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2024-01-20 Subtropolis – 55 Million Sq.Ft. Salt Mine & Underground Storage Facility

Subtropolis is 1100 acres underground cave left over after the salt was mined.

2023-11-05 Hansen vs. Mann : Is Global Warming Linear Or Exponential

Here we have two well-known climate experts with some very different theories. Scary and much scarier.

2023-10-26 6 Of 9 Planetary Boundaries Have Been Breached

This chart shows the 9 Planetary Boundaries and how they have been breached. Some don’t look that alarming but *anything* past the green is bad. The Novel Entities is especially troubling.

2023-10-21 Fossil Fuels Are Made Of Plants, Not Dinosaurs

Some people think that crude oil is made of dinosaurs. No, it’s made of dead plants. More in this short video.

2023-07-06 Orange County Land Is Rising

Ground water replenishment is increasing the elevation – height – of the land in Orange County.

2023-06-24 Tesla Cyber Rodeo, 9000 Ton Gigapress, Etc.

This is a short tour of the gigafactory Texas during the Cyber Rodeo public event, 15 thousand visitors. Shows robotic arms on the assembly lines. QR codes in a stripe on the floor to guide the autonomous transporters. A few seconds of Arc Attack’s presentation. Very up close shots of the 9000 long tonne Gigapress.

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2023-03-14 150 Times More Mining For ICEVs

150 TIMES MORE MINING FOR GAS GUZZLERS!150 times more mining needed for ICE road vehicles than EVs. The amount of mineral resources needed for ICE (gasoline) powered road vehicles was 150 times greater in 2019 than what electric vehicles and battery energy storage will need… in 2040. – 2 billion tons: mining quantities needed for

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