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2021-10-14 The Climate Disaster Is Here

The climate disaster is already here. The maps show extreme temperatures, droughts, flooding, etc. for 1.5, 2.0, 3.0 deg. C rise.

2021-10-09 Climate Change Killing Coral Reefs

Report: Climate change is killing the global coral reefs. Most coral reefs are in the Pacific O.

2021-10-06 Researchers Uncover More About Climate Change

The headline is deceptive. They admit that this doesn’t contradict climate models. Researchers are gaining a deeper understanding of the complex nature of Nature.

2021-08-18 Climate Change Argument Ignores Problem! While this p!ssing contest is going on, the changes in climate are doing more and more damage. If either of these arguers are not able to give a solution to the change in climate then they should both be ignored. The fact is if these arguments keep on distracting others from solving the problem,

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2021-06-02 Scientists’ Climate Change Agendas??

From FB group climate change Simo Ruoho said, “This is climate, free of agendas.” I don’t see where the scientists who predict ‘climate change’ as we know it have an agenda. They are deathly afraid of what their observations show is happening and measurements and models show what the future will be like. They would

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