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2020-07-10 Bird Chirp Circuit Additions, Thoughts…

See my previous blog. The circuit runs off a photovoltaic cell that puts out approximately 3.85 volts during a sunny day. The chirps put a small load during the noises and the voltage changes very little, maybe .03 volt. I think the photovoltaic cell could drive a few LEDs without any problem. I thought it

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2020-07-09 Chirping Bird Circuit

I found this circuit at 5 or 6 different websites, all identical except some were in color, others not. The schematic and part values were all the same. I didn’t have a 1k CT to 8 ohm transformer (Radio Shack 273-1380) so instead I used a transformer with four 600 ohm windings and I tied

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2020-07-08 SCOTUS: Employers Health Plans No Longer Have To Pay For Contraceptives

The Supreme Court decided against the Obamacare law requiring employers’ health plans to pay for birth control. The employer must have religious or moral objections to birth control. This is not a major victory for Trumpism because the employee can find a job somewhere that doesn’t have an objection. There is the “externalities” or unintended

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2020-07-01 Covid Age Calculator; VR Demo How SARS Binds To ACE2

Watch the YouTube video (link below) and go to the link in the description and fill out the Covid age calculator. This is an excellent way to determine risk. This amazing and informative 3D Virtual Reality Demonstration of how the SARS virus’ spikes bind to the ACE2 receptor on the epithelial cells. He also

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2020-06-30 #StopHateForProfit Facebook Must Be Held Responsible

#StopHateForProfit – I am joining the major companies in boycotting Facebook starting July 1st, at least until the elections are over or maybe until next year. You may contact me at my yahoo address, acmefixer. Look at this: Numerous companies have stopped advertising on Facebook because Facebook has taken a hands off approach to

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2020-05-29 CoViD19 Lessons From Japan

This article has some very important lessons from Japan, which has 45 times *lower* CoVID19 cases than the US. Quote: “In the absence of lockdown restrictions, public health guidance will matter more than ever. People want to know what the rules are — and why they should follow them. As for the rules, there

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2020-05-22 PIM Passive InterModulation Explained

Good article on passive intermodulation, AKA the Rusty Bolt Effect.

2020-05-14 Low Quality LEDs From Small Vendors

from FB comment in Vintage Transistor Radios Pablo E. Laredo I used to buy LEDs from small vendors on eBay. I found that most of the 5mm LEDs that I got from the small vendors were seconds, the chip wasn’t centered so the beam was off center, or there were bubbles in the clear epoxy

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2020-05-16 Renewables Vs. Nuclear Power Plants

The actual costs of the new NPPs (Vogtle in the US and Okiluoto in Finland) have gone far overbudget – tens of Billions of dollars, plus years of delays. It’s not antinukers, it’s huge cost overruns and delays that are preventing investors from building new NPPs. NPPs are not capable of competing against renewables. The

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2020-05-04 Windows Backwards Compatibility With MSDOS

This 8 min YouTube video talks about why you can’t name a file CON in Windows 10 but after the 4 minute point he talks about being backwards compatible with earlier versions of Windows and even MSDOS which had to be used with Windows 3 and earlier. He points out that Excel still has a

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