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2021-02-27 Carbon Footprints Of 20 Billionaires

This article gives the carbon footprint of 20 billionaires. Their estimate for Gates is far too high because he doesn’t use regular jet fuel, he uses biofuel, which makes most of his carbon footprint zero.

2021-02-25 Energy Density Lithium-ion Vs Gasoline

Pound for pound, the best lithium-ion battery available today packs 35 times less energy than gasoline. In other words, to get the same amount of energy as a gallon of gasoline, you’ll need batteries that weigh 35 times more than that gasoline.

2021-02-22 Facebook Group Scientists Warning

I joined this Facebook group a few weeks ago and found the admins censor the posts. One such example is below (screenshot). I don’t know what they mean by a “but if text” but I didn’t do anything other than attempt to post two recommended books by Vaclav Smil. I searched for “but if text”

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2021-02-21 Gates Says …

Jennifer Mary Tess This is an opinion article. Here is a paragraph: << Another issue is that wealth limits the perspectives of even the best-intentioned people. This week, Bill Gates argued in an interview with the Financial Times that divesting (ditching stocks) from fossil fuels is a waste of time. It would be better, he

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2021-02-19 The Mars Rover’s Photos Should Be Live

Jerry Savage Said, [the Perseverance rover’s cameras] should all be live.” Well, good luck to you! You’ll be sitting on your butt for the rest of the day waiting for the photos to come onto the screen, pixel by pixel, line by line, until the screen finally fills up. The rover is many tens of

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2021-02-17 Tesla To Build Factory In Karnataka, India

Tesla has negotiated to build a factory in the state of Karnataka in India. I’ve heard opinions about the Indian market for Tesla vehicles and they think that India’s middle class – forget the poor – could afford to buy only tens of thousands of EVs, not enough to justify building a car factory there.

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2021-02-16 Finding The Resistance Of A Dropping Resistor

From FB comment In the schematic, find the difference in voltage between the two ends of the resistor. You can find the current through each of the tubes being fed from the unknown resistor by calculating it from the voltage across the tube’s cathode resistor divided by the resistance of the cathode resistor. For instance,

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2021-02-15 A Synthetic Antibody for CoVID19

This is interesting. Not a vaccine, it works against the virus that is already in you to stop it from invading cells. So this is a therapeutic medicine.

2021-02-09 Finding Your Roots: Jim Gaffigan & Jane Lynch

This was interesting. Jim Gaffigan’s ancestor’s original surname was Gavahan. For some reason that relative changed it to Gaffigan before he left for the US, because the ship’s manifest shows it as Gaffigan. Jim shares a segment of DNA with a distant relative of Derek Jeter, whose mother is caucasian. Transcript is here:

2021-02-05 IRENA Says

IRENA says Linked to by a previous article. Quote: << You don’t need to be a genius to read between the lines. When Barrasso says “Undermining America’s energy security will not solve climate change,” he’s actually saying “reducing the use of fossil fuels will not solve climate change.” That’s climate denial. >>

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