2021-03-05 Tesla Daily: Tesla Value 1.3 T Or More By 2030

Today I watched Rob Maurer’s Tesla Daily and he went through a spreadsheet of extremely conservative figures. He assumed a 25% growth rate up to 2030, which is half of the 50% that Tesla plans. And the car business, using conservative figures, came to a figure of approximately $670 Billion valuation. The FSD software, assuming 25% of car owners pay for it, and at $200 a month, came to another $620 Billion stock valuation. That comes to about $1.3 Trillion total stock valuation. And these do not include any of the revenue from the energy division.

Using other less conservative figures he showed figures that were up to $3 Trillion. So his conclusion is that this recent slump in stock prices has no consequence in Tesla’s long term future outlook. I think it’s an opportunity for others to buy more shares of TSLA.


2021-03-04 Too Much Electricity Used To Mine Bitcoin

This is not good. More electricity than a city.

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2021-03-04 Renewables Plus Storage Replacing Gas Power Plants

From comments

Gene Piwko Jr
Said, “I just think folks aren’t educating themselves on these things [wind, solar, battery storage].”

It looks like this applies to you more than anyone else. You claim that solar is not that reliable. That may have been true ten years ago but today renewables plus storage is replacing fossil fueled power plants.

This is one of five battery storage systems this company owns. And there are many others being built. There will be no fossil fuel power plants by 2035 or probably before then. That article you linked to said it’s impossible without government subsidies. Well, these are private companies that build and own these battery storage systems and they’re built under a long term power purchase agreement and I don’t see any government subsidies.


2021-03-03 $14T To Decarbonize Grid

It will cost $14 trillion to fully decarbonize the grid.


2021-03-03 Red & Blue States Most & Least Dependent On Federal $$

The red states are more dependent and the blue states are less dependent according to this study. They give their methodology on how they came up with the figures. Other studies have come to a different conclusion, but I don’t see them saying how they came to their conclusion. Just don’t trust the ones who use unsubstantiated data.

Here’s an article from AP that gives some more figures. They say that Republicans aren’t telling us the truth.


2021-03-02 LCOE Renewables Lower Than Other Power

Levelized cost of wind and solar dropping below gas and conventional by 2026.


2021-03-02 Electric Ships – Barges

These are container barges in The Netherlands. They’re putting the batteries in containers – that makes sense.

Update Mar 4 – I saw a short video on TV, might’ve been DW News, about fishermen in an African country using a small electric outboard motor powered by a couple batteries that were charged by solar. The gasoline motors were polluting the lake and the gas cost a lot. Now they can fish all day with no cost for fuel.


2021-03-02 Republicans Put “At A Competitive Disadvantage”!!

I was watching the PBS Newshour this evening and they showed parts of the Supreme Court’s telephone hearing with the lawyers for the appellants in this suit about voting rights in Arizona. My jaw dropped to the ground when the Republican’s lawyer replied to Coney Barrett’s question. He said, “Because it puts Republicans at a competitive disadvantage.”

Here is a short article about this hearing.

So basically the Republicans found that giving minorities unrestricted voting at the multi-precinct site or wrong precinct put them at a competitive disadvantage!

To remove this disadvantage the Republicans passed a law that disqualified a ballot cast in the wrong precinct. Before the law the voter would be able to vote out-of-precinct with a special ballot. This was consistent with the Voting Rights Act that is supposed to promote voting equality for all citizens regardless of who they are. Republicans have found that people of color vote more for Democrats and less for Republicans. So in order to tilt the playing field in their favor the Republicans have passed laws that make it more difficult for people of color to vote!! This is the opposite of what they _should_ be doing, which is to find out what causes the people to vote more for Democrats and then make changes to the Republican Party to regain the lost voters.

In the 60s the Voting Rights Act was passed (with full bipartisan support) to overcome the highly discriminatory laws that were passed in the southern states, such as literacy tests in order to vote. The states where there were widespread discrimination were put in a compliance list that was to be monitored by the Federal Election Commission to make sure they didn’t break the voting rights laws. But in Shelby County v. Holder the Supreme Court declared that Section 4(b) of the Voting Rights Act of 1965 is unconstitutional.

The 15th Amendment bans voting restrictions on the basis of race or color. Still somehow the states passed laws that do effectively discriminate indirectly, such as this Arizona law that disqualifies voting out of precinct.

Addendum Mar 4 – I heard more about voting access today on PBS Newshour. The Republicans in most state legislatures are introducing bills that restrict voting by requiring voter identification. They are using Trump’s false claim that the election was fraudulent to make it more difficult for voters to vote by requiring an ID. Many people of color do not have a valid ID, like a driver’s license or state ID, even though they are a legal citizen. This affects the poorest parts of the states and country. This is another attempt by the Republicans to tilt the playing field in their favor.

The special runoff election in Georgia where two Democrats won showed that the election could be influenced by the very large amount of money spent by the Democratic and Republican Parties. I found this quote:

<< David Lauter of the Los Angeles Times wrote the following on December 25:[29]

This week, alone, more than $87 million has been spent or booked in television, radio and digital ads in the state, according to AdImpact, a firm that tracks ad spending. That’s more than most Senate campaigns spend in an entire year. All told, some $365 million already has been spent for advertising in the two races, with another $110 million already booked, AdImpact’s figures show.

Control of the Senate rides on the outcome of the two races, and with it a large part of President-elect Joe Biden’s agenda.

That prospect has driven the huge outpouring of contributions, including large sums to four political committees controlled by Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell, R-Ky. The four groups have spent or booked more than $132 million in advertising in support of the Republican candidates. That spending has given the Republicans an advantage in the ad wars.

While outside Democratic groups are spending less than their Republican counterparts, they have still raised considerable sums. Fair Fight, founded by Stacey Abrams, the former Democratic candidate for governor in Georgia, reported raising $22 million, with most of it being spent on voter turnout operations. Two groups controlled by Senate Democratic Leader Charles Schumer of New York have spent or booked roughly $30 million in advertising. >>

So hundreds of millions have been spent in these two Georgia senate seats. The two Democrats won both seats. It said that Fair Fight spent most of $22 million on voter turnout. Apparently this was effective in getting the voters of color to go vote.

I’m pointing this out: that money talks and the Democrats will have to beat the Republicans at their own game by raising money to be spent on voter turnout. This seems to be the best way of leveling the playing field.

However HR1 has been passed by the House. This has to be passed by the Senate.

HR1 requires that districts be reapportioned by an independent commission. The Republicans have used gerrymandering to give them a political advantage.



2021-03-02 Space Shuttle Was Not Analog

From comment

Others are saying that this is analog. But even before the Shuttles the Apollo used a digital computer for guidance. I’m sure that in the years after the Apollos, they had even more digital equipment. And the analog days of the early 60s and before were mostly gone by this time. The major advancements in digital technologies were made by the NASA space programs.

All the switches, indicators and meters were for the highly trained astronauts to diagnose problems and override the digital systems. It was later that the switches and indicators were moved to buttons and annunciators on a touch screen. That’s when the software glitches like the 737 Max crept in.


2021-03-02 Service Providers Have 100 Mb/s Or More??

From my comment

All you subscribers who think you’re getting over 100 Mb/s on your service — all are getting fooled. You may be getting more than 100 Mb from your home to the nearest concentration point. But as soon as your bitstream has to compete with many others then you can’t get your full speed. Say for example your 100 Mb gets mixed in with 100 others, that’s 10,000 Mb and that’s as much as most fiber backbone connections can handle. But you and 99 other neighbors are competing with tens of thousands of others all over the state and millions of others in the country. So you see how you’re not going to get the full speed that service providers claim.

I see this daily when I watch a low resolution video on YouTube and I get the spinning bagel waiting for the video to make it through the congestion. Another way that YouTube tries to get through the congestion is to lower the resolution. I start out watching at 720 but the congestion forces YouTube to drop resolution to 480 or even lower – 360 or 240, which is very poor – just fuzzy.

The system kind of works by depending that only a fraction of the viewers are streaming videos. But more and more viewers are loading down the system and it’s more likely there will be congestion and it’s less and less likely that they will get full speed. And it’s getting just slower and slower and more overloaded.

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