2023-01-17 Batteries Better Than Lithium Batteries /these-rechargeable-batteries-are-more -sustainable-and-safer-than-lithium-and-half-the-cost

Since lithium-ion batteries were first sold 30 years ago, they’ve dropped in cost by 97%. But they’re still too expensive for making electric cars that can compete in cost with fossil-fueled cars without subsidies, or to economically store wind and solar power on the grid. That’s why one Boston-area startup is developing a different type of rechargeable battery that it says can cut costs in half-while avoiding some of the other flaws of current batteries, from the environmental impact of mining to the fact that lithium-ion batteries can catch on fire.


2022-10-28 Conservative States Die Younger, Other Stats

Americans die younger in conservative states.


2022-07-12 P.U.S.H – Converting Mines Into Hydro Powered Batteries

I believe this information is very important – it’s the key to the solution of the renewables intermittency issue.

“”A PUSH facility can be developed using mature technological systems—materials and machinery—used by conventional PSH. In what they call a conservative estimate, researchers determined the US has capacity for between 137 and 285 gigawatts of storage within nearly 1,000 mines likely suited to PUSH.

Based on their analyses, the team made several high- and low-volume reservoir and head estimates, which translated into 5 fully and partially subterranean PUSH designs.””


2022-08-20 Banks, Big Oil Boards Have Conflicts Of Interest

Banks, Big Oil boards have conflicts of interest!

“”Those calls to phase out the industry are growing louder by the day. It’s not just environmentalists and climate scientists pushing for this essential step in the fight against climate change. United Nations Secretary-General António Guterres recently said the fossil fuel industry and its financiers “have humanity by the throat.”””


2022-08-09 Carbon Fees “The Turd In The Punchbowl” Elon Musk

“The turd in the punchbowl” – Elon Musk

Article describes..


2022-06-27 The Complete History of the Home Microprocessor

A min YouTube video.


2022-08-04 Is Nuclear Green?

Sabine Hossenfelder is awesome.

This particular episode is fair and impartial towards nuclear power. One thing I didn’t hear her talk about was that nuclear power requires mining uranium and there have been hundreds of deaths from lung cancer caused by breathing radon gas in the mines. And this is especially true for the uranium mines of the Soviets and Russians. Those should be counted in the statistics just as the deaths from workers falling from roofs, as she said.




2022-07-18 Investing In Plant-based Alternatives Cuts Climate Emissions

I have warned people that they are going to have to give up eating so much meat; it’s critical to cutting GHGs. 😥


2022-07-15 Vultures Rewilding Ecosystem In Bulgaria

Along with , forests, croplands and grasslands, grasslands in the EU absorbed 263 million tons of carbon dioxide equivalent per year. That’s around 4 and 1/2 times the total annual emissions of Bulgaria in 2019. The EU is looking to restore more land to raise that number to over 310 million tons by 2030. Globally, u n e p has called for restoring land the size of Canada over that period.

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