2018-03-22 2016 Republican Platform

from FB group Orange Talk

Mary Mickey Clancy-Kreutz
I read some of the 2016 Republican platform, and I was disappointed by how much of it was attacking the “present administration” (Obama), and Democrats. Yet they talk about valuing human rights, then criticize amnesty programs. Many other things were disappointing. They use the term ‘environmental extremism’ but then promote private environmental custodianship, failing to realize that the reason for environmental extremism was that private environmental custodianship’s abuses caused environmental extremism.


2018-03-20 Edison Blackout Phone

From FB group Bell Telephone of…

We had a hotline phone from So Cal Edison that was supposed to receive calls only. They would call us on a hot day when the power demand exceeded the supply, and they were going to shut down the a/c on buildings. We got a discount on the electric rates. They had a remote radio controlled relay on each air handler. The phone was supposed to give us advanced warning. I believe it was just a standard 500 set, and a pots line limited to receiving calls only. I’m not sure how that was done.

They also installed a kW meter with a bright red LED display at the meter/main power transformer. I remember seeing it get up to 2500 kW or 2.5 megawatts on hot days. 😟


2018-03-18 Dissatisfaction

From FB group Orange Talk

Halo Mike
There is a point where F.U.D. about life threatening situations transcends politics and becomes a national movement. This is what happened during the Viet Nam War era when students and many others protested. You’re too young to have first hand knowledge of that, but what you’re seeing right now is what happens when the lawmakers listen more to lobbyists than their constituents. And they will have hell to pay if something doesn’t change soon.

To paraphrase,
“Hell hath no fury compared to a nation scorned.”

Boss Tweet, are you listening?


2018-03-14 Switchboard 714-262-1135

This number was most likely from the time when the 714 area code covered the area outside of LA, including all of Southern California San Diego county and east, Riverside County, San Bernardino County, and the east side of the Sierras all the way up to Inyo.

I remember that no prefix in Orange County was numbered below 520. All prefixes numbered lower than 520 were outside of Orange county.

Most of the prefixes in City of Orange were, as of the 1970s:

532, 538, 633, 634, 637, 639, 771, 997, 998.


2018-03-12 Phones Too Hot 

From FB group Bell Telephone of…

That brings up a thorny question. We moved into a brand new bldg, and when it got hot over the weekend, Monday morning I had to go out to the other campus and find out what happened to a few phones. The phones in 2 of the second floor offices were not working. The architects had faced the offices to the South, and during the week the A/C was on during the day. But it was off on the weekends, so the rooms got very hot. The phones would recover if I unplugged them for a minute and they worked okay when plugged back in. But one phone got the LCD fried when the sun hit it. 😱

I think the architects should have to take mandatory classes in Feng Shui! 👍😀


2018-03-05 Grownups Don’t Act Grown-up

From FB group Orange Talk

Art Rosen said,

“The state of this group is really sad. I joined another group for a city where I have a second home. Nobody was name calling or obsessed with being a conservative or a liberal. They spoke of things that bind people together. New restaurants, where to get help, issues that effect the local community with out bringing political parties into the mix. Are these crazy battles the best use of this group? You’re never going to change each other. Calling someone stupid doesn’t make you smart, just an ass. Why not go join a political group where you can tell each other what you want to hear and use this group to help make Orange more of a community.”

My reply

“I agree.  The problems you spoke of are due to the lack of moderation.  If the moderators/admins took some action, this wouldn’t happen.  But then there is Orange Buzz, where the iron-fisted admin makes it a virtual hell.

So the result is that both that and this group have some serious disadvantages.  And it leaves the market open for someone to start a group with a moderate amount of moderation.

“Those not in the middle of the road and in the gutter.”  

– Ike”
“Virginia Jefferies Elliott

The block button works most of the time.  Many of those who get blocked are not here to contribute anything useful.

But on occasion there are those who become indispensable pains in the ass.  That’s when moderation helps.  I’ve been there, seen that, and it really does help.

Like your kid.  Do you block a kid if he or she does something unacceptable?

“Growing old is mandatory;

growing up is optional.”

There are far too many grownups who don’t act grown-up.


2018-03-04 Move To A “Free” State

From FB group Orange Talk

I wish at least ten million Californians would take your advice and move to a “free” (red) state, like Texas.  That would change California’s real estate market from a seller’s market to a buyer’s market.  It would change to lower demands for all those things that are overpriced, such as gasoline.  And those “free” Texans can then have some of the problems Californians have now.

And it would get rid of a lot of whiners and blamers, leaving a more peaceful California.  👍😎

But don’t take my statements literally.  You can’t run from the problems for which you, yourself are to blame.  Sorry.


2018-03-02 One Transistor AM Radio

FB group Building Transistor Radios

In JF1OZL’s voluminous archive I found his version of a MW receiver.  It is labeled [2] …. MW-RADIO (see link).  He used a long wire antenna, and an IF transformer with the ceramic capacitor removed for the tuning coil.  He also said to use a ferrite loopstick, which is what I and most others would use.
The 1N60 detector diode has a 100k resistor as a DC path to common ground.  Some experimenters don’t use any resistor, they depend on the diode’s leakage current for the DC path.  This is foolish because the leakage depends on temperature so the performance may vary – cold gives the least leakage.

The input impedance of the transistor is only a few thousand ohms, so it places a heavy load on the detector, and causes poor selectivity.  I would put another transistor between, using the common collector or emitter follower configuration so the input impedance would be very high.


2018-03-01 What’s Your Least Favorite -Ism?

In reply to people complaining about socialism, etc., ruining the state.

I get tired of hearing all the whining on the FB group Orange Talk.  Everyone talks about isms.  Conservatism, Liberalism, Socialism, Populism, and on and on.  Everyone is chronically whining about their least favorite -ism.  They attempt to categorize every person or group into a pigeonhole, each labeled with their least favorite ism.  Then they blame the problems they perceive on this group and its ism.  This attempt at pigeonholing just isn’t as simple as they make it out to be.

The simple fact is there is no black and white point where something is an ism or not an ism.  There are an infinite number of shades of gray, and one person’s concept of what is and isn’t an ism is different than the next person’s concept.

If I had a penny for every whine about an ism that I’ve read, I’d be wealthy beyond my wildest dreams.  There are so many complainers out there who want to talk, talk, talk, and do nothing about what they whine about.  Talk is cheap.  They should put their money where their mouth is.  Disney said, “Stop talking and start doing!”  Those whiners should choose a charitable organization that promotes their viewpoint, and donate to that organization.  Then stop the whining and moaning, and say something positive is being done to solve the problem.

That’s another huge problem.  The blame game these whiners play.  You never hear one thing about what good is being done to reverse their least favorite ism.  It’s like such a thing doesn’t exist.  It looks to me like they have been exposed to a group of chronic complainers and blamers.  I think that it never crossed their mind that they may be associating with the wrong group of people.  There are some out there who think the establishment is some kind of conspiracy.  The idea is that the wealthy are in control of the government and they want to turn all of the people into Orwellian puppets that they control.  Well, have they succeeded?  It seems to me that this has always been going on, it’s nothing new.  That was one reason why the Framers split up the government into the three branches.  According to economists, the wealthy have used their influence to get favorable decisions at the expense of the other 99% of the people.  The wealthy are also good at getting the public to believe the problems they cause are due to one Ism or another.  This is just to send people off track of the real problem.

These people who play the blame game pick just one small factor out of many, and single it out, blaming it for being the root of all of the problems affecting their jaded view of the world.  They make mountains out of molehills.  This reminds me of the HUAC and McCarthy era, when the government was trying to curb freedoms given in the Bill of Rights in order to purge their perceived threat of Communism within the U.S.  This, ironically, was called McCarthyism.


2018-02-28 Pension Unfunded Liability Article

From From FB group Orange Talk

Also see LA Times article

This was from the .PDF document here

“Here were the Grand Jury’s findings about how the entire county should deal with pension reform:


In accordance with California Penal Code §933 and §933.05, the 2015-2016 Grand Jury requires

(or as noted, requests) responses from each agency affected by the recommendations presented in

this section. The responses are to be submitted to the Presiding Judge of the Superior Court.

Based on its investigation titled “Orange County’s $4.5 Billion Unfunded Pension Liability &

Retirement Plans”, the 2015-2016 Orange County Grand Jury makes the following seven


R.1. The County should encourage the OCERS Board of Retirement to maintain financially

sound assumptions and to oppose any relaxation of current assumptions. (F1)(F3)

R.2. The County should establish and adopt a plan, working with OCERS, to increase the

pension percent funded liability to 80% from its current level of 70% by making additional

payments to OCERS. This plan should be developed as part of the County Strategic

Financial Plan is being updated in late summer 2016. As the 2017-2018 budget is being

developed, the first advance payment of the Plan should be included. (F1) (F2)

R.3. The County should develop a policy to continue issuing short term Pension Obligation

Bonds, so long as the discount from OCERS is available and there is enough net savings

(which should be defined) after paying for cost of issuance and underwriter’s discount. (F4)

R.4. The County should direct its lobbyists or work through the California State Association to

find support in the legislature for a bill with additional pension reforms, beginning with the

next legislative session that would further reduce the impact of unfunded pension

liabilities. (F6)

R.5. The County should conduct a thorough analysis including the financial impact of

implementing a Defined Contribution Retirement Plan or a hybrid plan, replacing the

current Defined Benefit Plan, before January 2017. (F1) (F7)

Orange County’s $4.5 Billion Unfunded Pension Liability & Retirement Plans

2015-2016 Orange County Grand Jury Page 24

R.6. The County should review the current practice of using taxpayer money to benefit eight

non-County employees through the 401(a) retirement plan by the end of 2016. (Executive

Director LAFCO; Executive Manager- Children & Family Commission and six OCERS

executives). (F8)

R.7. The Board of Supervisors should, by the end of calendar year 2016, publicly revisit and

determine if the Executive Compensation package 401(a) supplemental retirement plan for a County elected officials and top executives is still justifiable. (F8)”

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