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2023-11-23 H2 Advocates/ICCT Don’t Understand PPAs, RECs, Wholesale, Retail Electricity

First, the Prime Directive: The release of GHGs – greenhouse gases – by humans into the atmosphere must be stopped. Burning fossil fuels for industry and transportation make up a major part of those GHGs. Fossil fuels must be replaced by fuels that add no GHGs to the atmosphere. Hydrogen is one choice. I want

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2023-11-15 HYDROGEN – You Wouldn’t Be Alive Without It!

I constantly see the armchair BEV (battery electric vehicle) ‘experts’ badmouth hydrogen FCEVs. The hydrogen is 3X less efficient than BEVs, they claim. But the ICEVs (internal combustion engine vehicles) they’re now driving are less efficient than the hydrogen FCEVs! So why are these hypocrites complaining? Hydrogen has been *safely* generated, stored and transported in

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2023-10-28 Solar Panels, Lies From Big Oil & Fossil Fuel Industries

Yes, it’s all about money.  New nuclear power plants are economically infeasible and the utilities won’t buy them.  The new nuclear power plants have had multi-billion dollar cost overruns and decade long construction delays.  New nuclear and thermal power plants require a huge amount of water for cooling and have to be located near a

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2023-10-26 6 Of 9 Planetary Boundaries Have Been Breached

This chart shows the 9 Planetary Boundaries and how they have been breached. Some don’t look that alarming but *anything* past the green is bad. The Novel Entities is especially troubling.

2023-10-21 Fossil Fuels Are Made Of Plants, Not Dinosaurs

Some people think that crude oil is made of dinosaurs. No, it’s made of dead plants. More in this short video.

2023-10-12 Haber Process – Making Ammonia Is Very Energy Intensive

Those who are concerned about the use of fossil fuels are typically concerned about transportation and fossil fuels use in homes and industries. But they tend to ignore the fact that humans use a large amount of fossil fuels to make fertilizer to grow food. Without fertilizer there would be global starvation. Along with other

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2023-09-20 From 1910 to 1930 We Went From Horses to Automobiles

It’s mandatory that the world stops using gas guzzling fossil fueled vehicles and convert to EVs. Immediately!

2023-08-26 ‘Thank You Big Oil’ Campaign Targets Fossil Fuel Companies

A billboard campaign. “Thank You, Big Oil” Campaign Targets Fossil Fuel Companies

2023-08-25 Electric Vehicle Lies – EPA Authoritative Source

There are so many LIARs out there who propagate the myths that EVs are worse than gas cars. They are not. This list has several other myths – lies – that it debunks.,Myth%20%232%3A%20Electric%20vehicles%20are%20worse%20for%20the%20climate%20than,even%20when%20accounting%20for%20manufacturing

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2023-08-21 Australian Mines Demand Increasing, Lithium, Copper

Australian needs to stop exporting coal and fossil fuels and start ramping up their mines to meet the demands for lithium, copper, manganese, etc. Australian Mining — Can It Power All The New EVs?

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