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2022-05-31 Sustainable Agriculture

Sustainable Agriculture.

2021-10-06 Agrivoltaics Benefit French Vineyards

The solar panels over the vineyards protect the grapes from hot and cold temperatures, and the power is fed into the grid, reducing fossil fuel use.

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2021-09-21 Sugar, Coffee Yields Cut By Climate Change

Sugar and coffee yields were slashed by climate change, report warns. I’m glad I don’t drink coffee.

2021-08-20 Queen Of The Night Went Crazy Last Night

My beautiful Queen of the Night went crazy again last night. Tue night / Wednesday morning she went crazy with 5 flowers, one you can see shriveled and sagging in this photo — that’s the one in the second photo. About 10 to 12 bloomed in the last few days.

2021-07-01 Food Systems Responsible For 1/3 Of GHGs

Food systems are responsible for a third of global GHG emissions according to the paper shown in this episode of Just Have Another Think. The climate impact of the world’s top meat and dairy producers. << Animal agriculture just on its own accounts for nearly 15 percent of global greenhouse gas emissions. >> Paper

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2021-05-06 Farming With Salty Water

The farm land that has salt can be used to grow vegetables. 2.1 minute YouTube video.

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