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2020-09-24 Nikola Articles

Bloomberg article Bad news Bloomberg article about hydrogen fuel talks with BP

2020-09-23 Newsom Bans Fossil-fueled Vehicles In 2035

LA Times article. Says 15 other countries have already done the same thing.

2020-09-23 Newsom Bans Fossil-fueled Vehicles In 2035

Copied from LA Times article. >> Microsoft News The LA Times Newsom orders 2035 phaseout of gas-powered vehicles, calls for fracking ban Phil Willon, Tony Barboza 31 mins ago Emphasizing that California must stay at the forefront of the fight against climate change, Gov. Gavin Newsom on Wednesday issued an executive order to restrict new

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2020-09-22 Tesla Battery Day Was Very Interesting

The reports about the Tesla Battery Day are all over YouTube. Another (below is my comment from it): There was a lot of stuff that interested us geeks, but may have been boring for the average Joe. There were several parts that I found to be very profound. The overall message was that

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2020-09-22 H-P 6114 Power Supply

I have several HP 6114 power supplies and I’ve had to repair them. The electrolytic capacitors dry up and need to be replaced or a good capacitor added to them. But the cheap plastic case of the 611x power supplies will shatter into many small pieces if you try to open them up. The front

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2020-09-16 Aug 14 & 15 Rolling Blackouts, etc.

It was obvious why there were rolling blackouts during the heat wave we had in mid-August. There was a huge high pressure dome over the western states and demand in the other states took away from the normal amounts of power that California imports from other states. Much of the imported power comes from Palo

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2020-09-15 Perception Of US Lowest in 20 years

The perception in other countries of the US and Trump is the lowest in 20 years. See the bar graph here. Quote: << America’s reputation among some allies has fallen to its lowest point in nearly two decades, according to a global survey. The findings of the Pew Research Center poll reflect public perceptions

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2020-09-13 What Is The Best Thing

Tom Scott does a poll with over a million votes. I concur. 😂👍

2020-09-12 California Air Resources Board A.C.T Truck Regulations

These new regulations will be going into effect over the next years in California. The fleets will have to electrify their trucks.

2020-09-13 Nikola: The $34 Billion Disaster

This new video adds to the news about the Hindenburg claims. This Casgains guy is making some rather dark assertions. No doubt there may be some basis in fact, but I haven’t read other articles to see if there is general agreement. But then Nikola said everything is going along okay, that they have

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