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2024-02-20 Small Modular Thorium Molten Salt Reactors Are Coming To Europe

There is one issue that all nuclear plants have and that Sabine didn’t address, and that’s the huge consumption of water that all thermal plants have.  Building nuclear or any thermal plants near a source of coolant water is necessary, and that can become a major conflict when most populated areas are also near water. 

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2024-02-19 BTC Scorns Trump – Really Damning!

Brian Tyler Cohen says, “Do you really trust someone who is not legally allowed to operate a business in New York to be able to run the entire country””

2024-02-16 Climate Scientist’s Victory Against Climate Deniers

Michael Mann’s lawsuit victory over a million dollars in damages.

2024-02-15 India To Build 30 GW Solar And Wind Facility

30 Gigawatts!  They say that that’s enough to power 18 million Indian homes.  This will most likely be the biggest project in the world – for quite some time.  It takes about 3 million solar panels per gigawatt, so if half the 30 GW is solar, that’s 45 million solar panels.  The other 15GW would

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2024-02-15 A Legal Loophole Allows Gas Leaks To Keep On Flowing

It’s very sad.

2024-02-13 Tesla To Build Largest 164 Stall Supercharging Station In California

That’s a lot of stalls! I also made a few calculations.  The canopies at GF Texas have 9 by 4 = 36 solar panels.  Assume each panel puts out 350 Watts. 350 * 36 = 12.6 kW. Each canopy covers 4 stalls, so 164 stalls divided by 4 = 41 canopies. 12.6 kW * 41

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2024-02-12 Catalytic Converter For Smokeless Fire Wood Stove

This is really interesting.  A catalytic converter for a wood stove.  1 min. YouTube video.

2024-02-10 China Says Wind, Solar Are About 40% Of Installed Power Generation

The 15 MW onshore wind turbine’s blades are the least of this news.  The following is the big part of this story.  Quote: “”The China Electricity Council said in its latest annual report that wind and solar would make up around 40% of the country’s installed power generation capacity by the end of 2024 –

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2024-02-09 Climate Change: Why Was 2023 The Hottest Year Ever

Startalk interviews Gavin ? about climate change.

2024-02-07 Myth: EVs will Crash The Grid – Rosie 1 Min. Short

Rosie Barnes  *debunks* the myth that Electric Vehicles will crash the grid – she shows that EVs will charge during the daytime and power the grid during the dark.  1 min. YouTube video.

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