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2021-05-04 Gasoline Powered Cars Quaint Anachronism – Elon Says

“…Towards the end of this century we will look back upon gasoline powered cars the same way we look on coal: as sort of a quaint anachronism that’s in a museum. A short video of an interview with Elon Musk


2021-04-20 US Power Sector Halfway To Zero

Power sector is halfway compared to the EIA estimates of 2005.


2021-04-20 The Value-Action Gap Hinders Climate Change

From FB post to climate change group. The Value-Action Gap….the real bane of solving climate change issues………. The value-action gap is a phenomenon where people act in a way that’s inconsistent with their values. Examples of value-action gaps include people eating unhealthy food even though they care about their health, people avoiding green energy sources

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2021_04_18 18 Point Rebuttal To Singer’s Anti-wind Turbine Letter

Singer seems to be a shill for the fossil fuel industry. She uses the term, Industrial Wind Turbine or IWT to attempt to associate wind turbines with industry, even though the wind turbines have nothing to do with industry – they’re located in the country or offshore. She goes on to say “… Then legislators

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2021-04-16 The Long Strange History Of Bill Gates Population Control Conspiracy Theories

FB Comment to Bill Sherman There is plenty of evil out there, and it’s not Gates, it’s those who are making money off of lies about famous people. This great game India dot com website is a fake news outlet. Link about it is at bottom. Gates is made out to be an evil person

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2021-04-11 Restrictive Voting Bill Advances In Texas

Texas is one of dozens of states that have introduced these restrictive voting bills into their legislatures. Most people believe these voting restrictions are not really for preventing the nonexistent voter fraud that Trump claimed. The real reasons are: to restrict voters who do not have identification from registering to vote. Also to make it

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2021-04-02 Limits On Total Numbers Of EVs Made

From FB TSLA group I’m not sure this chart is predicting realistic numbers. As a TSLA shareholder I hope it will be that way. But if we look at the amount of raw materials that will be needed for the hundreds of millions of batteries in the future, there is a point where obtaining enough

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2021-03-29 Biomass Vs. Solar Power

“Solar panels can produce 100 times as much power per acre as biomass.”

2021-03-28 Everything Will Be Alright

B-) “Let the Sunshine in” ********************** Everything Will Be Alright

2021-03-26 11 Million Unauthorized Immigrants

From PBS Newshour 2021-03-26 “60% of the estimated 11 million unauthorized immigrants in the US have lived in the country for a decade or more.”

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