Twenty years until we have free energy.” When I was concerned about Y2K, Thermonuclear fusion was “Twenty years until we have free energy.” Now that I’m old, it’s Thermonuclear fusion was “Twenty years until we have free energy.” I’ll be long

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2019-09-16 Spy Satellite History

I have been reading the series about the spy satellites and their developments during the Cold War Era circa the 1960s and after. There was a lot of debate on whether or not to spend hundreds of millions of dollars on developing advanced spy satellites to spy on the Soviet Union and its satellite countries.

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2019-09-05 Climate Change:: Both Sides Of The Story

I’ve been spending a lot of time reading both sides of the issue of Climate Change. The biggest thing that I get from this is that it’s much more complicated than the proponents and opponents make it out to be. The proponents say this is the end of the world, but they are basing their

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2019-09-03 ‘The Cosmic Inventor’ Fessenden Book

I got the book on Reginald Fessenden and I’ve been reading it the last few days. It’s a thin book, the story was first published in a journal. Fessenden was an early pioneer of wireless AKA radio. He deserved more credit than he received, he was before Marconi but Marconi got most of the publicity.

2019-06-19 Vista Panorama and Santa Ana College

from FB group You… Orange June 19 Kimmie Sue I worked for a decade for a family that lived up on Vista Panorama (they moved there summer of ’64), and I lived up there for 6 months. I took photos of that area, and I climbed up the antenna pole at the top of the

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2019-06-01 Elevator Telephones Were Scary

from FB group Bell Telephone of.. June 3 If the elevator phone wasn’t working, I had to hustle over and find out why. If the phone was not working, the security was supposed to tag it as out of service. That was definitely my scariest job. Most of the time the POTS line came into

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2019-05-08 Dad’s Barber Shop In Stock Yards In Vernon, CA

Most of this was in FB group Compton 50s 60s My dad’s barber shop was in the old Stock Yards in Vernon. He used to take me there on Saturdays and we’d drive by the murals of Farmer John and his livestock on the walls along Bandini Blvd, IIRC. I used to climb on the

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2019-04-29 Center Tapped Voice Coil And OTL Circuit

from FB group Vintage Transistor Radios Apr 29 Robert Abend Yeah, thanks for bringing that up. Many of the GE radios have a center tapped coil in their armature speakers. I never really thought about the unusual CT voice coil. The most important reason why is that a voice coil moves and has to be

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2019-04-25 Philco History

from FB group Vintage Transistor Radios April 26 I was always curious why Philips didn’t use their brand name in the US. Now I know. From “The company (as well as the Sylvania brand name) was acquired from GTE by Philips in 1981 so that Philips could gain the rights to use its trademark

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