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2023-08-09 “We Are Damned Fools” James Hansen

Quotes: “” James Hansen & The Sounds Of Silence Hansen’s words fell on deaf ears. His warnings spawned a movement populated by opportunists, know-nothings, charlatans, and committed climate deniers like that consummate jackass James Inhofe, a senator who once brought a snowball into the well of the Senate to “prove” that climate change was a

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2023-07-11 Are Climate Doomers Right? Apocalypse!?

Are Climate Doomers Right? It’s a 16 min video from DW Planet A. At 3:45 she interviews some experts on this topic. At 5:52 she goes through some scenarios. At 8:12 the Inaction chapter begins. At 10:20 she says that in a poll of children, 65% think the world is doomed because of government inaction.

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2023-07-03 FFs More Than Business As Usual – This Should NOT Be Allowed!

The IPCC plans for 1.5C require that the countries have to do a cutback below BAU – business as usual.  Countries incentivize RE – renewable energy – to get it more competitive with FFs – fossil fuels.  But FFs say we’re not going to stand by and let this happen and they raise hell saying

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2022-07-15 Vultures Rewilding Ecosystem In Bulgaria

Along with , forests, croplands and grasslands, grasslands in the EU absorbed 263 million tons of carbon dioxide equivalent per year. That’s around 4 and 1/2 times the total annual emissions of Bulgaria in 2019. The EU is looking to restore more land to raise that number to over 310 million tons by 2030. Globally,

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2022-06-09 Climate Lost Without Total Commitment

The quotes at end are alarming.

2022-05-14 Global Warming Causes Heat Wave In India & Pak.

Global warming has already hit India and Pakistan – see graphic. Large areas of 44.5 deg. C and higher – that’s 112 deg. F. – unbelievable! It’s deadly serious – people can’t live in that heat wave!

2022-04-28 Ginormous 20 GW Solar + Storage Project in NT, Australia

Sun Cable plans to build 17 to 20 gigawatt plus battery storage in Australia to power Singapore through undersea cable. $30 billion (Aus). To show how Ginormous this project is, divide 20 billion watts by 1000 watts, then multiply by 2.5 (400 watts per panel). So 20 million times 2.5 is FIFTY MILLION solar panels!!

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2022-04-21 We Must Put The Planet Before Profit

Newsletter quote << The Guardian ‌ ‌ ‌ Down to Earth We won’t cut meat-eating until we put the planet before profit Damian Carrington The argument over renewable energy has been won – it’s clean, it’s cheap and is a vital part of ending the climate crisis. But, by contrast, the debate over action to

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2022-04-18 NRDC “Save The Forest” Destroying It With Junk Mail

I see donate ads for NRDC and some of what they do is worthy so I donate on occasion. Then I get these hypocritical junk mail letters asking to “save the forest” while they are destroying the forests with tons of junk mail letters, most of which will end up in landfills. Then they declare

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2022-04-12 Adapting to Sea Level Rise Will Be Extremely Expensive

He really made me very angry when he said, “”… because there is SIMPLY NO WAY we can carbon capture our way out of fossil fuel dependence.”” I just watched the video on PBS called Forever Wild. A town in Colorado was given 90 days to raise $50 million to rescue the valley floor from

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