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2021-10-07 The Role Of The Press, Newsmedia

<< The role of the Press [newsmedia] is to hold power to account [accountable]. >> Then US president (and dictator wannabe) Trump declared “You [the newsmedia] are the enemy of the people!” This declaration is alarming and of great concern. No president in the history of the US has ever declared this. No US president

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2021-07-01 Big Oil Kept Climate Secret For Decades

The petroleum industry knew for decades their products caused climate change, yet they campaigned to cause doubt and uncertainty, delaying the actions until it was too late and the world has been harmed by their lies and inactions.

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2021-06-30 New Solar Is Cheaper To Build Than To Run Existing Coal Plants

Report from BloombergNEF says new solar is cheaper to build than to run existing coal plants in many cou,ntries. Tony Seba’s (RethinkX) prediction was correct.

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2021-06-07 Aiden Leos’s Murderers caught

A few weeks ago the freeway where I live had a road rage(?) Shooting that killed 6 year-old Aiden Leos while riding in the back seat of his mother’s car. For the last two weeks there has been a memorial to Aiden on the Walnut overpass to the freeway. They set up a website and

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2021-05-24 I Lost My Friend To The Antivax Charlatans

I had a disagreement with my high school friend about getting vaccinated. He’s an intelligent person but he thinks the enemy is the people who want everyone to be vaccinated. That’s where the problem lies. The antivaxxers are telling everyone they can that the enemy is Big Pharma and they’re after the patients’ money. They’re

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2021-05-07 Hillary: There Has To Be A Global Reckoning With Disinformation

An excellent Hillary Clinton interview by the Guardian.

2021-05-03 Storing Energy In Rocks, And Other Storage Systems

This 43 minute YouTube video is about solving renewable energy storage. It is mostly in Dutch with English subtitles. This is a very innovative pilot plant that uses basalt rock to store high heat. After the 30 minute point they interview the guy who explains that the Siemens Gamesa system they developed can replace the

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2021-03-19 Russia Disinformation Laundered By Congressmen

Maloney (D) talks about declassified intelligence information that Russia used congressmen as “useful idiots” to launder (legitimize?) Their disinformation.


2021-03-18 Cat Conv Thief Killed By Car

Anaheim – catalytic converter thief gets killed by a Prius. Jenny Torres-Flores said it’s wrong to laugh at the death of a person Yes, you’re right. But… Schadenfreude!! We’re laughing at someone else’s misfortune! Those SOBs have made life miserable for so many people that we can’t help ourselves. Think about this. It’s wrong

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2021-02-26 Camels In Blizzard In Saudi Arabia

At the 00:45 point in this YouTube news clip they show camels in a blizzard – snowing in Saudi Arabia. 😱😱

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