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2024-06-08 Bidirectional On-board Chargers: Smaller, Faster, Cheaper

Smaller and can handle 22kW because they use Silicon Carbide power semi’s which can run at much higher switching frequency – 1.3 MHz.

2024-06-02 LDES Long Duration Energy Storage Poised To Outcompete Lithium-ion Batteries

This article has some good information.  The author stated that China is far ahead in long duration energy storage systems.  LDES poised to outcompete lithium-ion batteries

2024-05-30 Astroturfing By The Big Oil and Fossil Fuels Industries

Lies, lies, lies!

2024-05-09 DIY Sander

Short YouTube video shows how to make a sander that clamps to the bench.  It uses a Makita angle grinder motor.

2024-04-28 Hydrogen Electrolysis Cell Uses Solid Oxide

Korean researchers build 8 kW solid oxide electrolysis cell that can produce 5.7 kg of hydrogen per day

2024-04-26 Nuclear Fusion Insanity

This is a 35 minute YouTube video on nuclear fusion.  It’s a narration but the graphics don’t match up with the narration.  I give it a grade of C minus. Quote “”The ITER reactor is designed generate to 500 Megawatts of fusion power for at least 400 seconds, achieving a ten-fold gain in plasma heating

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2024-04-24 Tesla 2024 Q1

Electrified’s Loomis goes over some of the Q1 figures, but it’s much more important what he says about Tesla the company. 



2024-04-17 Green Hydrogen MUST Replace The Huge Amount Of Gray And Brown Hydrogen Already Being Consumed By Industry

I’m flabbergasted that so many people don’t get these facts. There are many segments of industry that are heavily dependent on a supply of hydrogen – a couple large segments are plastics and fertilizer.  This industrial hydrogen segment is huge and is a major contributor of greenhouse gases. Hundreds of millions of people depend on

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2024-04-15 First Trump Criminal Trial: What To Expect

A comprehensive summary from PBS News hour.

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