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2022-06-01 Solar V. Wind In Tropical Africa

There are 2 problems with solar in the tropic zone. One is that there are a lot of very green trees that block the sunlight year round, and would have to be cut down to make room for the solar panels. Solar panels could be located in areas where there are no trees. But there

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2022-05-20 EIA: Solar, Wind To Be Larger Sources

US EIA expects solar and wind to be larger sources of US electricity generation this summer.

2022-05-11 Pakistan, India 120 Deg C Heatwave News

India heatwave caused by climate change. When the temperature is 37 deg. C or 100 deg. F, and the humidity is very high, the body cannot cool itself by evaporation and cannot regulate its temperature, which causes heat exhaustion, heat stroke and hyperthermia and the person will die.

2022-04-11 Consensus on Human Caused Climate Change – NASA

The NASA climate web page on consensus about AGW – anthropogenic global warming or human caused climate change.

2022-03-27 Conger Ice Shelf Broken Free

Something about “The size of Los Angeles”!!

2022-03-20 Climate Change “Scientist” Spencer Has Been Wrong

This video shows that climate scientist Roy Spencer was in error and has let his personal beliefs get in the way of science. This is not the way a scientist conducts science.

2022-02-18 NOAA: Sea Level Rising 1 Foot By 2050

The NOAA Report says the sea level may rise up to a foot or more by 2050. This will cause serious flooding in many areas. Populations will have to relocate to higher ground. << …NASA administrator Bill Nelson, who says, “Sea levels are continuing to rise at an alarming rate, endangering communities around the world.

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2022-02-16 Western US Megadrought Worst In 1200 Years

The 22 year long Megadrought that has been plaguing the western US is the worst in 1200 years. It has been made much worse by climate change. << Human-caused climate change is responsible for about 42% of the soil moisture deficit since 2000, according to the study. >> US drought monitor:

2022-01-10 How Much Water Is In The Earth’s Atmosphere?

Water vapor is a potent greenhouse gas, so as CO2 causes the atmosphere to get warmer, more water evaporates and this positive feedback loop causes a hotter atmosphere, which causes more water to evaporate.

2021-11-16 Beyond The Mirage: Drought

Drought. We cannot live without water. We must have water to live. We must have water to grow our food. It’s not possible to go into enough depth about this subject in 1 hour. This short video is a teaser for the movie Beyond The Mirage: The future of Water in the West. I watched

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