2021-04-16 The Long Strange History Of Bill Gates Population Control Conspiracy Theories

FB Comment to Bill Sherman

There is plenty of evil out there, and it’s not Gates, it’s those who are making money off of lies about famous people.

This great game India dot com website is a fake news outlet. Link about it is at bottom.

Gates is made out to be an evil person by the extreme fringe conspiracy theorists and others with a political axe to grind. The real evil is those in foreign countries who have convinced the people that Gates funded humanitarian aid has harmed or killed people. And because people have avoided Gates funded humanitarian aid, millions have died from diseases.

The best thing to do is ignore all the bad things that have been said and printed about Gates.

Dominion voting systems and some other company sued Fox News, Giuliani and other Trump lawyers for more than $2 Billion for defaming their voting machines. Once these fake news sites like Alex Jones’ Infowars realize that printing libelous lies about people like Gates, they’re going to have to stop the fake news or else go bankrupt from libel & slander lawsuits.

The same conspiracy theorists are trying to convince the public that Gates is trying to commit genocide. Here’s a good article about it.

Fake photoshopped photograph of Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation is debunked.


2021-04-16 Solar Project Is Proposed For Anaheim Hills

From FB group Orange Talk

This is good to hear. The City of Anaheim is their own electric utility. The more solar power we have the less fossil fuels we’ll use and the less climate change there will be.

But it would be better if the same amount of solar panels were installed on rooftops. The rooftop solar keeps the building cooler so less air conditioning is needed so the panels have twice the benefits.

These solar arrays are high off the ground so there is minimal disturbance to the land. They’ll have to keep the trees trimmed to stop them from blocking the sun.

Every big parking lot, roof and area that gets sunlight should have solar panels. Every home should have rooftop solar along with an electric vehicle that costs you 1/5 the $$ of gasoline. Fossil fuel free is the future!


2021-04-15 Repub’s Use Gerrymandering To Make Voter Integrity Irrelevant

I thought about changing “to make xxx irrelevant” to “irrelevate xxx” but I don’t know if irrelevate is even a valid word.

Update: irrelevate kinda sorta seems to be a valid word.

From FB reply

James Merrill
You may speak for yourself but you certainly don’t speak for “most conservative voters.” There have been many issues that were of high importance in the past, such as defeating Roe v Wade. But voter integrity has never been on the list. Why? Because the Repub’s have used Gerrymandering to give them the votes to win the elections. They purposefully made voter integrity not count by using Gerrymandering and other tactics to tilt the playing field in their favor.


2021-04-15 Needs More Websites That Make Fun Of The Right

What the online world needs is dozens of websites that satirically poke fun at the right, making up false tales of their leaders. The idea is to make the right spend so much time repairing their reputations that they don’t have time to attack anyone else.

Only one problem. The right believes that “MSM” (mainstream media) is already doing that same thing. The right thinks that anything the MSM says is made-up and fake news. The right can’t tell true from false when it comes to the news. Their whole world revolves around false narratives.

So adding dozens of satire websites that poke fun at the right is most likely to have no effect on the average radical right wing extremist. That’s sad. It’s like pishing a turd — no matter how much you polish it, it’s still just a turd.

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2021-04-14 Working A Retail Job

I’ve been hearing about all the problems that people I’ve known have had when working in the retail / commercial industry. This has been especially difficult this past year due to the pandemic. So many jobs lost and so much upheaval and uncertainty.

My ex-coworker told me about the experiences he had when working for a chain of gas stations with convenience stores. Like how his boss would call him to tell him he was sick and asked my coworker to work in his place. That was okay until he found out his boss wasn’t sick, he was playing hooky and out having fun.

Another guy I knew had a job managing a fast food place. He regularly put in 60 to 70 hour weeks with no overtime pay because management was salaried, not hourly.

Another told me that there had been two robberies recently at stores in her city. Always an issue that has to be kept in mind, along with shoplifters.

It seems there are even more of the irate customers who throw fits for no reason and take it out on the retail associates. The pandemic must take some blame for this.


20211-04-14 Anti-electric Bills In State Legislatures

This opinion article is warning us that the gas industry is trying to get states to pass legislation to block the elimination of gas in homes. But it seems to me that this author is most likely from the electric industry and he’s trying to promote electrification of homes. But in fairness, his last sentence said, “… maintain the right to choose … Electric…”

The only way that people will choose to use electricity over gas is if the electric bills are the same or lower than the gas bills. If the governments pass laws requiring using no gas, thus forcing people to pay more, the people will take the issue to court where the consumers will have a valid case against electric utilities.

The cost of electricity must be reduced to where it will outcompete natural gas for residents’ business.


2021-04-13 5g And Newest Phones

The 5g network will take a year or more to be built out, and the high speed is to me a mixed bag. So with Google Fi, I pay by the GB. I’m paying $24 when I’m using zero data (WiFi only) and I pay up to $83 for 6GB or more.

If I get a phone with higher screen resolution and faster data, I end up paying more per month. 😥☹️ Do I need higher resolution on a cellphone? No – I can see the hi res on my 27″ PC screen but not on my phone! And yes, I’ve heard all the myths about 5g and it’s just as dangerous as 4g, which isn’t – it’s been around for years with no problems.

So spend your money on the latest bleeding edge tech. I’m waiting awhile until the higher end 5g phones get cheaper. BTW I am not a technophobe; I’m a technophile. I love tech and worked decades in IT. Just passing on my wisdom, FWIW.


2021-04-12 Faces Of Greed: The Walton Family Of Walmart

The Walton family — the richest in the US — and Walmart are taken to task by Bernie Sanders.


2021-04-12 TaaS, Autonomous Ride Hailing Externalities

From my Tesla Economist comment.

I’m speaking from my viewpoint as a So. Californian, where cars are woven into the fabric of society. This view is about externalities that will have a major effect on the future of all of the vehicles and TaaS in the future.

In So. Cal. gasoline is about $4 a gallon; higher than most other states. Some states it’s under $3 a gallon. The motorist pays a heavy state and federal tax on fuel. When EVs replace ICEVs, all those revenues will be *gone.* The governments will have to distribute the costs of maintaining the transpo infrastructure over the EVs without any help from fuel taxes.

The costs of maintaining the transpo infrastructure will not go down if the number of licensed vehicles decreases. The drop in fees and taxes on licensed vehicles and fuel will have to be made up some way, the state or municipal governments may have to sell off unused properties such as half the lanes of dozen laned highways to real estate developers, to be used for storage? And this doesn’t consider what will happen to the few toll roads that So Cal has, but are much more common in other big cities.

It looks to me like the only equitable way of distributing the taxes is by the mile. The car owners who use their car the least are not going to pay as much as those who use their car mostly for TaaS. Before, the more you drove, the more you would pay for fuel taxes. But it won’t be possible to charge by the kWh because you can charge your car from a regular outlet so how could anyone know whether your kWh’s were for the car or for the home?

Right now if I own a pickup truck, I don’t have to pay commercial fees if it has a camper shell. If it doesn’t, then I have to pay $10 or so for yearly commercial license fees – not a lot, it depends on the weight class. But anyone who uses their vehicle for commercial purposes – like a taxi – has to have commercial license plates. So I assume that all the Tesla owned vehicles for TaaS would be paying commercial fees.

The big hatchet in this scenario is what happens when the TaaS causes the number of licensed vehicles to decline. The state vehicle registration fees are hundreds of dollars a year, and the costs will have to be increased as the number of vehicles declines.

One can see that this is adding more costs per mile that have to be considered when owning a vehicle.

The costs may stay the same for minimum required insurance, but since most cars are financed, they’re required to be fully insured, or over a thousand dollars a year. Since Tesla would own the cars outright they would not be required to pay full coverage, only minimum insurance. There will be a lot of loss of income for auto insurance companies as the number of vehicles declines.

There will be a lot of changes to mass transportation as buses and trains are electrified or weaned from fossil fuels. Will the mass transportation vehicles be autonomous? Will the buses become smaller as the demand for ride hailing increases, causing the demand for mass transportation and number of riders to drop?

There are other externalities that must be considered. There needs to be a diagram to chart out as many of these as can be known prior to the EV changeover.


2021-04-12 Democrats Must Weaponize Citizens United And McCutcheon

I have never heard of the Democrats taking an offensive stand, a tactic that the Repub’s often use by fabricating false narratives to rock the boat. I don’t advocate false narratives but there is nothing unethical about using tactics the enemy has used.

In the past decade or so the SCOTUS has invalidated parts of the voting rights act, specifically the limits on how much money can be spent on elections by corporations PACs and unions. The democrats could weaponise this by going on the offensive.

The Senate needs 60 votes to pass certain legislation. Right now the Senate is split evenly with 50 votes for each party. The Republicans have several senate seats that are in swing states or purple states where they haven’t got security; there is a good chance that they could lose the senate seat to the Democrats.

The Democratic party shall mount a campaign to win at least ten of the Senate seats back. The ammunition shall be small donor contributions that will be used by PACs to advertise against the incumbent Repub senators.

The amount of ammo depends on how well the Democratic party advertises to small dollar donors that their donations are extremely important for getting voters to replace Repub Senators who were supporters of Trumps false voter fraud claims.

One weapon will be that the targeted Senator supported the false narrative that the 2020 presidential election was fraudulent. This must be indoctrinated into the voters of that state that the senator supported a fraudulent president. There were many senators who supported this false claim.

Another weapon is the Repub senator voted to acquit the twice impeached president in both impeachments.

The objective is to instill enough concern among Repub senators who are in purple states that they may break from the unified block of Repub’s who always vote against any bill originated by the Democrats.

This weaponization may or may not be successful the first, 2nd or 3rd time; it will depend on how much money can be raised and spent on swinging moderate Repub’s and independents to vote for Democratic senators. It may also take some effort to sharpen the rhetoric to emphasize that the Repub senator was *not* following his oath to the constitution and the USA.

Success will also depend on the amount of pressure the offensive can put on the voters (through the newsmedia) to believe that Republican congressmen were supporting a president who lied to the voters and was filling government appointments with wealthy donors who put their own interests ahead of the government.

Another area for another target is Republican’s use of immigration to distract voters from the real issues. Skip the first 3 minutes of this BTC video and listen to BTC at 0.75 speed. He talks about the Repub’s using the immigration issue to distract voters from the more important real issues.

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