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2021-10-12 Climate Change Deniers Want To Believe Disinformation

The climate change deniers want to believe there is no climate change, that everything will be just fine if we do nothing to combat climate change. Is it fear of uncertainty and upheaval that drives them to deal with reality? These CCDs (climate change deniers) actively seek to prove to themselves that climate change is

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2021-10-09 Meat Industry Climate Washing

Investigation: The meat industry is using the same techniques that the tobacco industry used to fool the consumer – climate washing.

2021-10-07 Wicked Games – Chris Isaak And Hauser

Two versions – the original by Chris Isaak and an instrumental version by Hauser.

2021-09-29 Eviation Electric Airplane, 9 Passenger

This is not a one-off, experimental! It’s a production airplane.

2021-09-28 Climate Change False Claims

From FB group Climate Change ********* BEGIN False Narrative ********** Jim Karlock [claims – includes his errors] Watson Fixer-“You would get everyone killed due to your irresponsible attitude.” YOU are already getting thousands millions killed by denying them a a path out of poverty with affordable electricity. Here’s bad news for yu delusions: 1) Truth

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2021-09-27 Millions Of Carbon Capture Machines

There are those who say that we have waited too long and that if we went to zero GHG emissions immediately, the CO2 and GHGs already in the atmosphere will cause the temperature to rise above the 1.5 degrees C, to more than 2 degrees. So yes, we need millions of machines or hundreds of

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2021-09-18 Climate Migrants In The Next Decades

Due to climate change, there may be more than 200 million climate migrants by 2050.

2021-09-14 PC Boards Too Cheap To Repair

Fron FB group pictures of electronic… Joshua E. Hrouda Yeah, where I worked, the PCBs were reworked and the bad chips replaced. But that was 1980. Nowadays the PCBs are populated at the same factory where the boards are made, because everything is automated and almost no labor makes them cheap. The boards may have

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2021-09-10 SCOTUS’s Shadow Docket

The Supreme Court’s shadow docket and its ramifications for the executive branch.

2021-09-08 Wind, Solar More Scaleable in China

In this article the author assesses the statuses of wind, solar and nuclear in China.

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