2021-04-21 Trump Admin Stopped Investigations Of Police Depts

The Trump admin under Atty General Jeff Sessions stopped the Obama admin’s pattern and practice investigations of police departments discriminatory and unconstitutional practices. Then senator Kamala Harris brought this up in senate hearings in 2020. Another Trump admin bad deed that “made America worse again”.


2021-04-20 US Power Sector Halfway To Zero

Halfway compared to the EIA estimates of 2005.


2021-04-20 The Value-Action Gap Hinders Climate Change

From FB post to climate change group.

The Value-Action Gap….the real bane of solving climate change issues……….

The value-action gap is a phenomenon where people act in a way that’s inconsistent with their values.

Examples of value-action gaps include people eating unhealthy food even though they care about their health, people avoiding green energy sources even though they care about the environment, and people buying products that were manufactured in unethical working conditions, even though they care about the workers.

People display value-action gaps because translating values into actions generally requires actively going through a number of steps, and various issues can interfere with this process, including competing values, counter-incentives, and lack of relevant options. Accounting for the value-action gap can be beneficial

when it comes to understanding and predicting people’s actions, including your own, and you can estimate future gaps by looking at past ones, and by considering factors such as what process people will have to go through in order to translate a specific value into action.

To reduce value-actions gaps, you should identify and address their causes, and potentially also use general techniques, such as reminding people of their values, making people care more about their values, encouraging and helping people to take action, making it easier to act in a way that’s consistent with relevant values, and making it harder to act in a way that’s inconsistent with relevant values.


2021-04-20 Renewables Statistics For World And Australia

Interesting renewables deployment statistics for world, per person per year.

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2021-04-19 We Are Stardust

We are stardust brought to life, then empowered by the universe to figure itself out – and we have only just begun.

— Neil deGrasse Tyson


2021_04_18 18 Point Rebuttal To Singer’s Anti-wind Turbine Letter

Singer seems to be a shill for the fossil fuel industry. She uses the term, Industrial Wind Turbine or IWT to attempt to associate wind turbines with industry, even though the wind turbines have nothing to do with industry – they’re located in the country or offshore.

She goes on to say “… Then legislators can decide to spend billions on wind turbines.” This is ridiculous. Legislators don’t; the utilities or their contractors purchase wind turbines. Legislators make informed decisions on regulating the wind turbine industry.

She goes on to state outdated and false information. Wind turbines and any other “unreliable” i.e. intermittent power source does *not* need to have fossil fuel or gas powered generators to “back them up”. In California the gas turbines are being replaced by BESS – battery energy storage systems. Search for BESS Moss landing and read about it – there are many others.

She goes on to state a whole bunch of detractors, including that a wind turbine blade accident knocked a power pole through a house. There are disadvantages to everything mankind does on Earth. The unfairness of this article is that it fails to take into account that if the wind turbines and other renewables do *not* replace fossil fuels – as soon as possible – there will be hell to pay all over the Earth.

I might add that her complaints are not only useless, they are far too late. There have already been billions spent on wind turbines and solar, all in the hope of saving the Earth from fossil fuels.

Here is a rebuttal to Singer’s diatribe against wind turbines.

Singer’s diatribe including references.


2021-04-17 #ThisIsZeroHour

I searched using this hashtag. Found this from Jeff White.

Jeff White Mar 30.

With only six, maybe 21 YEARS MAX, to avoid the worst of climate change, WE MUST IMMEDIATELY [to] make tough and unpleasant decisions and take decisive actions as well to save what we can.

For example, we must shutdown coal 100% by 2030, and oil and gas nearly 100% by no later than 2040, but fossil fuel voters and their elected politicians are resisting a transition to a net-zero emission world because it will cost them a lot of money. So, buy out the fossil fuel voters, one way or another.

After all, PEOPLE VOTE, not fossil fuel corporations.

As for China, Japan and Russia, heavily tax their exports to encourage nearly 100% net zero emissions compliance by 2050. India has already made a lot of progress. America may soon do so as well.

How will we pay for everything? Tax big businesses and the wealthy a lot more.

Historically, the wealthy would donate land and resources to communities in the time of their greatest need. Well, it’s that time again, but for the whole world.

The wealthy can provide the funds, and everyone else can do the work.

We can pay poor countries to stop illegal deforestation and start reforesting deforested regions

Using clean-energy-powered mining and distribution, olivine can be dumped in surf zones around the world to sequester earth’s surplus atmospheric carbon dioxide.

We can also build kelp farms, spread rock dust on agricultural land, invest in regenerative agriculture, and so on, and, using clean energy equivalents, build and operate millions of carbon capture machines.

Of course, we will still need to convert the world to net-zero emissions by nearly 100% by 2040 and 100% by 2050. zero-for-the-climate-crisis/


#resist #gretathunberg








#fightfor1 point5











“The science is now clear that

urgent action is now needed.

What happens now and in these

next few years will profoundly

affect the next few thousand years.”

– Sir David Attenborough


2021-04-16 The Long Strange History Of Bill Gates Population Control Conspiracy Theories

FB Comment to Bill Sherman

There is plenty of evil out there, and it’s not Gates, it’s those who are making money off of lies about famous people.

This great game India dot com website is a fake news outlet. Link about it is at bottom.

Gates is made out to be an evil person by the extreme fringe conspiracy theorists and others with a political axe to grind. The real evil is those in foreign countries who have convinced the people that Gates funded humanitarian aid has harmed or killed people. And because people have avoided Gates funded humanitarian aid, millions have died from diseases.

The best thing to do is ignore all the bad things that have been said and printed about Gates.

Dominion voting systems and some other company sued Fox News, Giuliani and other Trump lawyers for more than $2 Billion for defaming their voting machines. Once these fake news sites like Alex Jones’ Infowars realize that printing libelous lies about people like Gates, they’re going to have to stop the fake news or else go bankrupt from libel & slander lawsuits.

The same conspiracy theorists are trying to convince the public that Gates is trying to commit genocide. Here’s a good article about it.

Fake photoshopped photograph of Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation is debunked.


2021-04-16 Solar Project Is Proposed For Anaheim Hills

From FB group Orange Talk

This is good to hear. The City of Anaheim is their own electric utility. The more solar power we have the less fossil fuels we’ll use and the less climate change there will be.

But it would be better if the same amount of solar panels were installed on rooftops. The rooftop solar keeps the building cooler so less air conditioning is needed so the panels have twice the benefits.

These solar arrays are high off the ground so there is minimal disturbance to the land. They’ll have to keep the trees trimmed to stop them from blocking the sun.

Every big parking lot, roof and area that gets sunlight should have solar panels. Every home should have rooftop solar along with an electric vehicle that costs you 1/5 the $$ of gasoline. Fossil fuel free is the future!


2021-04-15 Repub’s Use Gerrymandering To Make Voter Integrity Irrelevant

I thought about changing “to make xxx irrelevant” to “irrelevate xxx” but I don’t know if irrelevate is even a valid word.

Update: irrelevate kinda sorta seems to be a valid word.

From FB reply

James Merrill
You may speak for yourself but you certainly don’t speak for “most conservative voters.” There have been many issues that were of high importance in the past, such as defeating Roe v Wade. But voter integrity has never been on the list. Why? Because the Repub’s have used Gerrymandering to give them the votes to win the elections. They purposefully made voter integrity not count by using Gerrymandering and other tactics to tilt the playing field in their favor.

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