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2017-09-21 Kid Was Totally Into Telephone Central Offices

Posted to FB Antique Telephones group as a reply to Kevin J. Fitzgerald  I helped some students in our computer lab, and one high school kid, I think his name was Robert, was totally into phones.  He had written a Basic program that printed a list out, with the various exchanges in the 714 area

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2017-09-18 Telephone Auto Ringdown Circuits

From my comments on FB Telephone group 2017-09-23 Hot ringdown?  We had dozens of elevator lines that were configured to call an answering bureau as soon as the phone went off hook.  I don’t know what the technical term for them is because our account reps weren’t the brightest and gave us some other term,

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2017-09-17 Telephone Loop Current And Security – DSL 

From comments in FB Telephone group 2017-09-24 Mark Grady I remember the site we had across the street from the Santa Ana Bush St. CO.  Just for grins I checked the loop current:  Fifty-five milliamps!  Couldn’t get any closer than that!  The problem is that all the switching equipment in COs seem to have been

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2017-09-14 Menu Display And Single Button Selection

I will post this to Facebook Arduino group. I’ve been thinking about how the cheap clock kit I built uses a single button to step through and set the hours, minutes and seconds.  It’s a bit tedious and it took me a bit of practice to get the hang of it.  But it makes possible

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2017-09-11 Cassette Tape Stuck In Player

From post in FB group Vintage transistor radios I need some advice.  I bought a Sony combo cassette player and AM/FM radio ‘boombox’ back years ago when it was new.  A few years later I put a cassette in it and played a recording of my now deceased parents.  I was listening when it started

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2017-09-10 How Long Can An Arduino Circuit Last?

My answer to a FB Arduino group question on Sept 17 Dan Rogers has the right idea.  The protoboard, with all the holes in it, was never meant to be permanent.  The contacts in each hole lose their springiness as they are used to hold wires.  The contacts can become intermittent after awhile.  As time

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2017-09-02 Switchboard At OCSD Regional Training Center (Sept 15)

From my comment on the FB group Bell Telephone  Pat Chicas I worked for RSCCD, which owns the Sheriffs Training Center.  Man, I would have loved to slap their hands!  The OCSD installed their phone system on prem, and we supplied the data circuits, so our patch cords and theirs shared the same patch panels

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2017-09-01 Automated Gallows – Arduino 

Suggestion for project on FB group Arduino Projects – Sept 17 Automated Gallows! A motorized winch adjusts noose. Asks for three officials to each press confirmation button. Has an emergency abort button. Counts down 5, 4, 3, 2, 1… Pulls the trapdoor latch! Monitors heartrate until no sign for 5 minutes Lights up sign “Execution

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2017-08-30 The Surface Mount 1N4148 Is Very Small

I bought some surface mount 1N4148 diodes.  They are so small I couldn’t find one when I dropped it on the bench! Here’s a photo of one setting on top of a regular transistor.  It’s itty-bitty, teensy weensy!  It’s not much larger than a fly speck!  That’s it!  That tiny black rectangle sitting on top

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2017-08-29 13V Zener Diodes

I think I have enough 13 volt Zener diodes for the rest of my life.  😱

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