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2021-10-11 Hydrogen House Project Tour Video

This guy runs everything off hydrogen. He makes his own, stores his own and powers everything from green hydrogen. He has six patents dealing with hydrogen. He made his own system. GKN Hydrogen’s HY2MINI demonstrator. This is a similar setup. The solar array powers the electrolyzer. The green hydrogen is stored in metal hydride

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2021-09-05 Blue Hydrogen Is Greenwashing By Big Oil

At 13:00 Dave talked about how problematic green hydrogen is, and at 13:30 he said why not just use the electricity directly for the home. Herein is the whole problem: the solar and wind electricity is generated at times when it is not needed and not generated when it is needed. So we still have

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2021-08-17 Laser Hydride Film Stores Hydrogen

This company called Plasma Kinetics has developed a thin film that can store hydrogen at the same volume as a 5000 PSI cylinder but lighter, and lighter than batteries. The medium can be very thin film or disks. The hydrogen is released by shining a laser onto the film. Because the hydrogen does not have

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2021-06-12 Hydrogen Based Energy Storage System

German company is marketing a hydrogen based energy storage system for residential use. Also heats water. It’s made for use with solar PV system. PICEA

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2021-05-21 Hydrogen Is Inefficient??

From FB group reply Andrew Roddy You failed to state the obvious. Hydrogen, despite its inefficiencies, is more efficient in FCEVs than fossil fuel in ICEVs. And its distinct advantage for heavy transportation is the refueling time can be the same as fossil fuels. See charts below. One more pro for hydrogen efficiency, see this

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2021-05-07 LAVO 30 Year Hydrogen Fuel Cell System

This short story gives the price of a Lavo green hydrogen fuel cell system as AU$35,000, I’m assuming it’s Australian dollars. It says the system is good for 30 years. Here is JHAT channel’s video about it. Skip first 2 mins. A comment in the above video said this (quote): << owmid 6rgy.

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2021-04-24 The Future With Green Hydrogen

This very informative TED article explains what is and will be occuring in the near future with green hydrogen. It talks about how green hydrogen will be used for airplanes and heavy transportation. It gives projects that will be generating green hydrogen. Using green hydrogen as a replacement for diesel vehicles. At the end it

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2021-02-11 Bloom Energy Will Be Profitable in 2021

Bloom Energy (BE) expects to be profitable in 2021. This article gives insight into its plans and finances.


2021-02-06 Jim Cramer Talks About TSLA and PLUG

I’ve got them and Bloom Energy (BE) also. Cramer tells about the guy who founded Plug Power and believes in it even though it has been a struggle. But things are looking much better for Plug Power. I should have bought Ballard Power BLDP, it, like plug has gone up a lot.

2021-01-22 Bloom & Samsung To Power Ships With Fuel Cells

In the future there are going to be ships using solid oxide fuel cells to replace generators. The propulsion engines will be replaced with electric motors powered by fuel cells, which will use green hydrogen. The future needs to be now, we must rush the transition to renewables and leave fossil fuels in the

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