2020-11-30 All 6 States Have Certified Vote Counts

Today all 6 states where the votes were contested have now certified their vote counts. After a recount in Wisconsin Joe Biden’s lead gained 87 votes. Trump would’ve been better off if he hadn’t asked for a recount. Trump is still denying that the vote counts are accurate: he’s still tweeting that there was voter fraud in those states. He refuses to concede. And the courts keep dismissing his lawsuits as having no substantive proof.

But at least Biden has access to the government to prepare for the changeover on Jan. 20. Biden has chosen several women as heads of various cabinet departments. And many of the women are of color.


2020-11-28 Studies Of Reliability Of Fact Checking By Laypersons

Two studies of whether or not laypersons can be relied on in large numbers to fact check news sites. They singled out Facebook as being one of the worst for fake news. Gee, I wonder why? 🤗😂 It says Republicans distrust mainstream news sources – no surprise there; they go out of their way to label mainstream news as Fake News.

Quote from Abstract

>> Reducing the spread of misinformation, especially on social media, is a major challenge. We investigate one potential approach: having social media platform algorithms preferentially display content from news sources that users rate as trustworthy. To do so, we ask whether crowdsourced trust ratings can effectively differentiate more versus less reliable sources. We ran two preregistered experiments (n = 1,010 from Mechanical Turk and n = 970 from Lucid) where individuals rated familiarity with, and trust in, 60 news sources from three categories: (i) mainstream media outlets, (ii) hyperpartisan websites, and (iii) websites that produce blatantly false content (“fake news”). Despite substantial partisan differences, we find that laypeople across the political spectrum rated mainstream sources as far more trustworthy than either hyperpartisan or fake news sources. Although this difference was larger for Democrats than Republicans—mostly due to distrust of mainstream sources by Republicans—every mainstream source (with one exception) was rated as more trustworthy than every hyperpartisan or fake news source across both studies when equally weighting ratings of Democrats and Republicans. Furthermore, politically balanced layperson ratings were strongly correlated (r = 0.90) with ratings provided by professional fact-checkers. We also found that, particularly among liberals, individuals higher in cognitive reflection were better able to discern between low- and high-quality sources. <<


2020-11-28 Trump V. New York

The SCOTUS will hear this Nov. 30. It’s about Trump trying to stop illegals from being counted in the Census mainly in the largest states like California and Texas. The Census laws don’t say that illegals shouldn’t be counted. By lowering the count, it could cause the largest states to lose seats in the House of Representatives.

Update Nov 30 – The news had a sound bite of the proceeding but there was nothing decided at this hearing. Sometime later in January they will make a decision.


2020-11-27 Trump Loses Appeal in Pennsylvania

The “massive voter fraud” claims by Trump’s lawyers goes on and in Pennsylvania his appeal was denied. Pennsylvania certified the vote count last week. The lawyers said they will take it to the supreme court. Meanwhile Biden is proceeding ahead to be ready for the changeover on noon, Jan 20, 2021.

What is comical is Trump tweeted that in order to win the election, Biden must prove that the swing states’ vote counts are not fraudulent. Can you believe that? He believes he has the right to determine the rules for the election and dispute the state attorneys general who have certified their vote counts!

The thought occurred to me that there were a lot of voters who voted for Trump in 2016 because he made promises to them. They thought I’ll vote for Trump and after 4 years we’ll see if he does what he promises.

But in 2020 after 4 years they saw that his promises were false and never amounted to anything. So in 2020 they said, he’s had four years and didn’t fulfill his promises so I’m not going to vote for him again. One mistake was enough.

What bothers me is that so many people voted for Trump. In California Biden got more than twice as many votes as Trump. And I expected it to be similarly lopsided in many other states. With all the damage that Trump has done to this country — so much that it caused him to be investigated and impeached by the House of Representatives — it seems to me that this would have been enough to make many people switch their vote.

Trump made one enemy that cost him dearly. Trump said publicly that Sen. John McCain was not a war hero because he got caught and was a PoW for years. So when McCain was the deciding vote on Congress’ healthcare bill, McCain voted NO and killed the bill. Donald’s nasty mouth cost him dearly.

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2020-11-26 Hatemonger – Stephen Miller, Donald Trump, And …

I received the book Hatemonger by Jean Guerrero a few days ago and I’ve been reading it. The stories are from relatives, friends, classmates, acquaintances and those who have known him. They were interviewed by the author and references are given.

The first four chapters cover Stephen Miller’s youth up until he graduated from Santa Monica High School. This guy is a contradiction in so many ways. He dresses like a dandy but would refuse to clean up after eating.

Miller’s Jewish ancestors immigrated from eastern Europe. They came to the US because the pogroms that occurred under the Russians. What mystifies me is how someone whose ancestors suffered so much could turn around and cause the same suffering on others. The only answer that is obvious from reading the eyewitness accounts is it’s Miller’s extreme racism. His hatred for brown-skinned people. He hated when others talked Spanish and told them, “Speak English!”

I’m starting to read the time he gets involved with Jeff Sessions and Steve Bannon.

I’ve been thinking about what motivates a person with radical extremist views. In Miller’s case he came from a home of well-to-do, well educated liberals. He graduated from Duke University in Durham, NC so he’s not a dummy. He switched to the radical right during his teenage years in Middle and high school.


2020-11-24 Republicans And Gerrymandering

In states there have been districts that are spread out like a snake through poor and urban areas so that minorities are confined to a single or a few districts. The Republicans realize that voters in these areas most often vote for Democrats. The Republicans have to influence the redistricting committee to create these ‘gerrymandered’ districts so that the Republicans can confine the Democratic voters to fewest districts and allow Republicans to dominate the legislatures. In other words, by causing the districts to be accommodating to their reelection, the Republicans gain seats in the legislature and they don’t fairly represent their constituents.

I’m not saying that Republicans are the only ones that do this. But the court case against Gerrymandering in central Florida is against a redistricting committee that is controlled by Republicans.

The Republicans try their best to put blocks to voting rights for minorities. They think that a most of minority voters vote for democrats, so the want to limit as much as possible the ability of minority voters to vote.


2020-11-24 Facebook Bad For The World?

So the more hits a Facebook post gets, the less good for the world it is, according to the researchers. Less good or more bad means more attention from viewers, which is what Facebook needs. When the tweaks to its algorithm caused bad for the world posts to be demoted, they lost viewers. Facebook couldn’t keep that going – they were losing advertising revenue. Read more.


2020-11-23 Ex-Pres Trump Faces Lawsuits

This YouTube video tells what lawsuits Trump faces once he has left office. 6 to start with, maybe more from the Mueller Russia investigation.

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2020-11-23 Republicans Promises

Republicans’ promises to gain supporters

The Republicans and Trump use a technique much like what the con artist uses. They make a list of groups of people that have the opinion that they’ve been let down by the rest of society. This list they prioritize on which groups of people that are the most important. Then they analyze each group to find out what the promise they can make to them to get them to vote for Republicans. For instance, with the coal miners they promised to bring back coal, but coal is never going to be brought back due to economic and health reasons. The Republicans know this, but they know that giving hope to some group of people with promises will get votes even though the promises will never be fulfilled. This is just like a street corner gambler, who promises the sucker will win big money, knowing full well that he’s going to take every last penny from the sucker. It’s sort of like Las Vegas, where all the glitz and glamor attracts a lot of people with the promise of making a lot of money, but the casinos don’t get rich in Las Vegas from letting people win. Somebody has to lose, and we all know who they are.

Some of the groups that they have made promises to are:

Pro-lifers Who want to eliminate Roe V Wade. They want to go back to the times when illegal abortions were killing two instead of one – both the child and the mother.

Anti-gay marriage – The equal rights laws have been applied to prohibit laws discriminating against gay marriage. The religious groups still hold that gay marriage is evil. They want gay marriage outlawed.

Evangelical Christians who want someone to represent them who believes that they’re going to receive a better life. There is a big problem with that.

The coal miners, which I have already mentioned. If we keep on burning coal the whole world will be unlivable. Coal contributes twice as much greenhouse gases to the atmosphere than natural gas. Coal also contributes to the damage to health and deaths of hundreds of thousands of people.

The anti-immigration group. They’re the ones that seem to think that the immigrants have gone too far, and they’re trying to close the gate after all the cows have got out. There are 11 million illegal immigrants in the United States, and it’s going to be a very very long time before they ever deport even a fraction of them. It’s the biggest whack-a-mole game in the world: for everyone they deport, four more come in.

The School Choice group. They already have school choice: public or private schools. But private schools must be paid for by the student’s parents. The School Choice group wants the state to give them a voucher that they can spend at the school of their choice. That will take away the revenues that the taxpayers have paid and to be used for public education. The taxpayers don’t want their money going to private for profit education.

The smallest group of suckers but are far overrepresented by the amount of money they spend are the wealthy. They spend hundreds of millions of dollars on each election to try to influence voters. They’re the ones who pay lots of money to the superPACs to hide where their ‘dark money’ is coming from. Why they try to hide the money is because they are guilty of giving their money away to influence peddling. More like they _are_ guilty of graft and corruption.

Democrat Sheldon Whitehouse brought this up in the hearing to confirm Judge Coney Barrett. The dark money goes to lawyers who write up Amicus briefs that are reviewed by the courts. These amicus briefs strongly favor the side from where the dark money is coming from. These amicus briefs are a way of peddling influence on the court system.

Another group of people plagued by FUD (fear, uncertainty,doubt) are the Second Amendment Gun Rights advocates. They’re so deathly afraid that the “left wing extremists” are going to take away their gun rights that they will lie, they’ll tell you all sorts of extreme tales to make you fear that the second amendment is being abolished. It takes a major act of Congress to change the Constitution, so that won’t be happening.

Another group of people who are quite common are the anti-big government folks. They’re afraid that the bigger the government gets, the higher their taxes will be. Actually government isn’t the problem. The problem is that some branches of government are not big enough so the IRS, for example, doesn’t have enough manpower to collect billions of dollars in unpaid taxes. Meanwhile we have wasted three trillion dollars in a pointless war in the Middle East, which just keeps soaking up money like a sponge. Fossil fuels are on a decline — and it’s time we get out of the Middle East — they have never wanted us there to begin with. We would be better off if we dropped leaflets over the country offering bounties on the heads of the dictators, ISIS and Taliban leaders who are causing problems.

There must be other groups whom I have not included. Which?


2020-11-22 Trump Twitter Twit

I thought it would be a great idea to make the playing field level at the beginning of Jan. 21, 2021. Trump’s Twitter Account should be changed so he cannot use his “executive privilege” to block others he doesn’t like from tweeting a reply. Everyone would be able to reply to his ‘alternate truth’ with a real true version. Life is a two-way street — he must not be allowed to have it only his way.

Trump’s tweets from the time he began running as a candidate for president up to the time he steps down on Jan. 20, 2021 should be archived online with a catalog and crossreference so researchers can find his tweets. This will allow researchers to analyze the psyche of Trump and advise lawmakers to put checks in place to prevent future presidents from being such autocratic dictators.

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