2024-02-20 Small Modular Thorium Molten Salt Reactors Are Coming To Europe

There is one issue that all nuclear plants have and that Sabine didn’t address, and that’s the huge consumption of water that all thermal plants have.  Building nuclear or any thermal plants near a source of coolant water is necessary, and that can become a major conflict when most populated areas are also near water.  Then there is the scarcity of water and droughts increasing the scarcity.

There has been the higher costs of building nuclear plants and their lower efficiency, but those were mentioned in the video.  The higher costs are a problem because the wind, solar and battery storage continue to be even less costly.  Utilities are not willing to pay higher costs for nuclear in general, so it’s even more difficult to sell them a new technology with an unproven record.

Thanks for the video, Sabine.


2024-02-19 BTC Scorns Trump – Really Damning!

Brian Tyler Cohen says, “Do you really trust someone who is not legally allowed to operate a business in New York to be able to run the entire country””


2024-02-18 Myth: What Goes Up Must Come Down

Dr. Tyson tells us:  The escape velocity of Earth is 7 miles per second.  One minute YouTube short.


2024-02-17 tbd


2024-02-16 Climate Scientist’s Victory Against Climate Deniers

Michael Mann’s lawsuit victory over a million dollars in damages.


2024-02-15 India To Build 30 GW Solar And Wind Facility

30 Gigawatts!  They say that that’s enough to power 18 million Indian homes.  This will most likely be the biggest project in the world – for quite some time.  It takes about 3 million solar panels per gigawatt, so if half the 30 GW is solar, that’s 45 million solar panels.  The other 15GW would need about 5000 wind turbines at 3 MW per turbine.

Short 1 min. video from DW


2024-02-15 A Legal Loophole Allows Gas Leaks To Keep On Flowing

It’s very sad.


2024-02-14 Guy Spreads FUD About EVs Drawing Huge Power From Grid

This guy’s figures are deceptive.  And what he says about the number of homes is not right.  First off, the battery can’t take 135kW for very long, only 10 to 15 minutes.  And if all four stalls have four EVs start charging at the same time, then they will split the maximum power between the EVs. But four cars very seldom start to charge so the power is spread out over time.

In California there are charging stations where the number of stalls is 56, and they’re going to build another one with 164 stalls.  If what he said was true, the 164 stalls would cause a power shortage and a power blackout.  But it’s not!  You can charge your EV at home in your garage and it’s *not* causing the grid to be overloaded.


2024-02-13 Tesla To Build Largest 164 Stall Supercharging Station In California

That’s a lot of stalls!

I also made a few calculations.  The canopies at GF Texas have 9 by 4 = 36 solar panels.  Assume each panel puts out 350 Watts.

350 * 36 = 12.6 kW.

Each canopy covers 4 stalls, so 164 stalls divided by 4 = 41 canopies.

12.6 kW * 41 = 516.6 kW.

516.6 kW * 6 hours = 3099.6 kWh per day.

So the canopies will not be a big contributor to the total kWh used, but the BESS’s will allow them to save a lot during peak demand in the evenings.

Tesla plans new world’s largest Supercharger, a glimpse at the future of charging


2024-02-12 Catalytic Converter For Smokeless Fire Wood Stove

This is really interesting.  A catalytic converter for a wood stove.  1 min. YouTube video.

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