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2022-01-18 Nuclear Fusion Is Not Needed

It should also be explained that life on Earth depends on the Sun’s photons to make plants grow, to feed life on Earth. Why should humans try (unsuccessfully) for decades to make an artificial Sun when the Real Sun supplies many times as much energy to us every day. For FREE! Nuclear Fusion is *not*

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2022-01-17 CalPERS Has A Large Position in TSLA Stock

CalPERS, California Public Employees Retirement System, my pension payer, has a sizeable position in Tesla stock. Over a billion, 300 million at its current value of a little over $1000.00.

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2022-01-15 China 320 MW Floating Solar Array

Floating solar panels now online in China – 320 MW – largest at this time. A 600 MW floating solar array will be built in India. He gives some important figures.

2022-01-12 Printer Ink Cartridges Are A Ripoff

From FB group The article said DRM, but it didn’t make sense to me either. But what makes me wonder is why do they go to the trouble and expense to put a chip in the cartridge if it’s just a matter of accepting the prompt that appears??? What purpose does the chip serve? The

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2022-01-12 ASML EUV Wafer Fab Machine Very High Tech


2022-01-09 List Of What We Do To Mitigate Climate Change

We – everyone – should be required to have a personal list that enumerates what we are doing to mitigate climate change. Am I setting the thermostat to warmer in summer and cooler in winter? Are we driving less to reduce fossil fuels consumption? Are we reducing consumption of beef? And all the other things

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2022-01-08 Global Primary Energy Consumption By Source

This is an animated graphic of global primary energy consumption by source. Interesting.

2022-01-03 Periscopes Replaced By Video Cameras

I’m sitting on the grass in the back yard and it’s chilly, but the sunlight feels really good on my back. I can hear some birds up in the trees, I’m waiting to see if they’ll come down and eat some birdseed. I started thinking about a way to watch them up there. What I

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2022-01-02 Dunning-Kruger Theory

I would have to disagree with the meme. Many of our elected officials are no more educated than the village idiots, and they think they are better informed and can make decisions better than the college graduates. And these decisions are made without the knowledge or wisdom of better informed people. This is the basis

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2021-12-31 Scotland Almost 100% Clean Energy in 2020

Scotland missed the 100% clean electricity consumption by only 1.4%.

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