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2018-01-16 Welfare and Welfare-Mart

From FB group Orange Talk Heidi Norris Dawson Okay, then ‘they’ pack up and move to a different county or state.  Turns out that the country’s biggest private employer, Walmart, or possibly some other retail company, is the only employer with jobs available.  So ‘they’ decide to take out a huge student loan and go

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2018-01-03 Frank Lundquist, Telephone Inventor

From FB group Bell Telephone… Keelan Lightfoot I have never seen any of the switching equipment, but it had to be electromechanical, something along the likes of strowger  switches.  The dial phone my friend has was working many decades ago, but the oil has gummed up.  It has five vertical levers, their ends stick out

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2018-01-01 H N Y! Old Germanium Transistors Lose Gain As They Age

Happy New Year! I replied to a comment by George Glavas on FB group Vintage Transistor Radios George Glavas I’ve never read any documents to back up your claim that “…germanium transistors lose gain as they age.”  I think that people believe this because old equipment has lost gain.  But all of the problems I’ve

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2017-12-31 Happy New Year!

Happy New Year!

2017-12-29 Shipping Costs Kill Good Deals

From FB group Vintage Transistor Radios My comment about a radio for AU$5400 on eBay. Dreaming, or more like wishing and hoping for a sucker to buy it.  But at least he had enough sense to add ‘or best offer’.  If someone offers a hundred, maybe he’ll take it. I’ve had a few successes with

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2017-12-25 Merry Xmas


2017-12-16 Olympic 860 Radio Capacitor Replacement 

I was the only bidder on a lot of three radios, one of them is an Olympic model 860 AM transistor radio.  This radio uses four AA cells for a total of 6 volts DC. Overall the radio is in good condition – no chips or cracks.  I powered it up and if I turned

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2017-12-15  Royal 500 Capacitors Replaced

From FB group Electronics Hobbyists, regarding the Zenith Royal 500 radios. Clyde Hendrickson  There are two 50 uF, 10V electrolytic capacitors under the battery holder.  Replace them with 47 uF, 10 or 16 volts. There is also a smaller capacitor next to the other, it might be a 3 uF, or a 16 uF, 10V.

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2017-12-10 Power Outage And Cell Sites

From FB group Bell Telephone… Paul Triplett If the power where I live went out a lot, I would be looking into why so many outages.  I have had good luck, just a few times in several years.  One time we could hear the boom caused by arc-over.  I went down a few blocks and

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2017-11-28 Royal 500 And 3.5mm Phone Jack

I finally got around to spending some time online to search for a replacement jack for the corroded one in the Zenith Royal 500 I’m working on (#473430).  I had to destroy the jack to get the nut off, the whole jack was green.  The hole was so corroded the plug wouldn’t fit.  I ordered

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