2021-12-05 650 W Hydrogen Fuel Cell UAV Drone

Intelligent Energy demonstrates 650 & 800 Watt hydrogen fuel cell for a UAV drone. Short video.

Website (HQ in UK)

Quote from website:

<< South Korea leads the world in the number of hydrogen fuel cell vehicles on the road and is also increasing the number of hydrogen refuelling stations faster than any other country. With favourable policies supporting the use of hydrogen and fuel cells, South Korea is one of the most exciting locations to deploy fuel cell vehicles. >>


2021-12-03 Exxon Knew About Global Warming In 1977

Eunice Foote published her experiment with CO2 in 1857, showing how CO2 causes warming.

By 1965, scientists were confident enough to warn president Lyndon B. Johnson.

Exxon knew in 1977, that the CO2 would cause global warming.

See this 23 min. YouTube video.


2021-12-03 Trump Tax Cuts Help The Rich

This graph shows the 2017 tax cuts.

See the BTC channel’s video.


2021-12-03 Fossil Fuel Company Subsidies

There is a growing body of citizens who want the US government to stop subsidizing the fossil fuel industry. But the government really could use the subsidies to the advantage of clean energy. Instead of ending subsidies, which would end up costing more for consumers, we should require Big Oil and fossil fuels to invest the money into renewables like solar PV and wind turbines. We should require that oil companies plug up abandoned oil wells to prevent them from releasing methane into the atmosphere. There should be a clear path to change to renewables for every company that is receiving a subsidy. Companies should commit to this and be monitored to make sure they are fulfilling their commitments.


2021-12-03 China Has 302 GW Offshore Wind!

This is very difficult to comprehend. That’s about a quarter of all the electricity that the US uses! That’s equivalent to 300 full-size power plants! Incredible! Assuming that the wind turbines are 10 MW each, that would be 30,200 wind turbines.


2021-12-02 13 Misconceptions About Global Warming

7 min YouTube video from Veritasium AKA Derek Muller.


2021-10-07Aliens Make People Believe Cosy Lies

The aliens in UFOs come at night when people are sleeping and transport them into their UFO. The aliens induce deep sleep, then treat their captives’ heads with a radiation beam that makes them only believe warm and cosy LIES. This causes them to turn into Trumplicans who foolishly believe every conspiracy theory. The aliens then transport them back into their beds, where they wake up with only a few strange dreams. Every time anyone makes a rational statement, the alien indoctrination springs into action and overwhelms the person’s common sense and the person parrots the irrational false nonsense that’s bad for everybody.


2021-12-01 TSLA Hits $1000

In November, 2021 Hertz said they had ordered 100,000 model 3s from Tesla. Shortly thereafter TSLA hit $1000 a share. The numbers are mind boggling. At 5000 EVs a week, all of them going to Hertz, that would require 20 weeks to produce. Obviously not all will go to Hertz, so it’s going to take a lot longer than 20 weeks to fill the order. Plus the demand for individual buyers keeps growing. It looks like the demand for the 3 and Y is so great that Tesla may have to build a second assembly line at GF Texas just for model 3. I get the feeling that the Cybertruck is going to take even longer to be produced. 😧😢

But there are only so many drivers in the US so Hertz’s cars will allow some customers to lease a model 3 for a year or two and it will take some pressure off demand for individual buyers. Beside that, the MIC M3s can be (and supposedly will be) imported to USA and that will help relieve pressure.

This morning I parked next to a Model X and I was impressed!! If TSLA keeps ‘rocketing to the moon’ I’ll be able to afford a Model X instead of a Y!!

Update 2021-11-26
TSLA has been around $1100 +- $60 or so. It’s being influenced by Elon Musk’s sale of stock in sizeable blocks.

Update 2021-12-01 TSLA is still around $1150.


2021-12-01 Can Solar Cut It?

<< Using solar panels with an efficiency of 16% to supply the world, we would need to cover an area of 367 by 367 km or 135,000 sq. km.

One USA based study concluded that the land required would be smaller than the current existing footprint of the existing system. >>


Rooftop Solar Makes S. Australia Hit Negative Demand

Rooftop solar makes South Australia the world’s first gigawatt-scale system to hit negative demand.

One thing that angers me is that they said they may have to shut off some rooftop solar to cut back the supply. That “curtailment” should be made illegal. The law should require that all excess renewables generation be used to generate green hydrogen. The hydrogen must be stored and used to replace fossil fuel generation.

Once the renewables generation reaches 3 to 4 times the normal load, there will be enough renewables, storage and green hydrogen to generate all electricity at all times, even during peak maximum demand.

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