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2024-02-29 Fungi Breaks Down Diesel Fuel

Interesting way to deal with contaminated soil.

2024-02-29 Dr. Says It’s A Dead Duck  🤣🤣


2024-02-28 USGS Says An Ocean of Hydrogen Underground In US

There is an ocean of hydrogen under the surface of the Earth that can be harvested, enough for hundreds of years according to the U.S. Geological Survey, a federal agency. A min. YouTube video by the Electric Viking, Sam Evans.

2024-02-28 Smart Plugs, Power Strip

This is IoT internet of things.  You can turn something on or off from anywhere.  You can schedule it to turn on or off at certain times.  Says, “…made my life 1000 times easier.”

2024-02-27 MOSFET Driver

The gate driver circuit shown in the screenshot uses BC547s, which are limited to less than 200 mA current.  Instead, if the two transistors were BC337 or PN2222A which can easily handle over 500 mA, they could charge and discharge the gate faster, and thus reduce the dissipation in the MOSFET.

2024-02-26 Math Prof !!

Big OO


2024-02-25 George Carlin Talks About Human Fetuses, Sperm, Eggs

He makes some very important points.

2024-02-24 Reconductoring To Increase Grid Capacity

Reconductoring: The Quick Way To Double Grid Capacity

2024-02-23 Small Modular Reactors Are Unlikely To Succeed

In order to get the costs down enough to be competitive, the number of SMRs built will have to be in the thousands.  That many will not be built in the next decade, and SMRs will be too expensive and unlikely to succeed.  The companies building SMRs are now requiring expensive government subsidies just to

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2024-02-22 Building A LiFePO4 Battery

A YouTube short of a 12V 315Ah LiFePO4 battery being assembled. I wish I could find out what the background music is.

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