2022-01-27 Thousands Of Institutional Investors In TSLA

There are thousands of institutional investors in TSLA.


2022-01-26 Blindsided By IPCC’s “Perfect Day” Problem

This says we have much shorter time period than IPCC’s “Perfect day” scenarios, which do not account for many other possible tripping points. The result is we may have only 3 to 9 years to make drastic changes or risk human extinction.


2022-01-26 China Is Critical For Tesla To Succeed

“China is critical for Tesla to succeed.”


<< Currently, it’s trendy to smear and hate on Elon Musk and Tesla, and although Elon as a person can be very polarizing at times, you have to ask yourself why is there a mass movement geared toward smearing Tesla?

That question has many answers, with one being that it’s a threat to the entire fossil fuel industry. Tesla has accelerated the transition to sustainability and is brilliantly leading the way into a cleaner future, and legacy automakers are struggling to compete. Tesla’s move is forcing oil and gas companies to actually understand that there are alternatives to fossil fuels. >>

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2022-01-25 Lordstown To Make ePickups

This year, Foxconn is set to produce pickup EVs at the Lordstown plant.


<< Depending on who you ask/believe, the Lordstown concept was an evolution of the Workhorse electric vehicle project that originally acquired the Ohio factory from GM in a highly politicized sale that, many believe, helped then-president Donald Trump solidify support in the crucial swing state. Workhorse sold off the majority of its shares in Lordstown soon after. >>

Looks like Trump lied. Again. Nothing new — over 3/4 of his claims were lies.


2022-01-25 Republicans Use Two Santa Clauses SCAM

This is an interesting theory.

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2022-01-24 GF Texas Datacomm Replies

Reply to Dessie Doolan in comments of Jeff Roberts flyover Day 551, this date.

At 3:57 the two groups of conduits are covered with concrete, one looks narrower than the other. I think this narrower one is for datacomm and telecom. If so, I don’t think they would need to run that much datacom to the switchyard/substation. The number of datacomm and telecom conduits would be more appropriate if it was going to a new building or complex.

However, if you look at the flyovers of Fremont campus, they have modulars or trailers that are semipermanent. Now that the GF Texas trailers have been moved to their present locations, they may be planning on making them semipermanent and connecting them up to the main building. There is a huge amount of land that has to be dealt with, so it may be years while Tesla deals with contractors to build future buildings on this campus. We already know that there will be a cathode plant building built so that’s another year of contractors working on site.


2022-01-24 Answers To EV Questions

This is good. I think everyone should read it.

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2022-01-23 Gotion LFP Battery Supply Agreement With Tesla

Guoxuan ‘Gotion’ has agreed to supply a major American EV maker [Tesla] with 200 GWh from 2023 to 2028.

He said Gotion has demonstrated an LFP cell that has 210 W per kg. That’s amazing. Currently, BYD LFP cells are at 155 W/kg and CATL is at 140 W/kg.

He said that Elon Musk has tweeted, “LFP batteries are the chemistry of the future.”

LFP batteries use no cobalt, no nickel. They use lithium, iron and phosphate. Lower cost, easier materials to obtain and safer, less prone to catch fire.


2022-01-23 Say Farewell To Your Simple Pleasures

The coffee may become more expensive and more difficult to obtain. But everyone will have to eat less meat, especially beef, and less dairy products. We will have to switch to chicken, which takes less resources to grow. Or just give up meat and eat a plant based diet.

Please read these words and enjoy the thoughts because someday the coffee, the chocolate and the wine may only be affordable by the rich, just like private jets.


2022-01-22 LED Xmas Light String Repair

A string of LED xmas lights had been fritzing on and off, then it finally failed. I had to pull out 4 lights before I found two that were dead. I had to file off the ridge around the base to get them to fit properly into the base. So it’s back working again.

It so happened that both bad ones were blue, which led me to believe that since blue has the highest forward voltage, they get the warmest and go bad first. Or instead, is it that the LED string has to handle the peak reverse voltage of the AC line, which is 180 volts? The LEDs flicker at 60 Hz so there is no filter capacitor. I don’t think there is a capacitive dropper hidden in the plug.

I was thinking about how to prevent the series string of LEDs from all going dark when any one LED goes open. I have thousands of 1N4731 4.3 volt Zener diodes that I could probably put across each LED so that if it goes open, the current would flow through the zener instead and keep the string running. But I would have to butcher the wiring to hide them where they’re not a shock and safety hazard.

One other thing that puzzles me is why there are 2 wires from the plug to the first LED then 3 wires between the rest of the LEDs. Maybe I’ll do some searching online for a wiring diagram.

To help trace down the presence of AC on the wires, I made the circuit commonly found on the web that has three transistors connected so the emitter of the first feeds the base of the second and the emitter of the second feeds the base of the third. This gives a compounded current gain of about 200 times 200 times 200 or about 8 million. So the AC electrostatic field of a ‘hot’ wire near the 4 inch antenna lights up the red LED. The 3V coin cell is a bit underpowered – it would be brighter with a 6 volt battery.

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