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2020-11-24 Republicans And Gerrymandering

In states there have been districts that are spread out like a snake through poor and urban areas so that minorities are confined to a single or a few districts. The Republicans realize that voters in these areas most often vote for Democrats. The Republicans have to influence the redistricting committee to create these ‘gerrymandered’

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2020-11-23 Republicans Promises

Republicans’ promises to gain supporters The Republicans and Trump use a technique much like what the con artist uses. They make a list of groups of people that have the opinion that they’ve been let down by the rest of society. This list they prioritize on which groups of people that are the most important.

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2020-11-22 Trump Twitter Twit

I thought it would be a great idea to make the playing field level at the beginning of Jan. 21, 2021. Trump’s Twitter Account should be changed so he cannot use his “executive privilege” to block others he doesn’t like from tweeting a reply. Everyone would be able to reply to his ‘alternate truth’ with

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2020-11-21 Trump Refuses To Concede

Business and world leaders move on as Trump fights to reverse election The Commander-in-Cheat will go down screaming and kicking that he won, and people should just unfollow his Twitter account until he is ignored by anyone who has any common sense. I’ve been reading the comments posted by other people about these nonstop

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2020-11-21 Zuckerberg’s Testimony At Senate Hearing

This is a link to download the testimony from the government website. Jack Dorsey’s testimony is also there.

2020-11-20 Hateful Meme About Illegals Well, this meme is certainly anti-immigration. The US government says that overall, the illegal immigrants are a net benefit to the country. Think about this: every illegal who uses a fake SSN gets no tax refund from the IRS. Free money for the treasury department! But the most thoughtless part is that the illegals

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2020-11-20 When Life Hands You A Lemon

When life hands you a lemon, make lemonade. Substitute Sargassum! That’s what they’re doing here.

2020-11-20 When Is Trump Going To Concede?

I sure wish that the judges would hurry up and kick all of Trump’s lawsuits out of court. This BS is going to go on for weeks and months and it’s costing lives and the nation’s security. Dec 6 is the day every state has to certify the election results, and that’s still 2 weeks

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2020-11-19 Tesla Hiring in January For Gigafactory Berlin

The end of this article says that they plan on starting production early, but then deliveries won’t start until summer. My thinking is that the exceptional “25guns” engineers will be sent to a working production line (Fremont?) for a few months to gain first hand experience on the actual products that he or she will

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2020-11-16 Microwave Oven And Magnetron Disassembly

This shows how to cannibalize a microwave oven and retrieve the magnets from the magnetron. Notice that he wears a mask during the magnetron disassembly. The purple insulator can contain beryllium which is toxic so it should never be chipped or broken. Use eye protection and a filter mask.

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