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2021-07-28 CO2 Capture And Sequestration

Utilities should capture CO2 directly from power plants, while it’s still highly concentrated. The following is from: << As estimated in the U.S. Inventory of Greenhouse Gas Emissions and Sinks, more than 40% of CO2 emissions in the United States are from electric power generation. >> << According to the Greenhouse Gas Reporting Program,

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2021-07-23 FBI’s Sham Investigation of Kavanaugh

This went on during Trump, happened before the confirmation of Kavanaugh to SCOTUS.

2021-07-18 Fake Trump Cancelled

Trump using traditional media now that he has been banned from social media. The thought occurred to me that Trump has been trying to push the false narrative as far as possible to see how far he can go with his cult of Trump followers and right wing extremism.

2021-07-15 Huge Goldfish In Lakes Threatening Ecosystems

Goldfish dumped in lakes are growing huge, threatening other species. But they might be fun to catch when fishing!

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2021-07-12 Energy Imbalance Has Increased In 14 Years

Study finds Earth’s energy imbalance has increased in the last 14 years.

2018-10-05 Air Band Radio Kit HMOOABRA_4.3 Part 1

Will also post to FB. I ordered this air band radio kit from China a few weeks ago and received it a few days ago. Yesterday I spent most of the day assembling it. I’m an experienced kit builder and believe me, it was difficult. The kit came with a single sheet of paper, on

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2021-07-05 Shame On Those Who Whine About Trivialities

George Ragusin I am completely befuddled by your inability to be concerned about the actual problem and be totally distracted by something so trivially unimportant. Wake up!!! Do your homework!! While you’re whining about this, you could instead be whining about the millions of people dying every year from air pollution caused by burning fossil

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2021-07-02 Tesla M.Y Std Range Back To Hong Kong

I would like the Model Y with the Lithium iron phosphate batteries.

2021-06-29 Sodium Ion Batteries

Sodium Ion Batteries are very similar to lithium ion batteries, but sodium is much cheaper. Wikipedia

2021-06-27 UHV Line Worker In China

Watch this 4 minute video. Here is some CCP propaganda patting a worker on the back for doing a dangerous job. 660 kV lines in a bundle of six(!) Handling 1/10 of the power of the whole province of Shandong, which has 100 million population. The insulators are huge! Look at those arcs jumping to

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