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2022-04-30 Pants-On-Fire LIES About EVs

This article has the most pants on fire lies I’ve ever seen in an article about electric vehicles. They are lies, lies, lies! It calls EVs a scam! That’s absurd! It has obviously been written by shills for big oil, fossil fuel and gas car makers. If this link is broken, it’s most likely that

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2022-04-23 Cynic’s Posts Complain But Offer No Solutions

Piotrek Puczek said, “Nothing has been solved, hydrogen will only be for miche applications…” There are other catalysts besides expensive metals, but they may not be as efficient. But efficiency is not a concern when the power is excess that would otherwise be constrained – wasted, unused. There are Youtube videos of hydrogen generators that

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2022-04-18 Nuclear Power – The Facts

Link to long article: A quote from this article: << Despite its reputation, nuclear energy has a number of advantages. It’s not only carbon-free, it’s emissions free. It produces tremendous amounts of power with a very small area footprint. It can be sited in any region. And, surprisingly, it has the lowest per kilowatt death

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2022-04-15 Social Media And Climate Change Denial

Arlin Sansome I understand the “echo chamber” and “silos” that social media users get caught in. But putting all of that aside, the climate change deniers are being paid for by Big Oil. This is exactly the same as big tobacco did to deny for decades that cigarettes cause cancer. There was *no* social media

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2022-04-10 Trump’s War On The EPA Frontline PBS

I hope that history points the finger at Trump for setting us back 4 years in the war on climate change. Trump’s War on the EPA – Frontline PBS

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2022-04-08 Stop Complaining About Wind Turbine Blades!

From FB group It’s not fair and unacceptable to blame wind turbine blades for being a landfill problem. Only 10 to 12% of the total plastic in landfills is due to wind turbine blades. Stop complaining about what’s in the landfills and complain about the plastic waste that’s turning the oceans into trash dumps and

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2022-04-05 Wind Turbine Waste Is Insignificant

There are those cynics who harshly criticize wind turbines for “filling up landfills”. That’s a false assertion. These badmouths never say anything about the *other* 87.5 to 90% of plastic waste that is filling up landfills. When compared to the rest of plastic waste, the amount that wind turbine blades generate is insignificant. The blades

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2022-04-05 Myth: EVs Will Overload The Grid

It is*not* true that EVs will “cause the lights to go out” because the grid can’t handle the load. People totally forget that reducing fossil fuels means a lot less power will be used to extract, transport, refine, store, distribute and sell fossil fuels. So much of the EV power use will be recovered from

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2022-04-04 Koch Should Testify Re: Climate Disinformation Campaign

It’s time for Charles Koch to testify about his climate change disinformation campaign. The statistics this article reveals about Koch industries are alarming and disheartening. Quote << Since the death of Charles Koch’s brother David in 2019, the Charles Koch Foundation has continued to finance this disinformation campaign, giving more than $17 million to 23

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