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2019-10-12 RF Oscillator Won’t Make A Sine Wave, Only Sawtooth

I wanted to make an RF Oscillator that puts out a sinewave at about 734 kHz, which uses two convenient values, 100 uH coil and 470 pF capacitor. I used the toroid core with 16 turns of 30 AWG wire, with a tap at 4 turns then later 8 turns. I built the circuit in

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2019-10-03 Fry’s Electronics Lied!

I had to go over near there so on the way home I stopped by Fry’s Electronics in Anaheim. I was shocked by the sparseness of the shelves, like they were not restocking many areas. It was afternoon and there were only two checkouts open, and of course there was a line of waiting people.

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2019-10-02 Biolite Review by Crazy Russian Hacker

Crazy Russian Hacker reviews the BioLite, it’s a small stove that has a thermopile (copper rod) that is in the fire and generates enough electric power to power a fan, a light and charge the phone from a USB port.

2019-09-01 Book The Chilling Stars by Svensmark And Calder

I’ve been reading The Chilling Stars by Svensmark and – It’s about the research that Svensmark has done on climate history an why the hot or cold climates have not correlated with the amount of carbon dioxide (CO2) in the atmosphere at that time. The climate is regulated by many factors, one of these is

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2019-06-12 Plug-in Coils Pros And Cons

from FB group Regenerative Radio… Jun 13 I’ve thought about using plug-in coils, but I’ve had experience with Grid dip meters and there are a few important issues that must be dealt with. One is, what happens to the unused coils when the equipment is not in use. They get separated from the equipment and

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2019-06-09 Strange 3 Conductor Crossconnect Wire

from FB group Bell Telephone… Jun 11 I’ve seen this 3 wire crossconnect wire, but I can’t remember where. Long ago we had racks of datacomm with a patch panel with patch cords. We used 3 wires of four wire IW, one wire for common, one for transmit and one for receive. These were for

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from FB group Regenerative Receiver… Jun 13 Cyril Hodson It seems to me that these plug-in coil forms would be easy to make with a 3D printer. They would be made of thermoplastic so I don’t know if there would be problems with soldering pins or with being close to tubes/valves. Your idea of using

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2019-06-03 Biomass? Be Concerned About Other More Important Things!

From YouTube video Denmark is Riding the Winds of Change, June 5 It amuses me how these dilettantes (with 1st names starting with K) argue about the pros and cons of bullshit (biomass) while the world is going to hell! 😡😡😣😣😲 Why are you concerned about trivialities when we should be concerned about the future?

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2019-06-01 Elevator Telephones Were Scary

from FB group Bell Telephone of.. June 3 If the elevator phone wasn’t working, I had to hustle over and find out why. If the phone was not working, the security was supposed to tag it as out of service. That was definitely my scariest job. Most of the time the POTS line came into

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2019-05-31 DIY Plastic Variable Capacitor

I hear others complain about the high cost of variable capacitors, especially the older air variables with metal plates. So I decided to DIY and make one. This is my first attempt so forgive the lack of elegance and unfinished look. I’m sure it could be improved on and made better with some effort. The

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