2018-06-14 The 9012, 9013, 9014, 9015, 9018 And Similar Transistors

From the FB group Building Transistor Radios

Willie Barnett
The generic 901x series are very cheap jellybean transistors used in consumer electronics, typically made in Asia. The 901x was preceded by C, but other companies used other prefixes such a S901x for Fairchild (now ON Semi), or CC901x, or even MPS901x or MMBT for surface mount. I believe Korean Semi called it KSC901x. Some have ID’d it as 2SC901x, but I have never seen a datasheet with that. You can find the datasheets for the series online. There are also two other transistors typically used as high current switches in motorized toys, etc. The 8050 in NPN and the 8550 is PNP. The above also applies to these two. All of these transistors come in the standard TO-92 package with the E B C pinout.


2018-06-12 Casio Watches And A Vivid Dream

First paragraph from FB group Bell Telephone…

I had one of these Casio Data Tel watches, but I never used that feature. I used the calculator a lot, though. The buttons got scuffed up badly when I worked in tight places. I’ve had many Casio calculator watches, up until lately when I started using my phone.

Vivid Dream – June 15

I had a dream last night, really weird. I was walking home, and I kept having to cross over freshly laid cement sidewalks. My feet kept getting stuck in the cement. I had a big smartphone, too big to fit in a pocket, with detachable screen and keyboard that I had to keep in my hands to keep losing them. I kept slipping in the wet cement, and I looked around to see if anyone would be mad at me for leaving footprints in the cement. I noticed that traffic had stopped coming from downtown, so I looked to see why, and saw in the distance that a herd of cattle were coming down the streets. They were being chased by their herd dogs. I was afraid to stay in the streets so I went inside this old hotel.

I went and told the manager that a herd of cattle would soon fill the streets. We looked out the door and saw many very young cows, small but very active, trying to run away from the herd. He locked the doors and we went up the stairs to the mezzanine that overlooked the lobby. The sounds outside got very loud and somehow the younger calfs got inside and were trying to come up the stairways. We tried to shoo them away, but they kept on going up the stairs and we decided to hop up on the couch and try to stay out of their way. So we’re watching these young calfs trample through the place, and finally the herd of cows passed by and they left the hotel. I went back on the road, but I couldn’t figure out how to take a photo with the phone. Some family was watching the whole spectacle, dogs running around chasing the straggler calfs. I asked them how to take a shortcut home and the woman pointed toward the hills. I looked and saw bushes as high as my waist, and said that I wasn’t going to try to go through the bushes. I left, and it was dark and I just followed far behind the herd of cattle. It was a totally crazy but vivid dream!


2018-05-31 Four Legged Homeless?

From FB

Why? Last week, a lizard took refuge on my screen door. Now, I’m watching a silly pursuit on the 11 pm news, and I hear this noise on my screen door. I open the door and see one run away. But two more went into frozen fear mode and just stayed huddled in the corner!

Masked bandits! 😏


2018-05-30 AM Loop Antenna

A comment added to YouTube video

Hey, thanks for the very informative video. I have one suggestion. Many of us have no need for the PVC glue stuff after we have completed this project. I think it would be cheaper and better to use screws and holes drilled in the PVC to hold it together securely.

I made one out of wood, and I find that when it’s not used, it takes up room. It would be really interesting to make one that could be collapsed to a small space. I thought about using one of the collapsible umbrellas for the frame. I wonder of that would work okay and how long it would last. Thanks.


2018-05-26 Closet Racists

from FB group Orange Talk

The book I’ve been reading said that those who hate Obama are racists who are afraid of getting pummeled by “liberals” or whatever names they may use for those who won’t put up with racism. So instead they use some other reason to belittle Obama, like calling him a Muslim or whatever. I just can’t understand why so many of these closet racists can’t move on to pick on the next president. They are all equally to blame for the problems in government. Gallup said Boss Tweet is below 40% approval, but there are those here that do nothing but cheer for him, and belittle Obama. Seems to me they’re just out of touch with the rest of the country.


2018-05-25 Racist or Racially prejudiced

from FB group Orange Talk

Shelly Holder
Okay, take your “normal to be racist” sentence. If you look at something that is common or normal to a group of people and give it a pejorative name, such as racist, then you’ve become a condemner of that group, and you’re not any better than the group you’ve condemned. Racist is this term that has taken the place of another term that was previously used, racial prejudice. Everyone shows some prejudice, in their race, religion, groups they associate with, who their friends are, who they choose as a spouse, etc. If the person develops their prejudice into hatred and tries to spread their hatred to others, then the issue of being a word with “ist” or “ism” at the end comes up. The word could be racist or extremist or socialist or communist or populist or fascist or any of many similar words. Now what? There are groups that are hated by most people such as “skinheads” who catch a lot of flak from most people but due to freedom of speech have the right to speak out about what they believe. I can see calling them racists. But those of us who don’t belong to an institution and happen to believe that all people of an ethnic group are to be avoided because they have had a bad experience with on or a few are not racists. They are not trying to convince others to believe in racism. If anything, they are just fearful of a certain ethnic group.

So there’s a clear difference between racial prejudice and racism.


2018-05-15 One Vote Should Be One Vote Everywhere

From FB group Orange Talk

The fact is that I know the final count of the popular vote was 2.8 million in HRC’s favor, so this meme is *lying*. The rest of the statistics about counties are not about votes at all. A county doesn’t vote!

There was a meme showing a US map, and how red it was after the election. This whole “fact” warped out of proportion by land area is what’s absurd. It’s not about land, it’s about votes! Or are you just blind to facts?

Most importantly, is that if it wasn’t for the archaic electoral system, Boss Tweet wouldn’t be president. I have nothing against him being president, but it wasn’t fair to the *majority* of people who did *not* vote for him.

As for this meme’s assertion that “it would be ludicrous to suggest that votes in a small area should dictate the outcome of a national election”, that is a *totally absurd* statement. When Dubya won the election, he did exactly that, by a few thousand votes in Florida! And he also lost the popular vote!

But the electoral system will not matter any more in the future, maybe not in my lifetime or yours, but someday it will happen.


Matt Grant
That isn’t what I read. That’s my point! It doesn’t matter if a number of people live in a large or small area. And it doesn’t matter if the red/blue map looks bloody red! A vote is a vote, dammit, and my vote should count just as much, but no more than any other vote! And this meme completely missed that point!


Here is more information about the Bush v. Gore election outcome.

CSM, asserting that the electoral college was supposed to protect us against unqualified candidates like Trump, said,
“Some groups argue that the Electoral College exists as a check on the democratic process to prevent an unqualified candidate from making it into the White House, which is why groups recently lobbied individual electors in hopes of dissuading them from voting for Trump, as the Monitor reported:

The argument behind the lobbying is that Trump is the kind of candidate the Founding Fathers worried about. His character is suspect, according to his critics, as shown by his bizarre tweets, rambling speeches, and constant disregard of facts. Russian hacking might have swayed the election, they add, and Trump’s foreign business entanglements seem worrisome.”


How would *you* feel if the government told you that your vote doesn’t count as much because you live in a densely populated area?

You’d be angry, too!


2018-05-13 My First Transistor Radio

From FB group Vintage Transistor Radios

OMG, that was so long ago, I could never sort out which one. See, I was born with a soldering iron in my hand, and I fixed so many radios, I could never remember which one was one that I had. Most of the electronics I was given were vacuum tube sets, including several TVs. Cathedral radios and some old floor model radios, too. Many cheap AA5 sets, too. Most of them were beyond repair, their owners may have decided to buy a new one instead. So I scrapped most of them for parts. If I had a transistor radio, it was a portable that had been dropped and broken beyond repair. And all of those were cheap ones from Asia. However I built several kits for others, mostly Heathkits, but an occasional EICO.

I had never seen a Zenith TO until the ’70s, when I bought a carcass at a yard sale for a few dollars. I didn’t even know that Zenith made anything cheaper until I joined this group – that’s why I’ve turned into a Royal 500 and below fan. I think transistor radios played a minor part in my life compared to TV. Newton Minow was right!

Update! A light just went on in my head. I now remember my first Transistor Radio. It was a Superex kit. It had a fixed capacitor and a slug tuned coil with a threaded shaft and a knob. It was a crystal set with two transistors as an audio amp and a piezo earplug. It was useless during the daytime because there was a high power AM station a few miles away in the middle of the band that wiped out the other stations. At dusk it shut down, so I could hear a few other stations, but it still had poor reception.


2018-05-12 No One Who Can Read . . .

Comment to Katie’s post

No person who can read has enough time in their life to read all they want to read – to learn about things, to go on adventures to places far away and long ago, to explore the future.

I’m grateful for the Lord of The Rings movies, but I found so much more in the books. 👍


2018-05-11 Tesla Battery Bank Saves Aussies 90%

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