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2023-11-23 IEA: Large Amounts Of Carbon Capture As A Solution Is An Illusion

This article starts off with (quote) “”The oil and gas industry is banking on carbon capture as its “fix” for climate change. The IEA’s new report dispels that idea and offers real solutions.”” It’s much more than that. “The oil and gas industry is banking on carbon capture” as a magic wand that they can

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2023-11-11 You Don’t Need To Replace EV Battery In 10 Years

Sam the Electric Viking dispells some myths that EV batteries don’t last long. There are so many lies spread by the big oil and fossil fuels industries. The EVs can last for twice as many miles as gas guzzlers. And the EVs can save 1000 to 2000 dollars or more a year in fuel costs.

2023-11-10 Uninformed Or Misinformed – Tell The Truth Instead Of Trying To Be First

“”If you don’t read the newsmedia, you’re uninformed. If you do read the newsmedia, you’re misinformed.””

2023-10-28 Solar Panels, Lies From Big Oil & Fossil Fuel Industries

Yes, it’s all about money.  New nuclear power plants are economically infeasible and the utilities won’t buy them.  The new nuclear power plants have had multi-billion dollar cost overruns and decade long construction delays.  New nuclear and thermal power plants require a huge amount of water for cooling and have to be located near a

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2023-10-22 Douglass Mackey Targeted Hillary Voters With False Voting Info Sentenced to 7 Months

This guy deserves the punishment. But why did it take 7 years to get him? And if he spent pretrial time in jail, he may have to spend little or no time in jail. If he had been caught in time before the election, the publicity could have made a difference in the outcome of

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2023-10-13 Trump Confused Between Biden And Obama

Brian Tyler Cohen plays us clips of Trump getting confused between Biden and Obama. He says “If Trump says Biden is congitively impaired, then Trump is braindead.” Other good clips from other politicians.

2023-10-09 Climate Change Disinformation And How To Combat It

Climate change disinformation and how to combat it – .PDF

2023-10-09 RFK Jr. Denounced By His Own Family, Who Support Biden

The members of the Kennedy family denounce the candidacy of RFK Jr., say he’s dangerous to our country. RFK Jr is one of the “disinformation dozen” antivaxxers who have lied to the people and have contributed to the deaths of thousands of people due to disinformation about vaccines, especially COVID-19.

2023-10-07 Neil deGrasse Tyson (Not) Talking about Trump

Tyson talks about objective truths and science, critical thinking, politics and other topics, but I did *not* hear him say anything about Trump. He mentions a book with the things he has said. It’s a 10.4 min. YouTube video.

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2023-09-24 “Trump, Champion Of The Shallow State”

“Donald Trump, champion and avatar of the shallow state, has won power because his supporters are threatened by what they don’t understand, and what they don’t understand is almost everything. Indeed, from evolution to data about our economy to the science of vaccines to the threats we face in the world, they reject vast subjects

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