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2020-03-28 Chemtrails Conspiracy Theory

From a FB comment by a person whose first name was Matthias.  He claimed that chemtrails was not a conspiracy theory, it was “conspiracy FACT.” I see nothing in this ‘Operation Popeye’ document relating to ‘chemtrails’.

2020-03-27 Real Computers Glow In The Dark

2020-03-21 Golden Bell Radio and Bell Trademark

One member posted a transistor radio to the vintage transistor radios FB group and its name is Golden Bell. The first thing that came to my mind was the word Bell. Anything that had the word Bell in it usually had something to do with the telephone company, and if it didn’t, the telephone company

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2020-03-17 Zinc & Chloroquine Inhibit Viral Replication

This short 9 minutes YouTube video explains the process of how the virus replication is blocked. This is being used already in some countries.

2020-03-11 Climate Change And Denial

This Time magazine article is useful.

2020-03-09 Chernobyl & Fukushima Cancer Deaths Estimates

This coming week marks the 9th year since the Fukushima Dai Ichi nuclear disasters. I keep hearing that all the deaths due to nuclear power plants add up to just a 2 digit number. But it’s not that simple – the nuclear apologists try to understate the deaths and damage done. I don’t think that

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2020-03-07 Coal And Its Evil Results

In China, industries burned coal and people burned coal for cooking and heating. In cities like Beijing the air pollution was so bad that it was hard to see the stop lights and pedestrians had to wear facemasks. The pollution killed estimated millions of people with lung problems. China realized this and has done a

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2020-03-04 The High Cost of Staying Alive

We went out to Hennessey’s in downtown San Juan Capistrano, and I talked to a guy who is waiting on a list for a kidney. In the meantime he goes to a dialysis center for treatment three times a week for four hours, brings his laptop and watches movies. It costs his insurance $7,400.00 per

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2020-03-02 Life’s not easy in So. Calif.

From FB comment. If you don’t vote for change, the whole world’s going to go to hell. We had better change the way we live, and cut back on fossil fuels, and change to renewables, or else there’s not going to be any livable world for the future generations! If your relatives moved out of

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2020-03-01 Aerocar 1 of 4 in Existence

This is a link to a Facebook post, it may not work but it might be found somewhere on the web.

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