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2022-08-20 Banks, Big Oil Boards Have Conflicts Of Interest

Banks, Big Oil boards have conflicts of interest! “”Those calls to phase out the industry are growing louder by the day. It’s not just environmentalists and climate scientists pushing for this essential step in the fight against climate change. United Nations Secretary-General António Guterres recently said the fossil fuel industry and its financiers “have

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2022-06-20 Nuscale SMR – Engineering With Rosie

Nuscale SMR video from engineering with Rosie Rosie said, “The amount of land needed for nuclear is small compared to wind and solar…” This is a false and unfair assertion. In the US the nuclear power plants are surrounded by an exclusion zone where there cannot be any population, and this is a large area.

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2022-06-13 What 3 Degrees C. Of Global Warming Looks Like

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2022-06-10 Stranded Assets – Trillions Of Dollars

Those same would-be stranded assets are already costing the world incalculable amounts of human misery, suffering and deaths from air pollution among other bad things. Stranded assets will be inconsequential compared to the saving of the Earth. At the end it said “…stable phaseout of fossil fuels” but there must be a quick end to

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2022-06-09 ESRI Time Lapse Of GigaFactory Nevada

Talks about the building and shows timelapse of the construction. Link is to instagram. I don’t have an account, so I can’t go any further.





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